Sunday, 22 February 2015

R.I.P Daisy - Gone too soon

I had sum upsetting news tnite. My fwend Daisy da Dalmation who not been vewy well for ages, passed away tnite in her muvvas arms. She woz only 3yrs old.

Her muvva is a professional dog walker, and was hit by a car a few weeks ago so can't work, and iz hobbling round on crutches at da moment. As yoo can imagine money is vewy tight as she not able to get any help, so wen dear Daisy went over da Bridge tnite her muvva was so upset to fink she cudn't afford to haf her cremated, and she not got a garden so cudn't bury her.

Her hoogwannie is takin her to da vets in da morning, at da momunt Daisy is wrapped in her blankie in da spare bedroom.

Me muvva suggested to her muvva to set up a youcaring page to ask for help towards da cremation, cus really her muvva would like to have her ashes back home to scatter in her favwite place. So dats wot we dun. Da page was set up and I haz been tweetin it for her tnite as she too upset to do it herself.

If yoo can find it in yoor heart to help towards the cost of an individual cremation for Lucy dat would be so kind ov you.

Mum can't afford to give anyfing to help, cos as you know we as poor as church mice and need evfurry penny for my tests and medicashon, so the only way me cud help was to keep tweeting and postin on Facebook askin people to help dear Daisy's mum.

Here is da link, if yoo wud like to donate somefing. Fankoo my fwends.

Help for Daisy