Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Daffodil Assassins

We had sum excitemunt last nite.

We woz alreddy to go to bed and den muvva gets up, stuffs Lily le Puss in a cat baskit & disappears into da nite at 11.30pm. We woz shocked!

Lily had been sick a few times in da morning, an mum found a piece of Daffydil petal in it. Lily wasn't lookin too good, she was curled up on da big bed all day and wudn't move. Muvva woz worried bout her. As day went on Lily woz still curled up an didunt want anyfing to eat or drink, wich is unushual for her cuz she duz like her food as yoo will see from da pic me gonna post. She a big gurl.

Anyway by da evenin dere woz no change an by den Lily woz makin lickle growly noises wen muvva touched her belly, Lily's belly not muvva's BOL. So muvva did sum Googlin and discovered dat not only iz da bulbs poisonous to cats and dogs, but also da stem, leaves and da flowurs. So Lily had been poisoned.

So muvva rang da vets, woz about 10pm by den. She didnt wanna wait til mornin incase Lily died in da nite an she neva forgive herself. Da vet told muvva to take Lily strayt in to be seen.

So off dey went. Me an Mojo curled up in our beds and went to sleep cuz it woz past our bedtime.

When muvva got back she told us wot had happened. Well afta we'd woke all da neighbours up by barkin at muvva telling her how we'd missed her, didunt tell her we'd bin sleepin da hole time. bol

Da vet gave Lily a good goin ovver, stuck da fermometa up her bum but her temp woz normal, and listened to her heart, dat woz beatin normally, and asked muvva if she'd bin eating or drinkin ok. So den da vet weighed her. Not muvva silly! Bahahaaha

Lily weighed just unda 7kg. She a big gurl. She half Maine Coone and half ermm... moggy. But she more Maine Coone in size and fur, and evfurryfing, and she chirrups like dey do and dunt meow or nuffin like ovver cats.

Anyways I dygress.

Da vet lady gave Lily an injecshon to neutralise any toxins in her bloodstream, and gave her sumfin to stop her feelin sick and bein sick. Although she'd not bin sick since early mornin. And gave muvva sum tablets wot she's got to give Lily 3 times a day for 2 days. Vet lady sed if Lily no better by teatime today she gotta go back.

Well me iz pleased to say she iz better, and she bouncin off da walls chasing fings and acting daft.

Lily very speshul kitteh, muvva found her wen she woz 6wks old, taped up in a box frown at da side of da road, and left to die. Muvva saw 2 ickle eyes peering fru a hole she'd gnawed and stopped da car to pick da box up. She took it home and wen she opened it Lily leapt out and hid behind da sofa, and inside da box woz 3 dead kittens, Lily's fursistas and furbros. Mum woz rilly upset.

She took Lily to da vet to be checked over, and she had hyperthermia, and all sorts.She nearly died, and muvva couldn't get near her for ages. Took muvva about 3mths to get Lily's trust, dat woz 7 years ago. Lily comin up to 8yrs old now, and grown into a gurt big fuffy pussy cat. Me luffs her soooo much!

Lily is too frightened to go outside and so she's an indoor cat, and she petrified of people, so if we ever has visitors dey neva see her. But she loves muvva and me and she loves furbro Mojo now too. And she trusts muvva and muvva can do anyfing wif her. It very touchin to wotch.

So muvva woz rilly worried last nite about her.

Muvva woz feelin ok after me saw da vet, finkin dat all da expense of da tests is over for a few munfs, and she can breeve easily for a wile, den Lily tries to kill herself. Poor muvva. One step forward and two steps back all da time.

It woz a huge bill for muvva last nite, but she wud never haf forgiven herself if she hadn't taken Lily or waited til s'mornin and she'd died. She had to act fast, so didunt haf much choice rilly.

So da moral of dis tale iz, if yoor hoomans bring sum flowers in to brighen da rooms up, make sure dey checked on Google furst to see if dey poisonous to us furbabies.

Daffydils and Lily's are two ov da worse ones. Here's a site ware dey list most poisonous plants and flowurs. Make sure yoor hoomans read it!

Poisonouse Plants pdf file to download & print off

Ov corse if yoo lives outside da UK den da plants may vary in name or may not even grow in yoor country and dere cud be diffrunt poisonous plants too. So make sure yoo gets da hoomans to Google for dem.

Dats about all me noos for tday pals. Gonna love yoo and leave yoo now to dash out in da garden for 5 mins.

Love yoo