Sunday, 21 June 2015

You dont need eyes to see

Me bit upset tday coz me herd ov 2 pals wot woz put to sleep cuz dey went blind.

One doggy in America and ovver one in UK. One had dem caterack fings wich vet woznt able to fix but painliss an ovver doggy had wot me got SARDS but didunt haf Cushings.

I fink dere hooparents panicked to be honest. It naturel for hoomans to panic. Muvva did it wen me went blind, probbly cuz it only took me bout 2 weeks to go from sighted to blind as a bat.

It's bin a few munfs now since me sight went compleetly, but I haz adjusted very well to it. I only rarely bump into fings, well ok, I bump into fings a lot wen me excited and not finkin ware me going, but it makes muvva smile now an she calls me her 'fat lump' and 'blind old bat' I dunt mind. I know she luffs me. I dunt hurt meself wich is da impawtunt fing. Just dents me pride a bit.

But hoomans need to know dat although we carnt see nuffin, it dont mean we got no quality of life.

See, us dogs, well sight int one ov our main senses like it is wif hoomans. Dey totally lost if dey go blind, ware as we got super sense of smell and taste and our hearings much better. Well let's admit it pals, we iz superior to hoomans altogether. Dey juz dunt know it.

So wen we goes blind, it not end ov da wurld. We soon find our way round our home by smell. An did yoo know, not many furs know dis, but evfurryfing in our homes smells diffrunt. So we knows ware a sofa is cuz of it's smell an da chair got a diffrunt smell, so has table or chairs or anyfing. So if hoomans move furniture round we know ware it moved to. Clever int we? *puffs chest out wif pride*.

Although it not recommended hoomans move da furniture round evfurry week, cuz dat wud confoose us. *rolls eyes*

Now me used to bein blind, I iz more happy in meself. I plays wif me furbro and Gizmo, and me can run around in da garden, and me used to sit by da fence and talk wif our duckies for ages. I can also enjoy a game wif me toys. It makes muvva larf sumtimes if me gets over excited and frows one ov dem in da air an den carn't find it wen it lands, but she usually picks it up and drops it just infront of me snout so I finds it agen. Sumtimes I pretends me carnt find it on purpose so she plays wif me more.

Me hearing's got more acute too, wich muvvas not so pleesed about. Cuz me can hear a car door slam or anovver dog barkin 3 miles away she sez. *rolls eyes agen* She can be so sarcastic at times. pfffft But me can hear fings even Mojo or Gizmo carnt hear. Oh yes me hearin is supersonic.

An I can smell a treat or food from a long way away, it's no good muvva tryin to pull da wool over me eyes, cuz I can smell better dan anyone ware foods concerned.

So yoo see pals, juz cuz me blind dunt mean me qwolity ov life is rubbish, infact it's better in sum ways dan a sighted furpal.

An ov corse bein blind, yoo tend to get more cuddles cuz da hoomans feel sorry for yoo. I tend to play on it a bit, so I get extra more cuddles bahahahaha

Da only fing I wish is I never had Cushings, cuz dat spoils fings. But as far as me lack of sight goes if it woz just dat and me didnt haf Cushings muvva wud be qwite happy.

So if yoo know ov any pals wot gone blind, tell yoor hooparents to haf a werd wif dere's and tell 'em dat being blind not end ov da werld and defnittly not a deff sentence.

Once yoo get used to not seeing anyfing, and da hoomans got used to a few little changes in dere life and yoors den life can be wondfurful agen.

Infact blind dogs can be even more lovin dan sighted dogs sumtimes. An if yoo intrested in adopting a blind dog here's a grate website for da UK.

Click for Blind Dog Rescue website

You don't need eyes to see
You just need you heart to let me in
It's not that hard to do
Just let me hold you

Spread da wurd my fwends.

Loves yoo all so much!