Zombie Squad

I iz a proud memba ov Zombie Squad.

Zombie Squad was da brain child of @BraveWinston wiv sum help from his muvva. Winston has a degenerat...dugeneray... illness dat won't get better. He had an abcess on his spine and it corsed a lot of damage resultin in him not bein able to walk an run around like other furs. He won't get better and is slowly gettin wurse, but his muvva has dedicayted her life to him makin sure he has da best qwolity of life while he's able to, and also da best of evfurryfing. He has fisio and all sorts of treatments to make his life better, and his muvva massargis him and cares for him 24/7 practickly. He's also got some cool hot rods! *jealuss ears*. His furbro is Maxx, da least we say bout him da better *wispurs* - has drink problum. But Maxx is loyal to Winston an loves him like a erm.. bruvver. *coughs*

Anyway dats da lowdown on Winston and his fambly. His muvva wanted to show da werld dat even tho a dog is disabled, dunt mean it's gotta be sent OTRB. AS long as you still got a good quality of life den you can spend many more yaers wif yoor fambly. So she started Zombie Squad to show da werld dat disabled anipals can be grate pets still and can lead a near normal life with love and support from dere hooman fambly.

Zombie Squad is based on Twitter, and has got so poplar dat it now has hundreds of followers, well farsends rilly, and furs and fevvers are fallin ova demselves to join in da quest to keep da werld safe from da unded.

Its got so big now dat Zombie Squad has it's own website www.zombiesquadhq.com And dere's a forum on dere for da technickly challinged and a real time chat room for dem wot like to show off wif dere technickul skillz.

It juzt so happens dat me myself alone iz Zombie Squad's Webdog. So I iz in charge of da website and fings. Tiz a grate honour!

On da website as well as a forum and chat room, dere's a member list in rank order of all Zombie Squad membas, togevva wif information about patrols, trainin, zombie sightings, burfdays and ovver stuff. Tiz a grate site, so if you in da squad soldyer, get yer butt over dere and have a looksee.

Dere's also a section on da website for #TheAviators, anovva club of anipals who fly mishons an adventure stuff in hairyplanes. But you can read all about The Aviators in nuvver article

So Zombie Squad is grate fun for all anipals and dere hoomans. It's fun and a grate way to meet new furends and even da hoomans meet up outside Twitter sumtimes on Tweetups. So a good way to socialize offline.

Zombie Squad and The Aviators have all kinds of membas. Not only dogs, but cats, guineapigs, hamsters, mice, birds, teddy bears (dey ded cool da bears), a penguin, and all sorts so anyone can join in and haf fun and make furends.

If yoo readin dis and yoo not in Zombie Squad, why iznt you? Tiz da bestest club on da internet for us anipals.

Anyways, dats about all I can fink ov about Zombie Squad, but its da best fing me and muvva ever done, woz join, apart from joinin The Aviators too. Who would fink dat our hoomans could sit and laugh demselves silly or cry dere hearts out online on Twitter? Well Brave Winston's mum did and indrekkly she's given so much to so many people by sharing Winston's ups and downs and bringin us anipals togevva in Zombie Squad.

I say free cheers for Winston's muvva. Hip Hip Hooraaaaay. Dog Bless her, she's a wunderful woman.

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  1. We luvs bein' proud members of da Zombie Squad and da Aviators, too!