Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mediation, Cat Facts & General Chit Chat

Hello my fwends! *waves paw*

Muvva got busy aftanoon tday, cuz itz da mediation meeting wif da housing association and da nasty neighbour. She got evfurryfing reddy to take wif her, letters from immediate neighbours, fact statement and dog diary for last week. I dunt fink she got nuffin to worry abowt but yoo know hoomans, dey duz like to worry. *nods*

So smornin she gettin chilled reddy for dat and also waitin on our groceries bein delivered by ASDA. We iz waiting for dat too cuz dere mite be sum noms in dere for us! *drools*

My kitteh sisfur been vewy lovin smornin for some reason. She usually aloof an sticks nose in air, but she sat next to muvva on da sofa as she scribes dis for me an keeps pawin at muvva's face for a fuss. I fink she knows muvva bit stressed out tday and is juz givin her sum lovin.

Lily le Puss is a big gurl. She bigger dan me almost. Well yea ok, she IZ bigger dan me. She half Maine Coon and half common kitteh kat. So she BIG. She weighs about 10kg or 12kg, we not qwite sure cus she not like bein messed about wif and weighed. She got vewy long fur too and wiskurs to match, and she woz my best fwend til Mojo came to live wif us. She still luffs me a lot but she bit more aloof now. We duz sleep togevva tho.

Lily has got one of dem jelly bellies, or da propur name is primordial pouch. Muvva looked it up on interweb. We call it her blubba belly cuz it hangs down and almost touches da ground wen she walks. Evduntly all cats haz got a primordial pouch. Farsends of years ago wen kittehs furst walked da earf, dey all had dem. Dey is useful fings to haz, and I wish I had one too. Dere purpose is to give da kitteh more room to stuff dem selfs wif food, so if dey go for long periods wivout a feed dey can live off da extra noms dey got in dere primordial pouch. It stretches, so if kittehs haz to run from danger da blubba ahem... da primordial pouch skin allows dere legs to run wivout haffin to worry bout a big tight drum belly inbetween. *wispurs* like wot we got wen we stuffs ourselves wif noms.

Den da skin shrinks back a bit wen da food is digested. Clefur innit? But dats not all *nods head from side to side and taps snout wif paw*

Dey got it for anuffer reason too. Haz yoo noticed how kittehs play and fite by kicking each ovver in da tummy wif dere legs? Well da blubb... ahem... primordial pouch helps protect dere vital organs too. So if da predator damages dere belly, it only damages da loose skin an fur and dusnt get to da impawtunt bits like vizz..vise.. vital organs.

Here iz da offishul facts abowt blubba ... ahem... primordial pouches

-- to allow flexibility in the stomach to store food after a large kill. The large wildcats eat irregularly and this flap is a throwback to the wild cat

-- to allow greater flexibility in running/fleeing from enemies

-- to give extra protection in that area from savage kicking in cat fights

So dere yoo haz it. Yoo haz lurnt sumfin about kittehs today an as an extra treet bahahahaha here is picfur ov my sisfur Lily le Puss.

We got wain here tday pals, so it a day indoors an lottsa snoozies I fink. Wen muvva gets back from her meetin today I fink she gonna clip me fur a bit, cuz it gettin long and I getting huffy puffy an pantin a bit. She ordering me new prescription from vet tday for me Cushings meds, and makin appointment for me next ACTH test dis munf, so keep yer paws crossed for me dat I dunt need higher dose of meds. I fink I doin ok on dose me on now, an itz a low dose so not many side effects. It'll be da furst ACTH test at me new vets so me a bit nervuss to be honest, an fink Muvva is too. But it gotta be dun innit. *sighs*

Tmorrow muvva clipping Gizmo cuz his fur grows so fast an it qwite long now. He looks nice wen she's cut his fur. He dunt like it much, an he curls his lip at her so she tells him off and says 'Dunt yoo go showin me your Elvis lips!' An he straightens his mouf up agen and looks at her wif dem big round eyes he got. I fink he wud probbly nip her if he fort he cud get away wif it but Muvva too clefur for him. *nods*

Oh an Mojo is doin ok. He misses gettin on Twitta an talkin to all his gurlfwends *rolls eyes* but he'll soon be back. Muvva's finished sorting hoouncles house out and juz waitin on da cancer charity truck comin to pick up da fings now. Dey going to collect next Monday I fink. Den she can hand keys back and its all done. It's exhausted her boff fizickly an mentully, poor old gurl. She'll be able to chill out and make more fuss ov us agen soon. We bin on cuddle rations for last few weeks, but soon be back to normal.

Well my fwends dats all me noos for now. I will keeps yoo all up to speed wif da news from da meeting tday. If it dunt go Muvva's way I'll be in touch an we can send in Zombie Squad to sort him out. He won't know wot hit him Bahahahaha

I'd juz like to say can we keep our paws togevva for all our sick pals and fink ov dem for a few minits and send dem healing forts. Dere's qwite a few dats poorly rite now and need our help. Fanks pals.

Enjoy yoor day my fwends.

I love you all