Sunday, 15 March 2015

Evenin pals

We had a fab day tday, da weather woz good and we spent most ov da aftanoon in da garden. I got sore froat barkin and barkin cuz me cud hear someone had grankids visitin up da road, Mojo woz surveyin da purimitur for zombie introoders and mum woz in an out da back door like a flea in a pet shop keep her eye on us.

We got told off once or twice for eatin bonemeal pellets dat Mojo dug up round da fruit trees pfffft but mostly it woz a nice day.

I'm glad some ov yoo haz had a browse round me new shop. I iz eva so pleezed wif it. I fink muvva dun a good job dere, bless her.

She bin fiddlin tnite on me blog. She's put me a bark box on here, itz over on da rite top ov da side columb. Yoo can register to use it if yoo want an avatar but it's too much faffin around so best just leave a message for me on dere if yoo need to get hold ov me a bit sharp. I will see da message dere, hopefully, and leave a reply or woteva.

It can also be used like a chat room, to have a bark in real time. So it's qwite a nifty bit ov kit innit? *looks adoringly at muvva* Yap, she duz try to keep me happy.

She's bin busy s'aftanoon wiv 2 fings on da go. She's makin me a new coat for me Muffins Halo, cuz da white one dunt stay clean very long, so she makin me one dats turkwoys wif white daisies on. She put da velcro stuff on it tday. An while she not doin dat she bin busy makin a proper memba list for da Zombie Squad, and puttin on da database fingie on Zombie Squad HQ website.

So we neva got our walk today, but we dunt mind. We enjoyed our time in da garden.

I hope yoo had a luffley Sunday pals. Time for me snoozies agen now *peeps out of one eye* Bark tmoro pals. Keep safe!


Me haz edited diz message so me can show yoo me new halo coat material. Muvva sez it double sided pattern, blue one side green da ovver side, and it's denim so will be tough warin. I juz nod, it keeps her happy. BOL