Saturday, 7 May 2016

A sad week for sure

Dis week several ov my furpals came to da Bridge. I waited for dem so dey not be afraid and not be alone, cuz it scarey makin da journey on yooz own.

Da most famuss ov my pals was dearest Whitley Westie. Muvver and I often red her blog cuz was always happy and made us feel good. An I loved to see hur lovely dresses her momma made her, an she always looked so pretty.

If yoo neva red her blog pleeze take time to, cos it funny, serryuss, and touchin. She was and still iz loved so much by her fambly. She had a terruble disease dat woz terminal an her momma cared for her so much, she had a hotrod like @BraveWinston when she lost use ov her bak legs, an a luffley buggy so she cud still go walks wif her momma. But it got too bad dis last week an woz kindest but hardest fing her momma had to do to send her to da Bridge.

I know her momma's heart is breakin now, cuz my muvver woz touched very much by Whitley's passing, an it brort back terrible memories of my last couple ov days before me came to da Bridge. An even scribin dis for me, she got leaky eyes an got job to see wot she typing. *passes muvver a tissue*

But we gotta look on da brite side ov life an wot it frows at us. Yes we do haz to come to da Bridge an leave owr hoomans cuz we not live as long as dem, an sometimes we gets nasty fings rong wif us dat carnt be cured by hooman doctors, but wile we iz on erff if we iz lucky an got good mommas and pappas we has more love dan we can frow a tennis ball at and haz a happy life, juz like wot me and Whitley had. So wen we duz come to da Bridge, our pawrents know dey did all dey cud to make us happy and keep uz wif dem as long as possible, and dat dey woz strong an brave enuff to let us go wen it woz owr time. Cos hangin onto us wen we iz poorly is cruel an selfish an we suffer an wen we get to da Bridge we iz exzorsted.

I fink cos owr hoomans love us so very much, dat wen we leave dem an dere hearts break dats wot makes a little space for anuvver furbaby to fill in dere life. An yoo carnt love wiv all yoor bein if yoo not felt deep loss. I keeps tellin Muvver, yoo carnt help others get over dere grief if yoo not known it yooself. And life is all abowt loving evfurry one and helpin dem in life if yooz can.

We not gone foreva wen we come to da Bridge. Oh no my fwends we not! An hoomans gotta lurn dat fact. *nods* I send Muvver signs all da time I is still around her and she sees dem. An I know ovver pals duz same to dere mommas and pappas cuz dey tell Muvver, an dey so happy wen dey find da signs.

Sometimes wen we gets here, to da Bridge, we too tired an need to build up owr energy so we can send a sign, but we duz eventually. An sometimes owr pawrents want to see one so much dat somehow it blocks dem from finding or seein a sign. And den one day wen dey not finkin bowt it, dere is a sign, a favwite toy left someware, a dandelion seed, a white feather, or if dey really lucky dey hear us call dem. But we still keeps in touch until dey come to da Bridge and we all goes on owr journey togevva as one big fambly agen.

Tiz a terruble werld we lives in at da momunt, seems so much hate around, but I keeps tellin Muvver not to get too downhearted, cos dere's also a lot of love too. And no matter how much hate dere is, and how dark da werld seems, nuffin can put da candle of love owt. It still burns brightly no matter wot. Cos as me keeps sayin, love is all dat matters, and all dere is. So we must share it as much as we can.

Hmm... I gone all deep an fillysofical tday for sum reason. Sowwy bowt dat pals bol But yoo know me, I duz get me momunts.

Anyways, moovin onto ovver stuff, like dat mischeevuss sisfur ov mine, she all better now. She over hur hystericalrectomy or spay as hoomans call it, and she also over da enteritis fing she got too. She full ov energy an into all sorts of stuff she shouldn't be. Makes me larf to see Muvver trying to keep eye on hur. She running rings round furbro Mojo and duz a funny little commando belly crawl fing towards Gizmo to make him growl bahahahaha

Fankoo agen my fwends for helpin wiv her vet fees, did I tells yoo wot woz left Muvver put into my Rainbow Bridge Fund? Fankoo for dat. It will help pawrents wif dere pet funeral costs.

We gonna do an auction or raffle or summit soon too to raise some more funds, cos dere's been couple of pet funerals to fund recently so me funds getting a bit low at da moment.

Dat seems abowt all from me for now, so me will say cheerio for now an bark to yoo all later!

Enjoy da w/end pals, keep safe and share da love!

I love yooz wiv all my heart

Angel Bonnie