Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Not so magic mushrooms!

I herd today dat anovva fur haz gone otrb and dis one had been eatin mushrooms. Da fur in qwestion belonged to sumwon famuss, Da Rock, dat big musselly American actor wot starred in da film Da Mummy and stuff like dat. Well he had 2 lickle doggies, Brutus (on da rite) and Hobbs (on da left) boff French Bulldogs.

Sadly Brutus ate a mushroom in da Rock's garden and became vewy ill, the particular mushroom he ate was a deadly one and da toxins started destroyin his liver immediately and nuffin da vet cud do could save Brutus. Sadly he went OTRB in his daddy's arms. As big as da Rock is in statchure he has a heart as big if not bigger for anipals and was broken hearted.

"Taking an opportunity to find light in a darkness of mourning, The Rock wrote a touching caption, memorializing his lost family member and calling the tragic event "another reminder we have to live and love as greatly as we can today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed." Source:

Now int dat wot me bin sayin to yoo all, da Rock is a vewy wise hooman. *nods*

So me got to finkin, and as da Rock a famuss hooman, it woz ideal time to warn yoo and yoor hoomans about da danger ov mushrooms.

I haz got a pdf document here >> Mushrooms Dangerous to Dogs << Wich tells yoo all about wot mushrooms iz dangerous, da symptoms ov mushroom poisonin and how to protect yooselfs from eatin dem. Da main fing is NEVA EAT A MUSHROOM not even ones yoo hoomans buy from da supermarkets or grocery stores. An if yoor garden has mushrooms dat come up evfurry now an agen get yoor hooman to pull dem out, dere's not much dey can do to stop dem growin cuz dere's 10 times more ov da mushrooms underground dan ones ontop, an dey spread hundreds of yards under ground before pokin one or two mushrooms up to da surface. So best juz to pull each mushroom up as it shows itself. Not all dogs will eat mushrooms tho, but if yoo is one dat snuffles an eats all sorts of fings yoo find out on yoo walks or in da garden, den yoo is da one dats at risk of mushroom poisonin. Fankfully my furbro Mojo dusn't eat anyfing except cat poo and fox poo and stuff like dat, mmm makes me dribble juz finkin bowt wabbit waisins.... But muvver not sure if Gizmo eats dem, so she gotta watch him wen da mushrooms appear in our garden, cus dere's loads of dem come up usually in da spring time. Muvver dunt fink dey poisonous ones but she not a mushroom expurt, an I dunt suppose yoor hoopawrents iz expurts either, so best pick dem all and frow dem away in da rubbish bin. So here's sum advice regardin mushrooms yoo'd find in yoor garden Lawn Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies produced by many types of fungi when conditions are right for spores to germinate, such as when the weather is very rainy. Unfortunately, so many kinds of mushrooms appear in lawns that it's often difficult to distinguish poison mushrooms from safe ones without the practiced eye of an expert. For this reason alone, watch your dog carefully when mushrooms are present on the lawn to ensure that the canine doesn't ingest them.

Symptoms of Poisoning

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can vary in severity, depending on how much and what type of mushroom was consumed. Vomiting, diarrhea and milder symptoms of gastrointestinal upset may occur with only a minor exposure. More severe symptoms, including excessive salivation, agitation, hallucination or even death from liver failure can result if highly toxic mushrooms grow in your yard. Early signs of liver damage in dogs often appears as yellowing of the gums.

Poisoning Care

If you suspect mushroom poisoning in your dog, immediately call a veterinarian. Before you rush to the veterinarian's office, though, collect a sample of the mushroom eaten by your dog. A dog may be convinced to drink water or milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide per 15 pounds of body weight, which will induce vomiting. If any of the mushroom is regurgitated, collect it as well; it may help the veterinarian determine how much of the poisonous mushroom was consumed.


It's difficult to prevent mushrooms from appearing in a lawn that contains high amounts of organic matter, but a few simple modifications may defeat them over time. Applying 5 pounds of 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate per 1,000 square feet of lawn speeds decomposition of organic debris. Regularly dethatching and aerating the soil also can modify conditions that help fungi thrive. If your lawn mushrooms persist, you could rake or remove the mushrooms as they appear, before you let your pet on the lawn.

An dunt furget to download da pdf file I put on here, cuz dere's impawtunt info in dat!

Rite dats me news flash ritin ova. Now onto ovver stuff.

Me muvver is getting over losin me so sudden, bless her. She still wells up and cries for me but not so much, I am tryin so hard to heal her heart but want to say a huge fankoo to yoo all my fwends, for bein dere for her and supportin her wif yoor lovely messages. It iz helpin her so much.

Once she back to normal, well yoo know normal for her bahahahaha she gonna start organising my Trust Fund to help pawrents wif dere own pet funerals and stuff. I will keep yooz all updated on dat, cuz it impawtunt innit.

Me furbro Mojo has been to vet twice wiv his ears, dey boff sore inside and he had 2 wks of antibiotics an ear woshes. Muvver takin him back tomorrow for a check up but muvver finks dey iz betta now cuz dey not smelly or anyfing and he not flickin his head no more.

Gizmo is gradually improovin, still a bag ov nerves and muvver sez she dunt fink he will eva be any diffrunt, but he feels safe wif muvver and not qwite so paranoid as he woz. He still flinches wen she goes to stroke him, as if he gonna be beaten, and I dunt fink dat will ever stop either but da longer he wif muvver da more he will trust her and maybe da flinchin will stop evenchewlly.

Me fursista Lily le Puss has taken to sleepin in me bed insted of on da big bed wiv muvver. Not sure wot dat all about, unless she still missin me and me bed full ov my smells so it comforts her. Cuz Lily woz me bestest ever pal and I loved her vewy much and she loved me too so I fink she juz missing me a lot at da momunt.

Well dats about all me news for now, except to say to all yoo hoopawrents dat has lost yoor furbabies da last few days not to worry cuz dey is all up here wif me over da Bridge and dey is all happy, healthy and whole and all playin togevver. But dey sad to see yoo all missing dem so much and dey wish dey could let yoo know dey is okay. So keep wotchin for little signs from dem. Easy to miss, but yoo will notice dem wen dey are sent.

Cud be a white feaver, a rainbow, a favwite toy in a diffrent place, or juz sumfin like a shadow out ov da corner ov yoor eye. But dey will send a sign, trust me, I'm an Angel.

I sayin farewell for now my fwends, I gotta let muvver get on wiv stuff an I got dem angel pups to train up, dey on bed makin duties today fluffin up fresh new clouds for new arrivals and we never know how many dere gonna be each day til dey arrive.

Keep safe my fwends, and rememba I loves yoo all vewy much!

All my love

Angel Bonnie