Saturday, 25 April 2015

Wainy Weekend

Hello my fwends.

I not tweeted for ova a week now. I so sowwy, please forgives me.

Muvva brought hoouncle home last Tuesday from hospital. He woz vewy frail and fragile. But afta a week wif us he gettin stwonger and stwonger. Mum been feedin him up, but he not got vewy big appetite.

He not got vewy good prognosis from da hospital. His kidney function iz only 25%, he has diabetic non-alcoholic cirrhosis of da liver (not treatment available for dat) and wile he was haffin diffrunt tests in hospital dey discovered he has cancer of da rectum. Dey told muvva dey carn't operate on hoouncle to remove da cancer as he so frail he wud die on operating table, so dey sent him home to let nature take its course, but dey can't give muvva any idea of how long, so cud be few months or cud be a year or bit longer. So it's all up in da air really.

He stayin wif us anovva week den he goin back to his own place. Muvva has had to fight to get a care package for him for wen he back in his own home. Dat involves a carer or nurse to call in twice a day, meals on wheels and help wif anyfing he can't manage on his own.

It a terruble shock for him and muvva dat he got cancer as well. An seems so unfair. But finking about wot me sed a few days ago we haf to live life each day as if it our last, and show dem wot we loves how much we loves dem and treat evfurryone as we wud like to be treated wif respect and love. Cos we neva knows wen it will be our last day.

It vewy hard on muvva, cos now she knows she not got me or hoouncle for vewy long. We boff got shortened lives, but we boff loves her vewy much.

So she bin so busy she not bin able to scribe me blog for me pfffft.

As you know we got Gizmo, hoouncles doggy wif us while hoouncle bin in hospital and now he stayin wif us for couple weeks. He went to da groomers last week, an dey found lots of flea dirts on him, dats dem little black flea poos yoo see sumtimes. Well mum woz mortified cuz we not get fleas.

So she told hoouncle about sum new fangled collars dat da vet recommended called Seresto. Evduntly dey lasts 8 months an cost about £29 GBP. Muvva fort it woz cheaper dan Frontline or Advocate so hoouncle told muvva to get one for Gizmo, and muvva ordered 2 for me and Gizmo.

Dey arrived da next day, cuz vet had to order dem. An muvva put one on each ov us. Me and Gizmo woz ok but a bit quiet wif ours on, but poor Mojo woz in a state. He kept running round tryin to hide and crawlin along da floor on his belly rubbin his chin on da ground and panting. Den slaverin a lot. So muvva took his collar off him for da night. Next day she put it back on him, finkin it woz just dat he didn't like it and wud get used to it, but soon as it was back on him he started acting strange agen and slavering. So muvva took it off him and Googlyfied Seresto on da interweb.

Well my fwends, wot she found woz amazing. Evduntly loads of dogs been ill wif dem collars. Dey iz made by Bayer da big chemical company. Lots and lots of dogs had seizures from wearin dem, and excessive panting and slaverin and all sorts of stuff, and one even died. So mum took me and Gizmo's collars off us and put dem back in da tins and rang da vet telling her about Mojo's reaction and dat me an Gizmo didn't haf same symptoms but we woz very lethargic. Dats sleepy dontcha know. Some dogs never showed any reaction to da collars for several weeks or months, so it not always an immediate reaction. Dat was enough for muvva. She fort dat maybe dey not been researched long enuff for all dem doggies to be ill wif dem.

Anyway, vet rang muvva smornin and sed if she takes da collars back Monday dey will refund us our money as dey haf an agreement wif Bayer. Muvva was vewy pleased cuz all da reviews she red on Googlyfied sed peepuls never got no refunds and lost dere money.

So now muvva gonna do us wif Frontline or Advocate on Monday once dis poison stuff from da collars has got out of our systems.

Finkin bout it, if dem collars last 8 months, dey bound to be extra toxic. An if dey ok for dogs from 8kg to 20kg, it pretty obvious dat smaller dogs near da 8kg weight is gonna be overdosed if da collar is ok for 20kg dogs. Or dats what we finks, an we not scientists so maybe we not seein it clearly. We just lookin at it logically like dogs do.

Muvva is always careful wot she puts on us. She only uses Frontline or Advocate for May, June, July and August and maybe Sept if it hot weather, cos she finks dat all deze chemicals goin into our bodies is a bad fing. Plus we dunt need flea treatment in da winter.

An she sprays round da house wif Indorex wich is brilliant for kiling fleas and dere eggs and lasts up to a year.

Me gone all scratchy now bol *stops to scratch behind ear*.

Muvva gave me furcut today. It woz very long and although me can't see nuffin, me face fur was all ova me eyes, and me snout fur woz all manky and mucky round me lips. So she give me a close clip on me body and left me sides an legs a little bit longer. She didnt do a bad job, but me face fur went a bit wobbly, dat woz my fault cos me wriggled. I hate haffin me face fur fiddled wif.

Here me iz wif me furcut!

Den as if dat woznt enuff she give me a baff. It woz vewy scarey, woz furst baff since me went blind so me woz very scaredid and she had to keep talkin to me and splainin wot she woz doing. I woz pleezed wen it woz ova.

I fink she woz as wet as me woz by da time me woz done Bahahahaha.

I gonna haf a snooze now on me qwilty I fink, cuz me tired afta me baff.

So me gonna say bye bye for now me fwends. Take care and keep safe. An memba to love each other an be nice to each other evfurry day.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sophie's Escort Flight & other stuff

Hello my fwends *waves madly*

I juz want to say a hoomungous fankoo to all my dear fwends on Twitter & to every fur dat took part in Sophie cat's Escort Flight yesterday evenin.

Muvva woz qwite overcome wiv emoshon to see so many wondfurful fwends showing dere love an sendin dere best wishes to help Sophie OTRB. We all had leaky eyes and cud hardly read da tweets, we woz sobbing and cuddlin each ovver all da way fru. But strangely it gave us all peace in our hearts and somehow helped us to feel less devastated at losing Sophie.

Da Aviators and Angels on Twitter always do a superb job and put so much effort into da escorts and tribute flights, dey are always professional and caring, and respectful I'd like to say a big fankoo to evfurryone of dem. So a grate big FANKOO MY DEAREST FWENDS, AVIATORS & ANGELS. Yoo helped so much more dan yoo will eva know and we love yoo all very very much.

Muvva kept herself busy yesday. I fink she was gearin herself up to da Escort Flight. Furst off she had to go to da vets wif Sophie's daughter Tootsie's pee sample. We still waiting for da result, infact muvva gonna ring dem in a minit wen dey open, cuz it too early at da momunt. Afta dat she went to Pets at Home and got Mojo's biskits, cos he on a diet *sniggers*. I shudn't snigger cuz me on diet as well Pffffft.

Den she called in hoouncles house to collect da mail an clean out da fridge fing, and gather up all his medicines and bring dem back here. She had a gurt big bag full ov stuff. We woz pleezed to see her cuz we fort wen she left us we woz gonna be neglectid agen for hours but she weren't dat long.

Woznt nuffin in da bag for us but we had a good old nuzzle in dere juz incase.

Den in da aftanoon we all went out in da garden. Pals it woz lush out dere. Bakin hot wevver, sun beatin down, I sat on da patio an da slabs almost burnt me bum it woz dat hot. I cud feel da heat bouncin off me bonce (dat's me head for all me pals over da pond and stuff). Mojo an Gizmo woz layin about, dey proper pals now and always togevver, we gonna miss Gizmo wen hoouncle goes back home wif him.

Wile we woz soakin up da rays and generally lookin bootiful like wot we do, muvva set to painting duckie house. Talk about bright, dem duckies gonna need sunglasses I reckon. Still itz cheerful I'll give her dat. She woz busy painting for a couple ov hours, cuz it woz getting near dinner time an we woz all getting fidgety an worrying incase she forgot us.

Fink she had more paint on her dan on da duckie house but it looked good wen she'd done it. She says it's Forget Me Not Blue wiv Sea Mist. *rolls eyes* Honest wot are deez hoomans like? I fort it looked ok before juz plain brown. Dey gotta keep fiddlin and fartin about wif stuff int dey?

It didnt take long to dry da paint cuz it woz so hot out dere. So she put it togevver and den fixed roof on. Mojo looked at Gizmo and Gizmo looked at me and I looked in muvva's direcshon or ware I fort she woz and we all barked togevva 'Fank Dog for dat, now get our dinner muvva'.

Here's duckie house now it's done. It got a slide out floor, lockable front door wif window an a side window wiv bars on it plus shutter and half da roof lifts up for easier cleanin she sez. *rolls eyes agen*

I fink it's far too posh for duckies and once dey lived in it a few weeks it gonna be brown agen Bahahahahaha

So finally we got our dinner, had a qwick race round da garden agen, but by now da sun was going down, and den got reddy for Sophie's Escort Flight.

Was a bit crowded in me cockpit, dere woz me ov course as me da pilot *flicks face fur wif pride* brofur Mojo, Gizmo, Tootsie (Sophie's daughter), Lily le Puss, and me muvva. You cudn't swing a sossige in dere, but we all held on to each ovver in a big group hug.

Sophie's 2 sons Sooty and Spotty were dere waiting for her, dey had a long wait bless dem. So dey woz pleezed to see her, dere woz me old furpal fursista Midge da Collie who me still misses like mad, Bracken da Rough Collie who woz 17yrs old wen she went otb, and all mums ovver dogs, Buster, Becky, Lucy, Snoopy, Shauna, Tina, Bonnie (nuvva Bonnie not me), Rags, and kittehs Bill & Ben, Jimmy Ju Ju, Bluebell, Dotty, Little Man, Fluffy, Chrissy Christmas, Mrs Gingernut, I fink dats all of dem. And den dere woz da pet sheepies and goats cuz dey woz all fambly too, Mrs Wort & Old Gurl, Rambo, No7, Freckles & Moochy Mini da sheepies and Lilac da goat kid (her fur woz truly lilac so rare) wif her muvva Daisy da goat, plus Penny Lane and Silhouette da goats. An almost forgot Seamus da North Ronaldsey Ram who loved to escape and run across 2 fifty acre fields before muvva and hoodad caught him, den had to carry him home cuz he refused to walk back wif dem. Bahahahaha He sounded a rite character, I'd have liked to haf met him. Dey got wise to him in da end, and mum told us hoodad wud chase afta him and she wud follow up da rear wif da wheelbarrow so dey cud wheel him back in dat. She sed he wud sit in da wheelbarrow lookin like da Pope in da popemobile BOL She got sum tales to tell my muvva. We luffs hearin dem.

Juz quickly me tell yoo anuvva one. Rememba wen Foot & Mouth broke out in da UK? Well me dunt cos me woznt even born, but back den muvva lived on a small holding dats like a little farm, anyway wen Foot & Mouth broke out da Government sent vets round to selected farms and holdings to test da sheepies and cows n fings. Muvva only had half a dozen sheepies and dey woz all pets. Hoodad sed if MAFF as it woz back den sent vets to dem, dey wud bring da sheepies indoors, sit dem in da chairs wif coats and headscarfs on and deny we had any sheepies to keep dem safe. He woz as daft as muvva *rolls eyes* Muvva didnt fink anyone wud come to test our few sheepies cuz dey woz surrounded by huge sheep farms ware dere woz hundreds of sheepies.

But typical ov da Government dey didn't inspect da big farms nearby, but sent 2 vets to inspect and test muvvas little flock of six. So dey turns up. A big tall man and a lady. Da lady had one of dem clipboards dat some hoomans luff to carry about cuz it makes dem look impawtunt. *sighs* Dey got out of dere car and put white paper overalls on to protect dere clothes. Muvva and hoodad had already put da sheepies in da barn, dey woznt happy, dey wanted to be out in da meadow munching on da grass, so dey woznt in best ov moods.

Da big man vet did testing and da lady vet stood and took notes on da clipbord. Dunt fink dey had laptops back den.

Testing went ok wif dem til dey got to Old Gurl. Now she woz, so muvva sez, a real character and wudn't put up wif bein messed about wif. She, like all da ovvers had bin wif muvva since dey woz babies. Most of dem woz orphans, but Old Gurl had bin attacked by a fox and had a gaping wound on her froat, so farmer woz gonna kill her, but muva saved her and bathed and dressed her froat and gave her medicine and after a long time she got better. Dunno if dat woz why she woz like she woz or not, but anyway she didn't like being messed wif.

So ware woz I? Oh yeah *gets comfy agen* Da vets had tested da ovver 5 sheepies and it woz Old Gurl's turn. As da man vet went towards her muvva cud see dere woz gonna be trouble. Old Gurl woz showin da whites ov her eyes as he approached and was backing off slowly to avoid him. As he cocked one leg ova da pen to get in she leapt into da air like a gazelle, which is no mean feat for a fat sheepie

It's a wonder Rainbow Bridge got room for anymore. Our fambly almost fills it up BOL

So Sophie was amongst fwends and fambly, and won't be lonely. To fink all dem furs all had long lives almost as long as Sophie's. Apart from Bill & Ben da kittehs. Deres woz tragic. Billy got caught in a Gin Trap and got 2 feetz on da same side cut off, he managed to get home and wen muvva took him to da vet nuffin cud be done cuz feets woz on same side. Dis woz many years ago, nowadays I spect dey wud haf given him dem prosfetic feet fings. Den 10 days afta dat, as if dat weren't bad enuff, his brofur Benny got run ova bay a car and had his back broken. He dragged himself home and agen vet cudn't do nuffin. All da fambly woz so devastated. Boff brofurs had made a terrific effort to get back home in da hope muvva cud save dem, but it was too much. I dunt fink muvva and grandies eva got ovver dat, woz horruble.

Sowwy my fwends didnt mean to end on such a tragic story, but yoo know me, I getz carried along wif me forts and go off on a tangent sometimes. Juz reminds us dat we neva know wot round da corner in life & to make da most of wot we got wen we got it.

As for tday, Muvva not goin to see Hoouncle tday, so we gonna haf a relaxing day agen, probbly sunbavin and stuff, nuffin too enurgetic.

Enjoy your day my fwends, love each ovver and enjoy da time yoo haz wif yoo fambly. It very special.

Love you


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A brighter day!

Hello my fwends *waves paws*

Tiz a brighter day today fank goodness. Although we all still vewy sad and missing Sophie, we iz lookin furward to her #TheAviators #Angels Escort Flight tonight at 8pm.

Please come if yoo can, she woz a vewy special pussy cat, and her and muvva went fru a lot togevva during her long life. So she gave so much support to muvva and all her love. We wants her send off and escort OTRB to be extra speshul, juz like her!

Well today itz really sunny and warm here, and when muvva got back from hospital yesday someone had cut her grass, wich was getting qwite long at da back. So now she kept busy picking up all da clippings dat stick to our paws cuz we iz in and out enjoyin da sun, den rushin in wen we getz too hot. BOL

She saw hoouncle yesterday in hospital and his surgeon. Da surgeon sed he woznt gonna operate on hoouncle as his body couldn't cope wiv it and he wudn't survive da operation. He sed da cancer might haf been dere for some time, and dat it may stay as it is or it might get bigger slowly. So doctors now discussing wevver to treat it or not, and if so it wud be either radiotherapy/chemo or juz one or t'other. Dey sed if dey use chemo it wud haf to be very light as his body cudn't stand too much.

Dey also sed dat if he not well enough wen discharged to go home, den dey wud transfer him to da local hospital nearer home. Dat wud be betta for muvva, not so far to drive and no car parkin fees, cuz da fees at Truro hospital iz extorshaynut muvva sez.

Da hospital also arrangin home care for wen he duz come here wif us and wen he goes to his own home aftawards. Fings like da nurses calling and stuff like dat. So dat a grate weight off muvvas mind dat dey iz doing dat. Cuz it wud be too much for muvva to cope wif.

So muvva sez she finks da doctors iz lettin nature take itz corse wif hoouncle and to make da most of each day we haz him. We shud do dat anyways I fink. Cuz we neva knows wot round da corner pals duz we?

Life can change in an instant, and wif no warning sumtimes, so we must always tell our loved ones how much we love dem and care about dem, and treat dem as we wud like to be treated. Dats understood in da animal kingdom, but dunt fink da hoomans lurnt dat lesson yet, well not all ov dem anyways.

So dats updated yoo about hoouncle and Sophie's escort flight tonight.

Da rest ov da day muvvas gonna be busy. Duckhouse came yesday. Muvva got a greenhouse wiv no glass on Freecycle last year and woz gonna haf it put on side of da shed, but da glass and erecshon wud haf cost too much so she ditched dat idea. Anyway she sold it, and spent da money on a house for da ducks wot we haffin soon.

If she'd known about Sophie she wud haf saved da money for her but like I sed earlier, we juz dunt know wots around da corner.

Here's duck house, it's a dog kennel rilly but will make a super secure housey for ducks.

Muvva cant remember if we alreddy shown yoo duckhouse, but if we haz, forgive us cos we got lot on our minds lately.

So s'afta noon we iz gonna be in da garden helpin muvva put it all togevva. It looks mahoosive in da pic but its only 3ft square.

If she got time she gonna put da garden swing seat togevva too, reddy for when hoouncle comes here. She got dat on Freecycle. She wants to make new covers for it but she not had time yet. She's a busy old fing lately.

Haz any ov yoo had stuff from Freecycle or used it to rehome stuff yoo dunt want nomore? It's rilly good. And no-one shud be too proud to use it. One dog's rubbish is anovver dogs treasure so dey say.

Before she duz all dat she gotta drop Tootsie's wee sample in da vet cos we not sure if she got anovva pee infection or not. Den she gotta go to Pets At Home for Mojo's biscuits and call into hoouncles house to collect da post and check all safe and secure dere.

I reckon by time it's Sophie's Escort Flight she gonna be worn out! We will haf to prop her up on da sofa ROFB

So dats all me news for today pals.

I hopez yoo iz enjoyin da good wevver and if yoo not got any wrap up warm and keep safe!

Remember, tell yoo loved ones how much dey mean to yoo even if dey only nipping out to werk or to da shops. And live each second the best yoo canz.

Love you my fwends


Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Hello my fwends.

Da sadness juz keeps growing.

My hoouncle haz been in hospital for almost 2 weeks now, as yoo may know. So we haz been looking afta couzin Gizmo, hoouncls doggy. We all gets on so well, it no trubble and he rilly luffs stayin wif us.

Hoouncle had a hospital appointment just under 2 weeks ago wiv a specialist cos he woznt makin any red blood cells and dey sed he needed a bone marrow transplant. He is diabetic. When da specialist saw him he admitted him strayt away as an emerguncy, and he been dere ever since.

He's had lots of tests, 2 MRI scans, 2 CT scans, 4 Ultrasound scans, and numerous blood tests. Den he had to have a camera down his froat, and Sunday dey put da camera up his bottom. Dey also had to put a drain fing on him a couple of times, cos he had fluid in his abdomen. Da furst time dey drained him dey got 10.6 Litres of fluid, den dey had to do it agen a few days afta and got anuvver 7 Litres out. Dey sed wen he iz discharged he gonna haf to go back every 2 wks to haf dis stuff drained out.

Dey told hoouncle he has severe cirrhosis of da liver due to his diabetes, cuz hoouncle teatotal an evduntly diabetics is prone to fings like dis. His kidneys woz only werking 30% after he had a stroke about 7yrs ago, but now dey only werking 25%. So he was in a sorry state healthwise.

Yesterday as yoo know muvva had to take fursista Sophie to da vets to help her OTRB, an bfore she left she spoke to hoouncle on da ring ring.

She hadn't heard a word from hoouncle all day and tried to phone him during da aftanoon yesday and by teatime she phoned da hospital ward ware he is and asked dem to tell hoouncle to turn his mobile ring ring on. But insted dey took da ward ring ring to his bed so muvva could speak to him on dat.

Deres a lot of diffrunt ring rings int dere, deez hoomans iz very clever peepuls.

Anyways, hoouncle asked how it went wif fursista Sophie and muvva told him all about it. Den she asked hoouncle how he was feeling.

Den da bottom fell out of our werld.

Hoouncle broke down into tears and told muvva he had seen his doctor in da morning and doctor told him dat wen he had da camera up his bottom dey found he had cancer of da rectum. Dats bum to us.

He was so upset an cryin dat muvva cudn't quite make out what he woz saying, but caught 'radiation treatment' and 'take it all away' an so she had to try and calm hoouncle down, cuz he was so upset and so frighted.

When he woz bit calmer he told muvva she got to go down to da hosipital today at 2pm to speak to his specialist to find out wots going on and wot dey gonna do about it.

Muvva finks hoouncle heard da werd 'cancer' and den didn't hear anyfing else. Cuz dats wot happened before chrismuss wen mum had cancer scare. She was all reddy to order da hurse and da flowers back den. *rolls eyes* Wich is natural I fink for da hoomans. Dey seem to panic wen dey get bad news for a while til dere common sense takes hold.

Anyway, she managed to calm hoouncle down but he woz still very upset and crying, but more controlled kind of crying.

Poor hoouncle been fru so much da last few months not feelin well, and his doctor not seeming to do anyfing to find out wot was wrong. Muvva had to get a spare bed for wen hoouncle comes out ov hospital cos he not well enough to look afta himself juz yet. So we iz all geared up to take care ov him til da Social Services peepul get a care package fing in place wich is organising a nurse to go in twice or 3 times a day to see to him, someone to wash and dress him if he needs it, and someone to help out in his home, plus organise meals on weels. Dat all takes time, so wile dat being sorted out muvva is haffin him here wif us.

But wen he told her about da cancer as well last night, it was too much for her to bear ontop of losing dearest fursista Sophie. Poor muvva was so upset and we cudn't comfort her for a long wile.

Dere gonna be an awful lot ov sorting out at hoouncles place if he goes back dere to live. He sez he wants to be in his own place an not be a burden on anyone. He is a steam train fanatic an his spare bedroom is his model railway room, wif a train layout all round da edge of da walls and he haz literally dozens and dozens of trains, steam ones and diesel ones. Dey iz all controlled by a compoota fing wich is rilly cleva. We surprised he can operate dat cuz he not into compootas or even mobile ring rings. Itz an amazing layout. So muvva will haf to get dat taken down and sell da trains and fings.

Muvva did all da scenery for hoouncle cuz he not very artistic rilly, and it woz somefin muvva enjoyed doin very much. Here iz some pics of it. It looks real dont it? She made all da buildings and stuff, some woz kit form an sum she made up herself out of card and fings.

Railway Layout

An dis a slideshow of stages ov makin it and close ups ov diffrunt bits ov it.

Making the Scenery

Muvva feels much betta dis morning and in more control ov her emotions.

She will leave us at home s'aftanoon wile she finds out from doctor man wots gonna happen and if da cancer fing has spread or not and if dey can do anyfing. Da problem iz, his ovver health issues ontop. So it's not lookin good for hoouncle.

Please send healing pawsitive forts to him if yoo canz pals. No-one can do anyfing rilly, but I'm sure da pawsitive forts combined will help him and help muvva too. She needs it cos her and hoouncle iz da only two in da hooman fambly left. And once hoouncle gone, she be all alone like an orpan, cept she'll haf us to love her, and couzin Gizmo ov course, cos now he's gonna probbly live wif us foreva, or til it's his time to go OTRB.

So dat's wots happenin in our little werld. We iz all in shock still a bit, as well as missing Sophie.

But we must carry on regardless, cus no matter wot life frows at us, we juz has to keep goin wile we can. Praps one day sumfin good will happen. Muvva feels vewy down today, so we doin our best to cheer her up. She's a good old gurl and helps peepul if she can, so pleeze helps her feel better today. She needs a bigger hug dan we can give her.

She is so glad I gots lots ov pals on Twitter, cuz wivout dere support and fwendship, life at da momunt wud be too sad to bare.

Make da most of each second my fwends, and love one anoover cuz we iz all one big fambly rilly an none ov us knows wot around da corner. One minute evfurryfing is ok den sumfin happens dat shakes our werld a little bit or a lot.

I love yoo all


Monday, 13 April 2015

Sophie's passing

Dearest Sophie is now running free over Rainbow Bridge wiv her sons and all my fursistas and brofurs and all our pals.

Muvva sed it was a bootiful passing. When she got to da vet, vet lady gave Sophie a sedative injection to make her sleepy, and mum sat in a darkened room wif Sophie wrapped in da blankie for over half an hour.

Woz so peaceful mum said. It gave dem boff time to calm down and say dere goodbyes, and Muvva sed Sophie was purring very quietly as she drifted off to sleep.

By time vet came back in da room Sophie was fast asleep, so dey gently shaved her arm and gave her da final injection.

A few seconds later Sophies spirit was flyin free. Mum sat wif her in her arms for anovver half hour or maybe longer. Cradlin her tight and talkin to her as if she woz still dere but muvva knew Sophie cud hear her whereva she was.

Muvva is haffin her cremated and will get her ashes back dis Friday. She can't rilly afford it, but will go wivout little extras or luxuries to cover it. She sed she'd rather do dat and haf Sophie back dan fink of her being scattered miles away from home.

So next weekend will probbly be big funeral day, cos Muvva gonna bury Sophie, her sons and Midge da Collie in da area of garden designayted for a pet cemetary.

Mum sed we can all go dere an talk to dem if we wants but we knows dey iz around us all da time. Hoomans seem to haf a problem knowing dat we never leaves, we always wif dem dey juzt can't see or touch us any more.

I bet sisfur Sophie is running free now in da meadow grass amongst all da sweet smellin flowers wif Sooty and Spotty, and Midge and all my fursibs.

It was such a booful passing from dis life to da next. Vet said it da last fing we can do for dem, to let dem go wif dignity and surrounded by love.

Me goin now to cuddle muvva.

Bark laturs my dearest fwends.

Farewell Sophie until we meet agen

I write dis blog tday wif a very very heavy heart. My beloved fursista Sophie is goin ova da rainbow bridge at 12 o'clock today.

She will be 21 this month, and is qwite old and frail, but muvva finks she had a stroke yesday. She not in pain, muvva spoke to da vet lady and she told muvva she probbly juz confused cuz she keeps pacing round da room and can't settle unless muvva holds her tight in me blankie. So muvva bin doin juz dat all yesday evening, an even sat up wif her all nite to make sure she woz ok.

S'mornin Sophie ate quite a big b/fast for her, bout a tablespoon of lovely tuna in sunflower oil, and muvva had bin givin her some water in a dropper but she managed to drink herself s'mornin and must haf drunk bout a gallon of water she woz so fursty.

Muvva is vewy upset, so we iz trying to comfort her as well as watch over Sophie. Sophie was a rescued kitten all dem years ago. Some people had moved muvva said dey 'done a runner' woteva dat means, and left lots of kittehs locked in da empty house. The RSPCA went and broke in an collected all da kittehs up and took dem away, but dey didnt see Sophie, she was unda da kitchen sink cupboard. Some fwends ov muvva broke in and ripped da cupboard apart to get Sophie kitten out and brort her strayt ova to muvva's house. Coz dey knew she wud take care ov her.

Muvva lived on a small holdin den, and alreddy had about 8 cats, as well as 2 piggies, 8 sheepies, 10 milkin goats and dozens of chickins an duckies. Woz qwite a menagerie by all accounts. Fink her and dad woz wot dey call self sufficient.

Anyways, muvva took Sophie in and named her, she woz a pretty lil kitten wif dat black smudge on her nose. Wen she was 3mths old muvva booked her in to be doctored so she cudn't haf kittens, but da sneaky old farm tom cat got hold ov her and got her pregnant. Pffft

Muvva said no way woz she gonna be doctored now cus she had babies in her tum, so Sophie was allowed to haf her kittens. She woznt no more dan a kitten herself rilly.

Wen time came for her to haf her kittens, she got on muvva's lap cuz she didnt know wot woz happenin and woz frighted. Muvva stroked her and talked to her to calm her down and after few minutes she gave burf to a little black and white kitten almost identical to herself only wivout da smudge on da nose. Dat woz Tootsie. Well Sophie looked round and woz so suprised to see da baby kitty dat she grabbed it by da neck and jumped down onto da floor, and carried da kitten under da television and into a box hoodad had put dere for Sophie to haf her babies in.

After an hour or so, Sophie had had 2 more kittens, 2 boys. Sooty, who woz all black, and Spotty who was all white cept for black bow on his head and black tail. Hoodad sed muvva cud keep one kitten and find homes for da ovver 2 but it ended up dey all stayed. Hoodad woz as daft as muvva from wot she sez. I neva knew me hoodad he went OTRB long before me woz even born.

Muvva used to call Sophie her Gainsborough cat cos she was so ladylike and reminded muvva of a Gainsborough lady, yoo'll haf to Google dem cuz me not know wot dey iz either. But Sophie is rilly ladylike, and small and fragile. Tootsie on da ovver hand is more like a normal kind ov kitteh. Funny how dey iz all diffrunt innit.

Afta hoodad died muvva had to sell up da animals on da holding cuz she cudn't manage dem all on her own, but she kept all da kittehs and sisfur Midge da collie dog. She's moved lots of times since den, for one reason or anuvva. Either a greedy landlord or landlord dat neva dun any repairs, and always craved for a safe place to live ware she never got to move agen. Each time it bin so hard to find sumware dat she could stay wif her furbabies, and each time she cud haf found sumware quickly if she'd parted wif dem, but she wud raver haf stayed in a tent dan let her furbabies go. But now we iz in a permanent home ware we never ever ever gonna haf to move agen, not til muvva goes OTRB herself.

Anyways gettin bak to da kittehs. Sooty lived til he woz 15, he had crystals in his bladder and died under anisfetic at da vets wen dey woz trying to get da crystals out. And poor Spotty had a rough time. He got skin cancer on his ear. He eventually had to haf da ear amputated and lived anovver year afta dat, but da cancer spread across his little face an muvva took him to vet and helped him OTRB so he wudn't suffer, he was 17yrs old.

Dat left Sophie and Tootsie. In 2014 Tootsie had a little spot on her chest, and went in to haf it operated on as da vet sed it was cancer. Woz only size of a pea. But da vet sed afta dat it woz a big lump inside. 2 days afta operation Tootsie went blind. Mum fort it woz connected to da operation so did some research on da interweb and discovered it woz due to her being hyperthyroid, dat makes cats go blind. Muvva discovered dat due to high blood pressure da retina fing detaches from da eye and makes dem go blind, but if dey given hooman tablets for blood pressure, fink Tootsie's is called ISTIN, den da retina flips back into place, but dey gotta haf dat drug wivin 2 or 3 days of going blind. Miracle happened an Tootsie got her sight back.

Sophie is hyperthyroid too, so her and Tootsie is on meds for dat, Toots got her hooman blood pressure tablets and Sophie is on tablets for heart failure as well and for fluid on da lungs.

So anyways, muvva taking Sophie to go OTRB at noon today. Den she gonna be cremated and her ashes brort back here to be buried in da garden. Muvva has Sooty and Spotty and fursista Midge's ashes alreddy here. She neva buried dem as she wanted to make sure she woz living someware she never gone move from agen, before she buried dem, so we all stay togevva.

So I spect sumtime soon dere's gonna be a major burial ceremony in da garden. An muvva gonna paint some slate headstones for dem. She alreddy earmarked a section of da garden for dis cemetary. I fink I probbly goin dere too along wif Tootsie, but Lily le Puss and Mojo will be long time before dey go dere cus dey iz healthy.

Muvva's had a lot ov furbabies ova da years, and loved us all equally, none more dan da ovver, and we love her back juz as much.

We knows dat wen da time comes, no matter how much it breaks her heart, da last act of love she can show us is to let us go OTRB. We always come furst no matter how much she dunt want us to leave her. I hates to see muvva so upset and brakes my heart to hear her cryin wen she finks we not see or hear her, and we knows dat each time one ov us goes OTRB we takes a little bit ov her heart wif us, but wen we iz all gone and it time for her to join us, dat old heart of hers gonna be all put togevva agen and we all gonna be togevva over da Rainbow Bridge along wif all our furpals and hoomans dat we lost ovver da years. Dat gonna be such a happy day.

So rilly me sayin, no matter how much yoo hoomans love you, and no matter how much dey want to hangs onto yoo, wen its yoor time and wen yoo iz ill, tell dem da kindest and most lovin fing dey can do for yoo is to let yoo go. Anovver furbaby may take yoor place, but dat doesnt mean dey stopped lovin yoo juz cos yoo over da Bridge. Dey will always love yoo forever, and dey will share dere heart wif dat new furbaby and yoo too.

Its wen dey can't let go its very sad. To hang onto us wen we iz suffering because dey can't bare to part wif us. Dey not finkin of us, dey finkin ov how painful it gonna be to let us go so dey cling to us and we suffer more and more. Dats not bein kind rilly. Although dere hearts iz breaking, dey not realise how much we iz suffering. Its very hard for hoomans sumtimes to let us go. But if dey rilly rilly rilly love us, den dey will look at us and say 'well old fwend, I fink it's time we took dat journey over da Bridge' and dey hold yoor paw and stroke yoo an tell you dey love yoo more dan anyfing, an wen da vet gives yoo dat injeshon as it all goes slowly dark and den yoo see da brite light ahead and all yoor furpals waiting for yoo an da smell ov dat sweet meadow grass, yoo hear yoor muvvas and farvas telling yoo goodbye and how much dey love yoo, and before yoo know it, no more pain but lots of love all around yoo.

Well me pals, dats da bestest eva way to join our furpals int it. Surrounded by love and going wares dere more love.

Here's me fursista Sophie for yoo to see, aint she booful. She on da rite, an dats Tootsie layin next to her.

Cors Sophie not da only poorly one in da fambly, muvva's bro haz bin in hospital almost 2 weeks. He got Diabetes 2 an cuz of dat he got cirrhosis ov da liver. He teatotal so it nuffin to do wif drinkin muvva sez. He very very poorly, and we haz had to look afta Gizmo his doggy while he in hospital. Gizmo loves it here and him an Mojo bin playin a lot in da garden.

Hoouncle might be discharged dis week, so he coming to stay wif us for a few days til he strong enuff to go back to his own home. So me muvva's had a lot ov worry lately, hence not getting me blog done very often, but I forgives her cuz she duz her best. Hoouncle will need a lot of lookin afta wen he gets out of hospital so muvva tryin to get a care package organised but she haffin to fight for it. Tiz shockin da state of da hoomans NHS, I dunno why dey dunt use our vets, cus it a lot betta service.

Anyway me maudlin now, and muvva needs a cuddle, so me will write agen soon. Wen muvva feels a bit more cheerful and we got somefin intrestin and happier to tell yoo.

Rememba to love one anovver my fwends, our time here is short, make da most ov it.

Me iz off now my fwends. Bark laturs.

I loves yoo

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Sunday my fwends

It a speshul Sunday day tday, it Easter Sunday yaaaaay! I wonder how many of yoo haz had one of dem speshul doggy easter eggs wot dey sell? Fink dey made ov Carob insted of choclit, so dey iz safe for us to eat. We neffer got one pfffft but seein as me old mum got lot on her plate lately, we gonna let her off, juz dis once! *glances across at muvva*

We spent day yesday at home wif aunty Lisa. She came to dogsit us, so muvva cud go and see hoouncle in hospital. It woz very very kind of her, and it woz such a big help to muvva. We luffs our aunty Lisa. We got very excited wen she arrived, and woz barkin loudly for ages bahahahaha we duz luff to bark. Muvva tells us off and waves a teatowel at us, I cant see it so me keeps yapping, but Gizmo and Mojo saw it fort dey woz gonna get it round dere ears so dey shut up. bol

Anyways, muvva was so relieved she cud go and see hoouncle wivout worryin bout Mojo shreddin da carpet up.

Evidently hoouncle had 10.6 litres of fluid drained from his tummy. Doctor told him he'd neva seen so much fluid in a hooman belly before. Hoouncle has been in hospital since Fursday and he's had 2 MRI scans, 1 CT scan, 2 Ultrasound scans and lots ov blood tests and fings. Da doctors haz told muvva dat he has sclerosis ov da liver due to bein diabetic, an he got sum ovver problems too. He not making any red blood cells or bone marrow and dey talkin bout him haffin a bone marrow transplant. Dey putting stuff in his veins from a drip dat makes dem luminous (fort dat be useful for zombie hunting), an he gotta have a speshul radioactive scan fingie dat will show up all da arteries cuz dey checkin to see if dey is all bunged up I spose. Muvva won't know wot rong wif hoouncle propurly til next week wen all da results iz in.

Muvva sed hoouncle looked much betta, and he woznt white anymore but had sum colour to his face, plus he was able to eat a little bit ov food. So she was pleezed to see dat.

She not sure how long he gonna be in hospital, but wen he comes out he gonna come an stay wif us for a few days til he feels stronga, and it will give mum time to arrange a care package for him for wen he goes to his own home. Dats sumfin hoomans haf if dey can't look afta demselves on dere own evidently.

So dats da latest news on hoouncle. Muvva arranged to call him today on da ring ring cuz she can't get in to see him.

So today we got a relaxing day wif muvva. We probbly gonna go for little walk cos we neva had one yesday.

Muvva's fwend on Twitter wot lives in Rome sent us a fluffy duck each for Easter, but cuz Gizmo here we won't be getting dem for a wile cuz Gizmo not got anyfin. But he playin wif all our toys. Evfurry morning he awake early and squeekin our toys. So we dunt get to stay in da big bed for long pfffffft.

Me not got anymore news for yoo my fwends, except to say haf a luffley Easter Sunday, love each ovver and enjoy today wif yoo famblies, and spare a fort for all dem wot not got any fambly to luff dem.

I luff yoo my fwends.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter my fwends

A very happy Easter my fwends, I hope yoo will haf a grate holiday filled wif love and lottsa noms. I iz so blessed to haf so many wondfurful fwends who loves me, and I loves yoo all too vewy vewy much. *blows kisses*

But Easter isn't juzt about scoffin as much bacon or sossiges as yoo can, an wotchin da hookids frowin up in da baffroom afta eatin dere Easter eggs. Easter is more dan dat. Wevva yoo iz religious or not, Easter tells us dat we haf a new year ahead full ov hope. Spring iz here an all da flowers are showin off dere skirts wobblin round in da gardens, enticin da bumbly bees to take dere pollen an make dere sweet honey. And it's da promise dat Summer on da way, warm sunny days wen we can chase around outside, roll in fox poo and lay on our baks lukin up at da clouds kickin our paws in da air and juz bein happy to be alive! I fink its a time of hope too. Hope dat da comin year is gonna be a good one for us an our hoomans, and our fur pals. Tiz a bit like New Year rilly, but diffrunt.

So wen yoor hoomans iz tuckin into dere Easter Sunday dinnur, and yoo is sat dere wif dribble runnin down yoo chest, sit bak and fink how lucky yoo iz to haf such a loving foreva fambly an to be loved like yoo iz, and give dem da eyes, try an sit ware dey can't miss seein yoo and give dem da odd whimpur now an agen just to remind dem dat yoo wud love sum of dat juicy meat dey stuffin in dere moufs. Make dem feel guilty if dey not give yoo sum cos afta all it iz Easter! And Easter's all about hope and love!

Rite now me gonna tell yoo all about me day yesday. Wot a day it was *slaps head wif paw*. Me poor muvva, I did feel for her. Well I haf to anyway coz me can't see her Bahahahaha.

Furst off da werkman came to take out da front door frame and door , she bin waiting 10mths for dis to be done *rolls eyes*. Da door was an inch too small for da frame, so wen it woz windy she had to bung up da gaps wif paper or all da heat wud be sucked out. Needless to say it woz costin a lot to heat da house in da winter, wich meant less money for our treats! Pffft.

Anyways, da men turned up bout 10am and set about gettin da door sorted. So it woz freezin indoors yesday, as yoo can imagine. Dey woz vewy nice werkmen. One ov dem is gonna put a shelf up in da hallway cupboard for mum wen dey come back next week to put new back door in, cos back door is bowed an dont fit propur. Shockin rilly cos da house woz only built last Spring. *shakes head from side to side*

Also, *crosses paws to get comfy* hoouncle had to go to hospital for some tests, he not bin well for ages, an mum bullied him into goin to see his doctor, cuz he woznt bovvering to go. Doctor took one look at him and made appointment wif speshulist. So dats ware he went yesday. Muvva cudn't take him cuz da men were here doin door, so he had to get a taxi, but muvva woz gonna collect him late aftanoon afta he'd been seen.

Mid afta noon da ring ring goes, ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, yoo get da pichure? Woke Mojo up so he woznt well pleezed. Anyways mum ansurs it and it woz hoouncle on his mobile. He can juz about manage to use da mobile, cuz he bit ov a dinosaur, well he's pritty old so not surprizin.

Turns out da hospital woz gonna keep hoouncle in, an told muvva he woz waitin for sumone to come wif a wheelchair to take him to a ward an dat dey woz gonna put a drain in his tummy to drain off all da fluid dat woz dere wich wud take about 7hrs. He didnt know wot ward so told muvva he wud ring her wen he woz sorted out. I dunno wot a ward iz but sounds intrestin dunt it. Hoouncle woz in tears, an he sounded bit frightened. He bin vewy depressed lately and finkin silly fings an sayin he had no qwolity of life an wanted to end it all by stickin his head in a bucket. Dat made mum smile, she got wicked sense of humour at times *rolls eyes* but finking bout it, I guess it iz pritty funny imaginin him wif bucket on his head. BOL

Bak to da story. So anyways, muvva haz to go to hoouncles house to collect cousin Gizmo, hoouncles dog. He's paranoid an nervous, but not surprising rilly coz he iz a rescue and we not know wot happened to him before hoouncle had him. So off we all goes in da car to get him.

Muvva cudn't leave us behind, cuz she had to leave us a lot lately, and Mojo bin norty. He ripped up all da carpet in da lounge doorway. Muvva woznt best pleezed I can tell you. So he can't be left, and she couldnt take juz him cuz now me blind I get frighted on me own. We iz a bit like da free muskiteers. All for one and one for all.

We gets Gizmo, and muvva took some of Gizmo's food out ov da cupboard and bein soopa switched on, wich is unushual for muvva, she picked up enuff for 4 days. She gets deez brain waves sumtimes. Not often now but dey surprise us occashonally.

Den we all had to rush ovva to my new vets, wich woz 9 miles in ovva direcshon to collect my meds and me prescription. We had to wait in da car wile muvva woz dere, so we had a grate time all barkin loudly and causing mayhem in da carpark til muvva came bak.

Afta dat, we den had to drive back past our house and into da vet in da village here ware muvva gets da fossil cats meds from to collect dem.

And finally at 6 o'clock we gets home. Fank Dog for dat I fort, me belly fort me froat had bin cut I woz dat hungry. *wipes forehead wif paw and sighs to illoominate frustrashon*

So we all piled indoors and muvva got busy feedin us all.

When we'd all eaten and bin out for a pee and a qwick run round da garden, an it woz qwick cuz it woz rainin and windy, muvva rang da hospital to find out ware hoouncle was.

Evidently he in sumware called da ambulashonry emerguncy care unit. Yea dats wot I fort, what da dog?

So dey gives her da number and she manages to get fru finally afta several tries at about 8pm. Dey asked her wot cut off time woz acceptable as he might be discharged an she'd haf to go and collect him, muvva said anytime, and dey said well it cud be midnight or later. Muvva woznt impressed but didunt say nuffin. Dey told muvva dey woz gonna do some tests on him.

Den about 9pm hoouncle rang agen on his mobile fing. He gettin good at usin dat, we woz impressed. He sounded bit more cheerful an sed dey hadn't put da drain into him yet, but woz gonna do some tests an dat he woznt gonna be coming home later, an he woz stayin in hospital all over da Easter weekend. He sed he didnt want muvva to go and visit him cuz she got us to look afta, but she sed she wud go so he sed ok. She goin s'aftanoon wif some lemonade for him.

She'd got some pork out da freezer yesday, cuz she fort wen she brort him home she wud cook him a nice roast pork dinner, but now she got it out she gotta cook it, and dere's only her and us here now to eat it. Oh dear, wot a pity *looks sideways and dribbles at da fort of cripsy cracklin and juicy pork*.

So dats wot happened yesday. Woz all chasin about afta da werkmen left. Poor old muvva collapsed into bed at midnight totally wacked out, but fankfully we had qwite a peaceful evening and a lovely sleep on da big bed.

Mojo don't know but wen muvva goes to hospital s'aftanoon he goin in da dog crate, cuz she got it out shed juz now and put da mattress fing in it.

Not a lot left to tell yoo my fwends, I wonder what will happen today. I feel its gonna be a snoozy snorey one, dats if Mojo dunt keep me awake howlin cuz he shut in da crate. Da weavvas orruble outside, wet n windy bit like hoouncle bahahahaha.

Take care my fwends, haf a lovely Easter, love one annova, and live each second like it woz yoor last. An rememba dat altho we luvs it, choclit is poisonous to us dogs, espeshully dark choclit, so tell yoor hoomans an hookids not to give yoo any cuz it can kill yoo! I'll tell yoo about Mojo an da box of Belgian Choclits anovva time. Woz scarey.

Love yoo