Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Butter wudn't melt

Juzt takin it easy!

18/02/2015 - Youcaring Update

Wotcha pals, it's Mojo here.

I gotta do the update today as sis chillin out after seeing the eye specialist this morning. Evidently she had drops to deaden her eyes and all the flashing lights and poking about has given her one of her headaches *rolls eyes*.

We arrived at the clinic in plenty of time. I stayed in the car to guard it, and to see if there were any zombies wandering around. I actually went to sleep cos it was warm in the car and all those cushions and blankets on the back seat were so comfy *yawns*.

What??? Hang on peeps! *wanders over to Bonnie and puts ear to her snout*

It seems she *looks in Bonnie's direction* is going to dictate from here, she said how could I tell you whats happened if I wasn't even in the clinic. Pfffft

OK sis keep your nickurs on! Here goes folks! As spoken by she who must be obeyed *rolls eyes*.

This is now Bonnie dictating to me. *poised with paws over keyboard*

There woz a few other dogs in da waiting room, and one German Shepherd in particular that dragged its owner in barking its head off and lunging at all the other dogs was rilly scarey. I was on mum's lap and she held me tight to reassure me cuz me started shaking a lot. The receptionist told the woman to take da dog into a side room and wait as it was upsetting evfurryone else. Mum fort da woman shud haf trained it better cuz wen it came out agen it dragged its owner out door and da owner was a rite air head mum sed. Wotever dat is. *puzzled ears*.

After a few more minutes waiting, anovvver Westie came in. Hamish he woz called. He was 12yrs old, I heard mum talkin to his owners an she sed he woz really good for his age and only looked about 5 or 6yrs old. He cudn't see very well his owners sed, but dey fort he got cataraks. He woz dere for his annual injecshon. His owner picked him up and pushed him in me face to introduce us, but corse me not bein able to see and mum telling da man it weren't a good idea, I let Hamish haf a quick sniff den I went for da froat and snarled at him. He didnt half jump, fort I'd given da poor old fing a heart attack. But he was ok. He just shrank back and kept his head down for rest of da time. Fink he woz scaredid of me.


At last we woz called in. It was Goran, Mr Carter's assistant specialist man fingie. I likes him, cuz he nice and friendly. Woznt so keen on him wen he started pokin me eyes about tho. He asked mum how I'd been and evfurryfing, and if me woz coping and all dat stuff. Den he flashed lights in me eyes and put some drops in to make me eyes go numb. I can't see nuffin but mum sed he was putting somefin on me eyes to check da pressure, fink he sed it was 5. Dunno if dat good or bad. Den he was fiddlin about wif me eyes and made some notes on his laptop. After he'd done dat, Mr Carter da big boss eye specialist man fingie came in and asked how me was too. So mum had to repeat evfurryfing she'd told Goran, while Mr Carter was examining me eyes.

Mr Carter sed da retina and optic nerve is totally ded, and dere's no sight wotsoeva in either of me eyeballs. He sed he wants to see me in 6 months time for a check up, cos as da cells in da retina and optic nerve decay and reabsorb into me body, it can cause infection in da eye, so dats wot he wants to check in 6 months time.

Then it woz time to come home. Mum carried me out to da waiting room cus me a bit snappy wif other anipals at da moment, cus me can't see dem and dey make me jump, so to avoid any hassle it easier if she carries me, but she called me a fat lump infront of all da ovver dogs waiting in dere. WUDE!

Mum paid da bill, and dey said dey would send an appointment for 6mths in da post.

Then we went out into da carpark and got in da car. Mojo was pleezed to see us, and kept barkin at us which is rilly noisy cuz he got a loud bark like a big dog.

Den we came home.

End of dictayshon.

Mojo here agen, she's dozed off and haffin a nap now, sez it's all too much for her. She's a rite Diva!

Infact I'm gonna join her I fink, cos all dis scribing werk is exzorstin.

Will keep you updated pals from time to time, she's got another ACTH stimulation test next week.

Oh blind O'Riley I nearly forgot! *slaps head with paw* She's got a blog. Dunno if she's alreddy told you, but you can view it here (click Bonnie's Blog)

***** Bonnie's Blog *****

Its a sort ov diary of her life, with pages giving information on SARDS and Cushings and where to get special aids for all kinds of disabilities, and other stuff as well. She's hoping when it's finished it will help other owners wif disabled dogs, not just blind ones, but any disability.

And there's a section on The Zombie Squad too.

Thats about it for now, will do another update soon.
Thank you for all your support my friends, sis, me and Muvva really appreciate it.

Mojo, Bonnie & Mum