Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back to da future day! 21st October 2015

Hello my fwends, how iz yoo all?

Today is Back To Da Future Day, rememba da movie? Doc and Marty get in da motor car an go back and forwards in time. Woz grate film, an dey travelled forward to 26th October 2015 in da furst movie. Dey made 2 it woz dat good. So today is date dey went forward to, 21st October 2015 in da second movie. .

Dere iz many fings in da film, dat are now akshully possible, like da hoverboard and stuff like dat.

I persunally woznt alive to see da movies, but me old muvver remembas dem, cos she a fossil Bahahahaha

Now Zombie Squad is haffing a BTTF day on Twitter and we can all dress up in our leg warmers and BIG shoulders and tweet about wot we rememba from da 80's.

Muvver bin going on about all her favwite tv shows, but she woznt dat keen on da moosic cuz she woz a 60's teenager, so she likes rock n roll an pop moosic. *rolls eyes* Tol yoo she woz a fossil.

Woz in 1985 dat da furst Live Aid concert woz performed, it woz organised by Sir Bob Geldorf, yoo know dat scruffy lookin hooman dat luks like he needs a baff and a going ova wiv a flea comb! It raised lottsa money for da starvin hoomans in Africa. An lots of pop stars (okay so dey not called dat now, but me gettin in da mood) took part.

In da moosic charts da Brit no.1 woz Feargal Sharkey singin A Good Heart and in US Billboard woz Take On Me by Norwegian band A-Ha.

1985 woz da decade ov leg warmers, sweatbands, lycra an in UK fast food became availuble, and peepul look like dey ate all da pies eva since.

Fashion woz big hair, big shoulders and wimin wore loadsa makeup. Us furs, as usual woz much more sensuble and just went au nachurel like we normally duz. Apart from dem poor souls wot owned by yuppies. Yep rememba dem?

Yuppies woz young trend settin gad about town hoomans wot fort dey woz da beez knees. Female yuppies wore da latest fashons, male yuppies wore city type suits and both boasted about dere financial good forchoon and drove around in BMW's. Oh and dey used da furst mobile phones, wich woz like house brick size and carried filofax fings. Dats a posh wurd for leather or plastic wallet fings, dat came wiv a calculator, notepad, pen and wallet wiv spaces for cards. Dey woz rite loonies. But fort dey woz 'it' Woteva 'it' woz.

On da telly in da UK woz sum good series like Citizen Smith, and not so good like Dallas BOL And 1985 screened da furst series of Eastenders!

Cors dere's lots more but me carnt list dem all I'd run owt ov paper and yoo'd fall asleep wif boredum.

Movie-wise ov corse dere woz Back To Da Future, and Mad Max, Coccoon, The Color Purple, Silverado and Nightmare on Elm Street to name a few.

Fashion wise as well as da heavily manicured and coffured style of da yuppies and dem wot wanted to aspire to a yuppy dere woz sum weird ones about, like da band Talkin Heads an me not qwite sure wot style dey woz, bit ov a mashup ov Japanese Geisha an US Hippy I reckon bol

See wot me means? Weird.

ahem... and ov corse da New Romatics came out. Adam Ant and his band dressed as Highwaymen and Boy George, fans and other NR bands frolicked about dressed like sumfin out ov da Victoria & Albert Museum costume departmunt, apart from Boy George who took evfurryone by surprise, we woznt qwite sure wot he woz for a few years! ROFB

Yoo dunt see many ov dem in da frozen food aisle ov wallmart do ya?

And ov corse dis article wudn't reflect da 80's wivout menchonin da famuss 'mullet' da name given to a hair style worn by most hoomen. Short all ova an long at da back. Bit like a dog groomer's nightmare!

Fank dog dats gone and forgotten apart from isolated areas ov da wurld.

Da 80's woz da decade wen hoomen wore more makeup dan hoowimin. Confoosin da hell owt ov us furs and shufflers alike.

So dats sumfin about da 80's. A sort ov abridged version of modern history for furs BOL

I wonda wot yoo wemembas abowt 80's?

Well me gotta go and polish dem bedpans and flush dem emena tubes owt my fwends.

So me gonna sign off for now and wish yoo all a happy day and dunt forget to put yer leg warmers on my fwends, yoo neva know dey mite catch on agen ROFB

Love yoo guys!