Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sad Saturday

Good day my fwends.

We iz haffin a quiet sad weekend.

Fings have got worse for hoouncle. He woz rushed into emergency Monday as he woz vewy vewy ill. He still in hospital now and not likely to come out agen muvva sez.

He has diabetic cirrhosis of da liver which is very advanced, kidneys only werking 25% and bowel cancer. Da speshulist told him da ovver day dey can't do anyfing for him as evfurryfing is so advanced, and after a CT scan dey saw his bowel is covered in perforashons which is causin da fluid (ascites) that is filling his tummy up to become infected.

All dey can do is drain da fluid off as it builds up. Furst time he woz in hospital 6wks ago dey drained 37 litres of fluid. Not sure how much dey got out so far dis time, cuz dey only put drain on him yesterday, guided by ultrasound fing for accuracey.

De speshulist has told him to prepare for da end which will be soon and sudden. Poor hoouncle couldn't handle it and woz very agitated and frighted.

Because of dis dey now telling him he may come home at da w/end but in reality he being moved to anovva ward ware it more peaceful. He much more cheerful now he finks he coming home, but muvva had to tell him yesday wen she visited dat if dey haz to put anovva drain in him he may haf to stay in a little bit longer. He accepted dat. I suppose wen da hoomans know dere end is near, dey will believe anyfing in da hope dat 'it' not really gonna happen and dey got hope and a little longer to live. I spose dat why it easy for doctors to keep such terruble news from hoomans for as long as dey can. Muvva not sure she agrees wif dat, but it wud be cruel to be brutally honest if da hooman cudn't cope wif such terruble news. So praps da doctors got best idea. I dunno. Difficult int it.

Muvva now has to lie to hoouncle to pretend he not dying so he doesn't panic. Sumfing she doesn't like doing, but has to do so he has some measure of peace of mind. She told hoouncle coz he deaf he probbly didunt hear da speshulist man propply wen he sed da end is near. An hoouncle juz sed 'We'll see' Itz heartbreakin my fwends.

Poor hoouncle, muvva sed we wudn't recognise him if we seed him now. He woz always over 6ft tall, like a giant, and big built too like a rugby player. Now, muvva sez he like a little thin bird wif a big tummy. An she sed she hardly recognises him each time she sees him, his face now like a skull covered in skin.

Muvva doing ok coping, but I fink she vewy upset and cos it juz her and us furpals here she not got anovver hooman in da house to talk to or take her mind off fings. I worried bout me muvva to be honest fwends. I juz hope she strong enuff to cope. An I hopes dat I dunt take a turn for da wurse cuz I knows she cudn't handle me bein ill as well as hoouncle. So she watching me like a hawk too. *rolls eyes* Dere's only muvva and hoouncle left in da hooman fambly so dey only got each ovver as well as us ov corse. It very hard for dem.

So dis weekend we iz haffin a break and muvva not goin to hospital til Monday unless dey call her on da ring ring to go dere urgently. She needs to recoop her energy and keep her head sorted out wif calm forts if she can.

So we iz all giving her extra cuddles and licks. Wich she loves I fink. Well maybe not da licks afta we had our dinnur bahahahaha

So dats wots happenin in my werld at da momunt pals. We iz in sort of limbo til somefin happens. Can't do nuffin to stop it, just gotta go wif da flow.

I fink one good fing dat iz obvious in dis sad tale is dat muvva and hoouncle got time to say fings to each ovver dat dey probbly wudnt haf said if dey didn't know wen da end is comin. So dey can tell each ovver how much dey love each ovver an stuff like dat.

Now onto brighter more cheerful fings, dem psycho ducks iz settled in ok now. Muvva has to shut dem in dere house wen she visits hoouncle cuz she gone 3hrs and da fox cud come and get dem wile she away. Dey must fink it's siesta time afta dere dinnur bahahahaha Dey dunt mind tho.

Da man woz sposed to come yesday to put da fence posts up for mum for dividing fence between da garden an da orchard but he never turned up. *rolls eyes* He neva even got in touch to say why he not come. Muvva woznt well pleesed about dat *nods*

I gonna be busy tday wif #ZombieSquad stuff, cos sumfins in da air on Twitta and dem zombies is kickin up agen!

Haf a good weekend my fwends, and love each ovver and everyfur. Tiz impawtunt to show love to evfurryone, yoo fambly, loved ones and all yoo meet.

Love yoo all