Friday, 11 December 2015

Xmas Competitions & Other Stuff

Anovver ov owr fwends has gone OTRB and her funeral will be held today. It is @lucyLabrador's sister Stella. She died at home in her sleep, da vet believes her lungs filled wiv blood. Her mum found her in da morning wif Lucy laying beside her whimpering.

As her mum not got any transport Stella's body had to stay at home until transport could take her body to da vets. All vewy distressing for her mum and for Lucy too who kept whimpering for her dead sister.

My mum helped wiv a list ov nearby Pet Crematoriums, ware Lucy's mum managed to find a very good one dat arranged to collect Stella from da vet and arrange a funeral so dat mum could attend. Stella's funeral is today.

Lucy's mum had alreddy lost anovver doggy earlier dis year, Daisy the Dalmation. Maybe yoo rememba? Lucy's mum is a dog walker and loves all dogs, and so she was devastated wen Daisy passed away as she was quite a young dog. She isn't a rich person, and wiv all her outgoings didn't haf da money to pay for Daisy's cremation and so wanted her to be cremated individually so she could have her ashes and bury dem in a special place. So my muvver helped set up a donation page to raise funds to help wiv da cost.

Dis was so successful dat not only did it cover da cost ov da cremation, but also a beautiful memorial stone for Daisy.

Sadly now Lucy's mum finds herself in da same position, and again has asked for help wiv Stella's funeral costs. And once agen yoo wondfurful fwends on Twitter and Facebook have donated and raised enough money to cover the fees. Fank yoo my fwends, yoo iz all vewy special.

However, fings did not go smoothly. I was vewy angry to discover dat some nasty wickid people had complained to sayin dat Lucy's mum was committing fraud and dat she was taking money from people under false pretences.

As if Lucy's mum wasn't upset enough havin lost Stella, she now had her donation page blocked so she couldn't accept anymore donations and she couldn't access da money alreddy donated. All happenin on da day before Stella's funeral.

She was beside herself wif worry and was about to cancel Stella's funeral wen muvver sent GoFundMe an email, informing dem ov the situation and confirmin dat Lucy's mum woz a genuine and honest person and dat she wud neva do anyfing dishonest. Fankfully dey unblocked da fund raising page and released da funds held dere.

It is beyond my comprehension how some people could be so nasty, so vindictive and so wicked. To hurt someone when dey is alreddy grieving is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. I hopes dem people is ashamed ov demselves.

But muvver woznt surprised, because da same fing had happened to her. Before I went ova da bridge, I had bin unwell and muvver had asked for help by setting up a donation page, and den not long after I was ill agen, and because I kept being ill, and muvver could never get me insured bcos ov my health issues, she asked for help a few times, and as you know all my wondfurful fwends on Twitter and Facebook kept me alive by supporting muvva wiv donations, and if dey hadn't den I would have gone over da bridge a long long time before I actually did. Muvver will never forget people's kindness, but she also will never forget da couple ov people dat implied dat because she had to ask more dan once for help, dat she was committing fraud and accepting money under false pretences.

So muvver knows exactly how hurt Lucy's mum feels, and ontop ov everything else she has to cope wiv today when she goes to Stella's funeral, it will be at da back ov her mind that some evil people have accused her of lying even tho she hasn't.

It's somefing dat yoo dont get over and it makes you wary ov askin for help.

Well my fwends, I haz given dis a lot of fort. And come to da conclusion dat dere will always be deez nasty wickid people, and dey must get some enjoyment out ov hurting others. I can't fink wot ovver reason dey do such evil fings. So if yoo needs help neva be afraid to ask. Dont let a handful ov bitter and twisted individuals bring yoo down and stop yoo from getting help.

Once my fund is set up, Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Fund, I can help people and hopefully stop this kind ov fing happening to dem. And because of dis kind ov fing happening, and knowin how some people are juz plain nasty muvver is makin sure she sets up my fund propply cos no doubt dere are sum who will still like to get da knife in if dey can. *rolls eyes*

Dats all me got to say on da matter pals. Now I got dat off me chest I can concentrate on finkin ov dear Stella who is makin her way over da bridge, and me must be reddy to welcome her, and also sit wiv muvver and send pawsitiv forts to Lucy's mum and be wif her at Stella's funeral in spirit, sendin her da strength to get froo today.

Now onto brighter fings. Me Xmas Angel Competition is goin well, it's da last day today to enter, either a virtual or a real Angel. I'm sure yoo all seen da posters and tweets about it. So far, at time of scribin, me had 42 entries. Da winner after votes bin counted, will receive a £10 Amazon Voucher.

An coming up soon is me 2 auctions. One is for UK residents only, cos ov cost of shipping outside UK, and is for a 2ft 6" tall gurt big fluffy Penguin. Muvver busy setting up auction page so people can place bids and da highest bidder obviously gets da burd.

Second auction is for pals outside da UK. And dis one is for a stained glass light catcher and agen is a Penguin. Dis one has been kindly donated by @Sprocket_cool's mum, and has been hand crafted by Mr Sprocket_cool.

I will be tellin yoo da start date ov da auctions etc later on probbly ova da weekend.

All da money from da auctions, minus Paypal fees and shipping, will go to 2 animal charities. Now muvver not decided yet which 2 charities to give da money to. But it probbly be to little ones, dat dunt get much in donations, or rescue's ware dey struggling to cope.

So hopeufully we can do as well as we did for Children in Need da ovver month. I dunt fink we will raise qwite as much as dat, cos woz amazin to raise £667. But woteva we duz raise it'll go towards helpin ovver furs.

Well dats me lot tday, I gotta help muvver get da auction site set up and ovver impawtunt stuff. So me will say bye bye for now and keep safe my fwends, spread da love and be happy!

And please be kind to each ovver.

I loves yoo pals.

Angel Bonnie