Saturday, 14 April 2018

Goodbye is not forever!

Hello my fwends,

me not updated me blog fur yonks but to be honest me not had dat much to rite abowt. I bin busy up ere at Rainbow Bridge, watching over me loved ones and pals, and everyfur dat needed it.

But now me muvver’s upset and I fort as usual me wud turn it around to sumfin pawsitive to help ovver hoos and furs.

As yoo may know me had a furbro, Mojo. He bin wiv muvver for 5yrs dis year. Me an mum were still togevva wen she got him, and den me got ill, and came OTRB couple years later.

Well since den muvver’s hoobro gone over da Bridge, so she promised him dat she take care ov his fur Gizmo, who was a sorry state. HooUncle had dementia and cancer da last year or so before he passed an was cruel to poor Gizmo, so by time muvver took him in he was a nervous wreck. It took muvver 3yrs to get him anyware near a normal fur. Da vets and groomer all sed what a good job muvver done helping Gizmo to start enjoying life agen and not be scared of nuffin.

Den as yoo know muvver saved me fursib Dora, cos she was likely gonna be used as dog bait in an illegal dog fight. So muvver had Mojo and Gizmo and after me came to Rainbow Bridge she took in Dora too.

Dey was all living togevva in peace for years, and although Gizmo was always a longer der was no falling out. Dora and Mojo fell in love at furst sight and woz devoted to each other.

Den Gizmo started acting really really strange, and going into da garden and hiding away and frightened to come into da house. Muvver fort maybe it was just him, cos he not really normal and still haz weird periods of paranoia and stuff. So she not take much notice of it.

Muvver dunt never leave me fursibs very often but wen she do she puts Dora in her crate cos she like to destuff da toys if she can and Muvver scared she choke on da stuffing if she not in da crate, and da two boys left loose in da living room.

Anyways, me get back onto da sad story….

Wen anyone comes to da door, all 3 furs jump around all highly excited and compete for who gonna get der furst, except dey carnt cos Muvver got a baby gate der pffft…. and sometimes Dora takes a pop at Gizmo in da excitement. Not to hurt him but just cos she a minx and forgets she last in. So Muvver scoops hur up and puts her in da crate.

Anyways Easter Sunday muvver wasnt quick enough, wen someone stuffed a leaflet froo door and by dis time Mojo had piled in as well, poor Gizmo woz froze wiv fear and Mojo had his back in his mouf and really going for it.

Muvver grabbed Mojo’s scruff and pulled him off, which not easy cos Mojo a fat lump as yoo know, and den Mojo turn round to savage Muvver. Muvver only just managed to push him into da spare crate and shut him in or he wud have bitten Muvver. Muvver was shakin she cudn’t even hold a cup ov coffee she woz dat shaken.

She checked Gizmo’s back and saw a bit of blood but didn’t look too bad, so she baved it. Easter Monday dat bite was oozing stuff. So she baved it agen and Tuesday she took Gizmo to da vet, who shaved da site so he could look at da wound. Well Muvver was shocked.

One puncture hole was huge, and deep and da whole area was heavily bruised. Poor Gizmo just sat stachoo still while da vet looked and prodded, and den washed out da puncture wounds. He never growled or twitched or nuffin. He was so brave, considering he always been a nervous wreck.

So now Muvver had a terrible decision to make, do she find a home for Gizmo or for Mojo? Mojo and Dora woz bonded, Gizmo was always a loner so da odd one out. So she plumpted for Gizmo. She rang lots of shelters to ask if he could go on da list for rehoming and gave dem all his details.

Den she took Mojo to da vet for a check to see if was pain aggression, while in da waiting room Mojo was trying to lunge and savage all da dogs in dere, which was not like Mojo at all. Muvver was pleased wen it was time to see da vet and went into his consulting room, but vet examined Mojo and said no. She den asked if dey cud cut Mojo’s claws cos dey very long, and vet took him out da back to be muzzled ready for claw cutting. Wile Muvver waited she could hear Mojo squeeling and crying and wen he woz brought bak da nurse said he had got worked up and had bitten his tongue. Well Muvver werent happy and told dem so, cos it took Muvver 2yrs to earn Mojo’s trust wen she first had him cus he’d had his claws cut too short and made dem bleed. So she not happy he was frightened.

Da groomer lady Donna who clips Gizmo every 2 months rang cos she got appointment time wrong and Muvver told hur about da attack on Easter Sunday and evfurryfing. Donna was shocked. Den wen dey woz chatting Donna sed Gizmo had a graze on his back a few months back and wondered where he’d got it. Was an oblong graze. Muvver sed yes she rememba dat. So den dey put two and two togevva and realised da graze woz from sumfin Gizmo had squeezed underneath. Only fing it cud be woz Muvvers sofa which is on legs and juz big enough for Gizmo to get underneath. So Mojo must have been picking on Gizmo for some time which accounts for him hiding and not wanting to come in. Poor Gizmo.

So den Muvver rings all da rescue’s and puts Mojo on da rehoming list and takes off Gizmo. Hur head spinning by now. And all da while she gotta keep dem all separated so Gizmo in front ov da house and Dora and Mojo in da back.

Was like dis all week, Gizmo on, Mojo off, Mojo on, Gizmo off. Da rescues must’ve got really fed up wiv Muvver changin hur mind.

Dora and Mojo woz playing as usual one morning and it got a bit out of hand, as Mojo got too excited and started growling at Dora, so Muvver scooped her up and put her in da crate. Muvver not fink he wud hurt Dora cuz he loves hur but was frightened and nervous still.

She rang a highly respected animal behaviourist and was going to have her call round to asses da dogs.

Da vets and Donna all fort Mojo best one to rehome cos Gizmo would never survive in kennels and he would be bak to square one wiv his paranoia and nervousness and it wud break him. So Muvver cancels da animal behaviourist lady.

Anyway Muvver finally takes Gizmo off da list and puts Mojo back on. A no-kll rescue local to Muvver rang to say dey have a place coming up on Tuesday and arranged for Muvver to take Mojo in at 1pm.

Monday evening Muvver by now was almost demented wiv guilt and heartbreak an worry and failure. She cuddled Mojo all evening and told him how much she loved him and would always love him.

So in da morning she rings vet and takes Mojo in one more time just after 9 to be examined again and discuss about rehoming. She had to go in da back way for safety. Incase Mojo went into a rage agen.

Once in da consulting room she spent about half an hour talking about Mojo’s behaviour and what to do. Da vet was excellent and helpful. Muvver had to lift Mojo up onto table and vet started to examine him. Mojo went into a rage and tried to bite da vet, but da vet did manage to check him over thoroughly. Da vet sed da rescue ware Muvver was taking him was excellent, and only furs dey put down are dem wot terminally ill and carnt be helped anymore, or dangerous dogs, and he fort Mojo not dangerous just needed help wiv his aggression. Da rescue he going to work wiv da dogs sometimes over a year to cure dem of behavioural problems and den find dem a suitable home, and vet sed dey had worse dogs dan Mojo to help and rehome.

So Muvver took Mojo home again and waited til time to take him to rescue place. She woznt crying, she woz brave so Mojo not suspect anyfing wrong.

Den a man and lady came over to take Mojo to assess him. And off he trotted on his little short legs and his tail
wagging and not once did he look back. About half an hour later dey came back wiv him and he was sort of pleased to see Muvver but not too excited. Den Muvver had to take him into da office and fill out lots of paperwork and answer lots of questions, to sign ownership over to da rescue.

Muvver still being very brave for Mojo who was now asleep at hur feet. Quite happy.

When it was time to leave, da man ask Muvver if she want to stay a few mins wiv Mojo but she sed no, cos it be more upsetting and she was crying by now and not want Mojo to get upset, so she got up and walked back to da car, tears streaming down her face and her heart broken in pieces. All she could hear was Mojo crying for her.

Has been a terrible time since then. Poor Muvver has been crying a lot, not sleeping much, and not eating much either. Wondering how Mojo is and imagining him heartbroken in his pen wondering what he done wrong. But rescue man and da vet sed us dogs live in da moment and once Muvver left him and da people at da resue took him to his pen, wot has underfloor heating and evfurryfing he probably not fink about Muvver at all. Cos too much other stuff going on and new furs to talk to. Plus Muvver had taken his toys, coats, blankie and evfurryfing wiv hur and left dem wiv da rescue. So he had sumfin ov home around him.

Dora cried for a little while Tuesday evening, but not for long. Gizmo was over da moon to have his tormentor removed and Muvver, well poor Muvver was heartbroken and has been ever since. She will always love Mojo and da rescue people told hur she can ring evfurry week or fortnight to check how he’s doing and when he gets rehomed. Although she not know when dat gonna be.

It’s been a terrible experience, Muvver has always done hur best for us all, and never caused any of us any pain or spoken a cross word to us, so we knows how much dis hurts hur.

But sometimes no matter how much we love somefur or somehoo, we haz to fink ov da best solution for everyfur, and sometimes it gonna be painful and break our hearts but we got to do wots for da best however much we dunt wanna do it.

Muvver got to realise dat Mojo gonna get help for his aggression. Vet said it not her fault he aggressive now after 5yrs of being a good fur. It probably likely dat he had issues from before Muvver even had him, and dat other fings added to it until it all came to a head recently.

Muvver knows she has done da best fing for Mojo, Dora and Gizmo, and dat now he will get professional help in safe surroundings, and den a suitable perfick forever home will be found for him, ware he da only fur and he be loved and cared for da rest of his life, as Muvver would haf done. And maybe if Mojo rememba’s hur he will forgive hur and know she did wot best for him cos she loved him.

But you know pals, hoo’s say we live in da moment and we dunt fink like dem, well Muvver not sure dat troo, it wud be nice if it woz cos den hoo’s wudnt feel so guilty about some ov da fings dey do to us. Maybe it is troo, but even if it not, an we do fink a little bit like hoos do, den we come to realise dat wen fings happen, like wots happened wiv Mojo and Muvver, dat although it painful and breaks our hearts and da hoos hearts, dat one day we realise dey did wot dey did cos dey loved us. And in da end it all works out and we find happiness again.

i hopes dis helps anyone wot going froo or finkin ov going froo da same fing. Cos it not easy to know wot best, it not easy to handle da heartache, and it not easy to say goodbye to a fur we love more dan anyfing in da werld, but if dey love us dey eventually do wot right however much it hurts.

I be watchin over Mojo from now on til he comes to join me here at da Bridge. Like I watches over me fursibs and Muvver, an any other fur wot needs me. And I know all da other fur angels is busy watching and waiting too. Cos dat wot Angels do. We watches, we takes care of, and we loves dem wot we loved on earth and will always love forever and ever.

Share da love my fwends. Cos yoo know me keeps telling ya, but love is all there is! And love will see us froo all da bad times and da good. And da greatest gift we can give is our heart.

Raise paws for me furbro.... MOJO..... Always loved by Muvver forever til da stars fall from da sky.