Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Hello my fwends.

Da sadness juz keeps growing.

My hoouncle haz been in hospital for almost 2 weeks now, as yoo may know. So we haz been looking afta couzin Gizmo, hoouncls doggy. We all gets on so well, it no trubble and he rilly luffs stayin wif us.

Hoouncle had a hospital appointment just under 2 weeks ago wiv a specialist cos he woznt makin any red blood cells and dey sed he needed a bone marrow transplant. He is diabetic. When da specialist saw him he admitted him strayt away as an emerguncy, and he been dere ever since.

He's had lots of tests, 2 MRI scans, 2 CT scans, 4 Ultrasound scans, and numerous blood tests. Den he had to have a camera down his froat, and Sunday dey put da camera up his bottom. Dey also had to put a drain fing on him a couple of times, cos he had fluid in his abdomen. Da furst time dey drained him dey got 10.6 Litres of fluid, den dey had to do it agen a few days afta and got anuvver 7 Litres out. Dey sed wen he iz discharged he gonna haf to go back every 2 wks to haf dis stuff drained out.

Dey told hoouncle he has severe cirrhosis of da liver due to his diabetes, cuz hoouncle teatotal an evduntly diabetics is prone to fings like dis. His kidneys woz only werking 30% after he had a stroke about 7yrs ago, but now dey only werking 25%. So he was in a sorry state healthwise.

Yesterday as yoo know muvva had to take fursista Sophie to da vets to help her OTRB, an bfore she left she spoke to hoouncle on da ring ring.

She hadn't heard a word from hoouncle all day and tried to phone him during da aftanoon yesday and by teatime she phoned da hospital ward ware he is and asked dem to tell hoouncle to turn his mobile ring ring on. But insted dey took da ward ring ring to his bed so muvva could speak to him on dat.

Deres a lot of diffrunt ring rings int dere, deez hoomans iz very clever peepuls.

Anyways, hoouncle asked how it went wif fursista Sophie and muvva told him all about it. Den she asked hoouncle how he was feeling.

Den da bottom fell out of our werld.

Hoouncle broke down into tears and told muvva he had seen his doctor in da morning and doctor told him dat wen he had da camera up his bottom dey found he had cancer of da rectum. Dats bum to us.

He was so upset an cryin dat muvva cudn't quite make out what he woz saying, but caught 'radiation treatment' and 'take it all away' an so she had to try and calm hoouncle down, cuz he was so upset and so frighted.

When he woz bit calmer he told muvva she got to go down to da hosipital today at 2pm to speak to his specialist to find out wots going on and wot dey gonna do about it.

Muvva finks hoouncle heard da werd 'cancer' and den didn't hear anyfing else. Cuz dats wot happened before chrismuss wen mum had cancer scare. She was all reddy to order da hurse and da flowers back den. *rolls eyes* Wich is natural I fink for da hoomans. Dey seem to panic wen dey get bad news for a while til dere common sense takes hold.

Anyway, she managed to calm hoouncle down but he woz still very upset and crying, but more controlled kind of crying.

Poor hoouncle been fru so much da last few months not feelin well, and his doctor not seeming to do anyfing to find out wot was wrong. Muvva had to get a spare bed for wen hoouncle comes out ov hospital cos he not well enough to look afta himself juz yet. So we iz all geared up to take care ov him til da Social Services peepul get a care package fing in place wich is organising a nurse to go in twice or 3 times a day to see to him, someone to wash and dress him if he needs it, and someone to help out in his home, plus organise meals on weels. Dat all takes time, so wile dat being sorted out muvva is haffin him here wif us.

But wen he told her about da cancer as well last night, it was too much for her to bear ontop of losing dearest fursista Sophie. Poor muvva was so upset and we cudn't comfort her for a long wile.

Dere gonna be an awful lot ov sorting out at hoouncles place if he goes back dere to live. He sez he wants to be in his own place an not be a burden on anyone. He is a steam train fanatic an his spare bedroom is his model railway room, wif a train layout all round da edge of da walls and he haz literally dozens and dozens of trains, steam ones and diesel ones. Dey iz all controlled by a compoota fing wich is rilly cleva. We surprised he can operate dat cuz he not into compootas or even mobile ring rings. Itz an amazing layout. So muvva will haf to get dat taken down and sell da trains and fings.

Muvva did all da scenery for hoouncle cuz he not very artistic rilly, and it woz somefin muvva enjoyed doin very much. Here iz some pics of it. It looks real dont it? She made all da buildings and stuff, some woz kit form an sum she made up herself out of card and fings.

Railway Layout

An dis a slideshow of stages ov makin it and close ups ov diffrunt bits ov it.

Making the Scenery

Muvva feels much betta dis morning and in more control ov her emotions.

She will leave us at home s'aftanoon wile she finds out from doctor man wots gonna happen and if da cancer fing has spread or not and if dey can do anyfing. Da problem iz, his ovver health issues ontop. So it's not lookin good for hoouncle.

Please send healing pawsitive forts to him if yoo canz pals. No-one can do anyfing rilly, but I'm sure da pawsitive forts combined will help him and help muvva too. She needs it cos her and hoouncle iz da only two in da hooman fambly left. And once hoouncle gone, she be all alone like an orpan, cept she'll haf us to love her, and couzin Gizmo ov course, cos now he's gonna probbly live wif us foreva, or til it's his time to go OTRB.

So dat's wots happenin in our little werld. We iz all in shock still a bit, as well as missing Sophie.

But we must carry on regardless, cus no matter wot life frows at us, we juz has to keep goin wile we can. Praps one day sumfin good will happen. Muvva feels vewy down today, so we doin our best to cheer her up. She's a good old gurl and helps peepul if she can, so pleeze helps her feel better today. She needs a bigger hug dan we can give her.

She is so glad I gots lots ov pals on Twitter, cuz wivout dere support and fwendship, life at da momunt wud be too sad to bare.

Make da most of each second my fwends, and love one anoover cuz we iz all one big fambly rilly an none ov us knows wot around da corner. One minute evfurryfing is ok den sumfin happens dat shakes our werld a little bit or a lot.

I love yoo all