Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sophie's Escort Flight & other stuff

Hello my fwends *waves madly*

I juz want to say a hoomungous fankoo to all my dear fwends on Twitter & to every fur dat took part in Sophie cat's Escort Flight yesterday evenin.

Muvva woz qwite overcome wiv emoshon to see so many wondfurful fwends showing dere love an sendin dere best wishes to help Sophie OTRB. We all had leaky eyes and cud hardly read da tweets, we woz sobbing and cuddlin each ovver all da way fru. But strangely it gave us all peace in our hearts and somehow helped us to feel less devastated at losing Sophie.

Da Aviators and Angels on Twitter always do a superb job and put so much effort into da escorts and tribute flights, dey are always professional and caring, and respectful I'd like to say a big fankoo to evfurryone of dem. So a grate big FANKOO MY DEAREST FWENDS, AVIATORS & ANGELS. Yoo helped so much more dan yoo will eva know and we love yoo all very very much.

Muvva kept herself busy yesday. I fink she was gearin herself up to da Escort Flight. Furst off she had to go to da vets wif Sophie's daughter Tootsie's pee sample. We still waiting for da result, infact muvva gonna ring dem in a minit wen dey open, cuz it too early at da momunt. Afta dat she went to Pets at Home and got Mojo's biskits, cos he on a diet *sniggers*. I shudn't snigger cuz me on diet as well Pffffft.

Den she called in hoouncles house to collect da mail an clean out da fridge fing, and gather up all his medicines and bring dem back here. She had a gurt big bag full ov stuff. We woz pleezed to see her cuz we fort wen she left us we woz gonna be neglectid agen for hours but she weren't dat long.

Woznt nuffin in da bag for us but we had a good old nuzzle in dere juz incase.

Den in da aftanoon we all went out in da garden. Pals it woz lush out dere. Bakin hot wevver, sun beatin down, I sat on da patio an da slabs almost burnt me bum it woz dat hot. I cud feel da heat bouncin off me bonce (dat's me head for all me pals over da pond and stuff). Mojo an Gizmo woz layin about, dey proper pals now and always togevver, we gonna miss Gizmo wen hoouncle goes back home wif him.

Wile we woz soakin up da rays and generally lookin bootiful like wot we do, muvva set to painting duckie house. Talk about bright, dem duckies gonna need sunglasses I reckon. Still itz cheerful I'll give her dat. She woz busy painting for a couple ov hours, cuz it woz getting near dinner time an we woz all getting fidgety an worrying incase she forgot us.

Fink she had more paint on her dan on da duckie house but it looked good wen she'd done it. She says it's Forget Me Not Blue wiv Sea Mist. *rolls eyes* Honest wot are deez hoomans like? I fort it looked ok before juz plain brown. Dey gotta keep fiddlin and fartin about wif stuff int dey?

It didnt take long to dry da paint cuz it woz so hot out dere. So she put it togevver and den fixed roof on. Mojo looked at Gizmo and Gizmo looked at me and I looked in muvva's direcshon or ware I fort she woz and we all barked togevva 'Fank Dog for dat, now get our dinner muvva'.

Here's duckie house now it's done. It got a slide out floor, lockable front door wif window an a side window wiv bars on it plus shutter and half da roof lifts up for easier cleanin she sez. *rolls eyes agen*

I fink it's far too posh for duckies and once dey lived in it a few weeks it gonna be brown agen Bahahahahaha

So finally we got our dinner, had a qwick race round da garden agen, but by now da sun was going down, and den got reddy for Sophie's Escort Flight.

Was a bit crowded in me cockpit, dere woz me ov course as me da pilot *flicks face fur wif pride* brofur Mojo, Gizmo, Tootsie (Sophie's daughter), Lily le Puss, and me muvva. You cudn't swing a sossige in dere, but we all held on to each ovver in a big group hug.

Sophie's 2 sons Sooty and Spotty were dere waiting for her, dey had a long wait bless dem. So dey woz pleezed to see her, dere woz me old furpal fursista Midge da Collie who me still misses like mad, Bracken da Rough Collie who woz 17yrs old wen she went otb, and all mums ovver dogs, Buster, Becky, Lucy, Snoopy, Shauna, Tina, Bonnie (nuvva Bonnie not me), Rags, and kittehs Bill & Ben, Jimmy Ju Ju, Bluebell, Dotty, Little Man, Fluffy, Chrissy Christmas, Mrs Gingernut, I fink dats all of dem. And den dere woz da pet sheepies and goats cuz dey woz all fambly too, Mrs Wort & Old Gurl, Rambo, No7, Freckles & Moochy Mini da sheepies and Lilac da goat kid (her fur woz truly lilac so rare) wif her muvva Daisy da goat, plus Penny Lane and Silhouette da goats. An almost forgot Seamus da North Ronaldsey Ram who loved to escape and run across 2 fifty acre fields before muvva and hoodad caught him, den had to carry him home cuz he refused to walk back wif dem. Bahahahaha He sounded a rite character, I'd have liked to haf met him. Dey got wise to him in da end, and mum told us hoodad wud chase afta him and she wud follow up da rear wif da wheelbarrow so dey cud wheel him back in dat. She sed he wud sit in da wheelbarrow lookin like da Pope in da popemobile BOL She got sum tales to tell my muvva. We luffs hearin dem.

Juz quickly me tell yoo anuvva one. Rememba wen Foot & Mouth broke out in da UK? Well me dunt cos me woznt even born, but back den muvva lived on a small holding dats like a little farm, anyway wen Foot & Mouth broke out da Government sent vets round to selected farms and holdings to test da sheepies and cows n fings. Muvva only had half a dozen sheepies and dey woz all pets. Hoodad sed if MAFF as it woz back den sent vets to dem, dey wud bring da sheepies indoors, sit dem in da chairs wif coats and headscarfs on and deny we had any sheepies to keep dem safe. He woz as daft as muvva *rolls eyes* Muvva didnt fink anyone wud come to test our few sheepies cuz dey woz surrounded by huge sheep farms ware dere woz hundreds of sheepies.

But typical ov da Government dey didn't inspect da big farms nearby, but sent 2 vets to inspect and test muvvas little flock of six. So dey turns up. A big tall man and a lady. Da lady had one of dem clipboards dat some hoomans luff to carry about cuz it makes dem look impawtunt. *sighs* Dey got out of dere car and put white paper overalls on to protect dere clothes. Muvva and hoodad had already put da sheepies in da barn, dey woznt happy, dey wanted to be out in da meadow munching on da grass, so dey woznt in best ov moods.

Da big man vet did testing and da lady vet stood and took notes on da clipbord. Dunt fink dey had laptops back den.

Testing went ok wif dem til dey got to Old Gurl. Now she woz, so muvva sez, a real character and wudn't put up wif bein messed about wif. She, like all da ovvers had bin wif muvva since dey woz babies. Most of dem woz orphans, but Old Gurl had bin attacked by a fox and had a gaping wound on her froat, so farmer woz gonna kill her, but muva saved her and bathed and dressed her froat and gave her medicine and after a long time she got better. Dunno if dat woz why she woz like she woz or not, but anyway she didn't like being messed wif.

So ware woz I? Oh yeah *gets comfy agen* Da vets had tested da ovver 5 sheepies and it woz Old Gurl's turn. As da man vet went towards her muvva cud see dere woz gonna be trouble. Old Gurl woz showin da whites ov her eyes as he approached and was backing off slowly to avoid him. As he cocked one leg ova da pen to get in she leapt into da air like a gazelle, which is no mean feat for a fat sheepie

It's a wonder Rainbow Bridge got room for anymore. Our fambly almost fills it up BOL

So Sophie was amongst fwends and fambly, and won't be lonely. To fink all dem furs all had long lives almost as long as Sophie's. Apart from Bill & Ben da kittehs. Deres woz tragic. Billy got caught in a Gin Trap and got 2 feetz on da same side cut off, he managed to get home and wen muvva took him to da vet nuffin cud be done cuz feets woz on same side. Dis woz many years ago, nowadays I spect dey wud haf given him dem prosfetic feet fings. Den 10 days afta dat, as if dat weren't bad enuff, his brofur Benny got run ova bay a car and had his back broken. He dragged himself home and agen vet cudn't do nuffin. All da fambly woz so devastated. Boff brofurs had made a terrific effort to get back home in da hope muvva cud save dem, but it was too much. I dunt fink muvva and grandies eva got ovver dat, woz horruble.

Sowwy my fwends didnt mean to end on such a tragic story, but yoo know me, I getz carried along wif me forts and go off on a tangent sometimes. Juz reminds us dat we neva know wot round da corner in life & to make da most of wot we got wen we got it.

As for tday, Muvva not goin to see Hoouncle tday, so we gonna haf a relaxing day agen, probbly sunbavin and stuff, nuffin too enurgetic.

Enjoy your day my fwends, love each ovver and enjoy da time yoo haz wif yoo fambly. It very special.

Love you