Saturday, 20 June 2015

Not so sunny Saturday pfffft

We haz low cloud today, so it foggy! All da grass iz wet so me belly is too. Muvva really shud keep da grass nice an short for uz, she knows we only got short fat hairy legs. Pffft

Well da duckies go to dere new home tomoro. Dey iz going to live on a farm wif a retired farmer down West Cornwall, so about an hours drive away. I will miss dem terrubly cuz me luvs sitting ovver side of da fence and talkin to dem, and dey sit and listen to me an answer me back sumtimes. But I spose we iz lucky dey iz all goin togevver insted ov bein split up.

Da man is retired farmer, and dey gonna patrol his garden to eat all da slugs an snails he got. He sounds a very nice man cuz he said he wanted to keep ducky fambly togevver cuz all animals got feelings. Plus dey will be livin in dere little blue house so won't feel too upset at bein in new home. Muvva very fankful dey got a luffley new home to go to wiv a nice man to care for dem. I fink he gonna luv dem a lot.

It will be a sad day wen dey go, and I spect we will all haf leaky eyes. But hopefully once dey gone da nasty neighbour will leave us in peace apart from comlainin about us barkin wen we see him shufflin around in his garden, or wen muvva comes home after visiting hoouncle.

Talkin of hoouncle, he is still in da hospital. He was taken down dere Thursday to haf da fluid drained from his tummy, but dey sed he didnt haf an appointment. He did cuz he had letter from dem wich he showed dem, but dey still sed he didn't. Anyway, dey found a bed on a ward for him an kept him in til yesterday and did da procedure yesday an kept him in anovver nite, last nite, incase it leaked ware da pipe went into him. Muvva waiting to hear if she got to collect him today or not. Den she gotta take him back to da nursing home.

Dere's not much news rilly from me my fwends. Muvva not vewy well, I fink all da stress iz gettin to her, so we wotchin her carefully *glances across at muvva*.

Sumtimes she wishes dat hoouncle wud pass away in da night so he not sufferin anymore, and da stress stops, but den she feels guilty for feeling like dat. She tries to see him evfurry day, incase it da last day she sees him.

She still busy sortin out his bungalow, and clearin his belongings from it. It a mammoth job as he lived dere for over 40yrs. But she making progress wif dat slowly. Once it nearly all gone and da bungalow empty she can let da council know and dat gives her more time to do a major clean so it nice for handing over. I fink she gonna need help to do da clean up so she gonna ask lady dat did cleaning for hoouncle to help her.

We dunt want her getting worn out, we depend on her for our noms! *worried ears*

Muvva not sure if we stayin in our nice new bungalow. It depends on da nasty neighbour. If he still won't leave us alone, I fink muvva gonna look for someware else for us to live. We only wants to live in peace. We very happy here apart from nasty neighbour, muvva feeds da burds, and we got babies in all our nest boxes, and we got so many diffrunt burds visiting the garden its amazing. It's like a nature reserve! She planted lots of flowers for da bees and we got so many of dem in da garden yoo haz to be careful dey dunt fly into yoo wen yoo walking about bol Its luffley.

So da wildlife depends on muvva too. Dere's 2 pairs of Blackburds dat haf brort dere babies to meet us, plus da Robin babies, and dozens of Sparrows and lots ov Thrushes too.

In da mornings da dawn chorus is deafening now. Dey iz all in da hedge at da back of da garden singing dere hearts out, and da same at dusk wen dey getting reddy to go bed. It's bootiful.

*sighs* Heaven!

Well me gonna go out and check up on duckies cuz I gotta look afta dem today.

I hopes yoo hazin a sooper Satday my fwends. Take care and love one annover!

Lots of love