Monday, 23 March 2015

My new vet

Hi pals.

Muvva took me to see my new vet today. I bin dere before to see Mr Carter da eye speshulist, but not seen one of da regular vets before.

Mojo came wif us, cuz he can't be left at home on his own, he gets too worked up, so he stayed in da car an barked da hole time we woz in da vets, just to scare off any zombies dat mite steal da car. We cud hear him from da waiting room an da car woz parked rite ova ovver side of da vets car park Bahahahaha.

I seed a lady vet s'mornin. She woz very nice. She read up all me previous history on her compoota and she listened to me heart and felt me bits and bobs, and cut me claws. She commented on how good me woz considering me cudn't see wot woz going on, an muvva explained dat me used to being pulled about at da vet from a pup cuz me never bin well.

Da lady vet sed she finks me Cushings is due to adrenal tumours rava dan da brain one, which is good in one way cuz it means me will respond to da medicayshon betta. She woz very impressed dat me muvva knew as much about it all as she did *puffs out chest wif pride*.

It a big relief not to haf to have anymore tests for a few munfs, it rilly wore me out an woz so stressful, not to menchun vewy expensif. Now all muvva got to worry about is payin for me meds, but she knows me pals will help us wif dat so she not qwite so panic stricken about it as she woz. Me is stayin on da same dose too, 30mg wich is good cuz me not gettin any side effects wif dat dose. *sighs*

Before we left da vet lady wanted to weigh me. I had lost 10grams last time me woz weighed a couple weeks back, so muvva woz hopin I'd lost a bit more, cuz me was 11.10kg den. So on da scales me went, and jiggled round a bit to get comfy, and to make it a bit more difficult for da vet lady to read me weight BOL Finally me woz comfy and da vet sed 12.6kg Muvva woz disappointed I cud tell. I herd da sharp intake ov breff comin from her direkshon.

Vet lady sed unfortunately me haz 2 conditions wot makes me put on weight, an all muvva can do is cut me rations down even more. *shocked ears*. I iz alreddy on starvashon diet. Well ok, maybe not qwite starvashon, but gettin close to it. I woz pleezed me had me porky cracklin yestday on me dinnur, cuz I won't be gettin anymore Sunday treats for a while. Pfffft Vet lady sed definittly no treats neva no more only me rations. *stamps paw in frustrayshon*

I not got to go back to see her for 5mths for da next ACTH test, unless ov corse me symptoms get wurse before den. So dat's good news. An wen me needs more meds muvva just gotta ring up 24hrs before we needs dem.

Wen we came out muvva put me in da car and Mojo had a sniff round da grassy bit incase he wanted to pee but he neva did, so we all came home.

Der woz road werks on da way home, and zombies in da road wif big lolly pop signs dey woz wavin at all da cars wif. Muvva slowed down an wen we got near dem dey swung da big sign round to let us fru. We barked at dem, so dey didn't attack us.

We gettin sum more pals join us here. Muvva's got a lady nearby wot she's known for a few years dat keeps chickens and ducks, and she saw her in da vets today. Da lady asked muvva if she still kept chickens and ducks and muvva said no and sed to da lady she missed haffin dem around.

Da lady has offered muvva sum white ducks for free. As she got too many now. So muvva got to rig up a fence now between da garden an da big side garden dat she's turned into an orchard. She gotta make a strong fence cuz me and Mojo likes chasing burds hee hee hee. She gonna put ducks in da orchard den. She also got to make a duck house for dem.

Dey weird ducks if yoo ask me, muvva told us dey like wine bottles wif legs. Pffft wot sorta ducks iz dat I asked her. She said 'Indian Runner Ducks'.

Here's a pic of sum, not da ones we getting, but dey exackly same.

Some has got pompoms on dere heads, fink dey iz called 'crested'. Eviduntly dey lay as many eggs in a year as commercial hybrid chickens. Funny int dey. Dey can't run fast on dem little legs so be easy peasy for us to catch if we gets in da orchard wif dem. *dribbles with excitement*. Corse I wudn't be any good chasin dem cuz me can't see but I could bark at dem and help Mojo bahahahaha *norty ears*.

Muvva's qwite excited about gettin dem. *rolls eyes*.

ooh did yoo see me muvva's put a proper chat room on me blog, top rite side ov page, ware da hoomans can talk if dey want. Corse dey haf to arrange a time to meet in dere I fink, overwise dey be talkin to demselves BOL But muvva fort it be handy for any hoomums and dads who wanna talk about dere dog wif Cushings or SARDS or anyfing else dey mite haf rong wif dem. She a fortful old fing my muvva. I duz luff her.

Well dat's about it for now my fwends. I hopes yoo all haz a grate day, and me will bark agen soon!

Loves yoo all