Monday, 13 April 2015

Sophie's passing

Dearest Sophie is now running free over Rainbow Bridge wiv her sons and all my fursistas and brofurs and all our pals.

Muvva sed it was a bootiful passing. When she got to da vet, vet lady gave Sophie a sedative injection to make her sleepy, and mum sat in a darkened room wif Sophie wrapped in da blankie for over half an hour.

Woz so peaceful mum said. It gave dem boff time to calm down and say dere goodbyes, and Muvva sed Sophie was purring very quietly as she drifted off to sleep.

By time vet came back in da room Sophie was fast asleep, so dey gently shaved her arm and gave her da final injection.

A few seconds later Sophies spirit was flyin free. Mum sat wif her in her arms for anovver half hour or maybe longer. Cradlin her tight and talkin to her as if she woz still dere but muvva knew Sophie cud hear her whereva she was.

Muvva is haffin her cremated and will get her ashes back dis Friday. She can't rilly afford it, but will go wivout little extras or luxuries to cover it. She sed she'd rather do dat and haf Sophie back dan fink of her being scattered miles away from home.

So next weekend will probbly be big funeral day, cos Muvva gonna bury Sophie, her sons and Midge da Collie in da area of garden designayted for a pet cemetary.

Mum sed we can all go dere an talk to dem if we wants but we knows dey iz around us all da time. Hoomans seem to haf a problem knowing dat we never leaves, we always wif dem dey juzt can't see or touch us any more.

I bet sisfur Sophie is running free now in da meadow grass amongst all da sweet smellin flowers wif Sooty and Spotty, and Midge and all my fursibs.

It was such a booful passing from dis life to da next. Vet said it da last fing we can do for dem, to let dem go wif dignity and surrounded by love.

Me goin now to cuddle muvva.

Bark laturs my dearest fwends.

Farewell Sophie until we meet agen

I write dis blog tday wif a very very heavy heart. My beloved fursista Sophie is goin ova da rainbow bridge at 12 o'clock today.

She will be 21 this month, and is qwite old and frail, but muvva finks she had a stroke yesday. She not in pain, muvva spoke to da vet lady and she told muvva she probbly juz confused cuz she keeps pacing round da room and can't settle unless muvva holds her tight in me blankie. So muvva bin doin juz dat all yesday evening, an even sat up wif her all nite to make sure she woz ok.

S'mornin Sophie ate quite a big b/fast for her, bout a tablespoon of lovely tuna in sunflower oil, and muvva had bin givin her some water in a dropper but she managed to drink herself s'mornin and must haf drunk bout a gallon of water she woz so fursty.

Muvva is vewy upset, so we iz trying to comfort her as well as watch over Sophie. Sophie was a rescued kitten all dem years ago. Some people had moved muvva said dey 'done a runner' woteva dat means, and left lots of kittehs locked in da empty house. The RSPCA went and broke in an collected all da kittehs up and took dem away, but dey didnt see Sophie, she was unda da kitchen sink cupboard. Some fwends ov muvva broke in and ripped da cupboard apart to get Sophie kitten out and brort her strayt ova to muvva's house. Coz dey knew she wud take care ov her.

Muvva lived on a small holdin den, and alreddy had about 8 cats, as well as 2 piggies, 8 sheepies, 10 milkin goats and dozens of chickins an duckies. Woz qwite a menagerie by all accounts. Fink her and dad woz wot dey call self sufficient.

Anyways, muvva took Sophie in and named her, she woz a pretty lil kitten wif dat black smudge on her nose. Wen she was 3mths old muvva booked her in to be doctored so she cudn't haf kittens, but da sneaky old farm tom cat got hold ov her and got her pregnant. Pffft

Muvva said no way woz she gonna be doctored now cus she had babies in her tum, so Sophie was allowed to haf her kittens. She woznt no more dan a kitten herself rilly.

Wen time came for her to haf her kittens, she got on muvva's lap cuz she didnt know wot woz happenin and woz frighted. Muvva stroked her and talked to her to calm her down and after few minutes she gave burf to a little black and white kitten almost identical to herself only wivout da smudge on da nose. Dat woz Tootsie. Well Sophie looked round and woz so suprised to see da baby kitty dat she grabbed it by da neck and jumped down onto da floor, and carried da kitten under da television and into a box hoodad had put dere for Sophie to haf her babies in.

After an hour or so, Sophie had had 2 more kittens, 2 boys. Sooty, who woz all black, and Spotty who was all white cept for black bow on his head and black tail. Hoodad sed muvva cud keep one kitten and find homes for da ovver 2 but it ended up dey all stayed. Hoodad woz as daft as muvva from wot she sez. I neva knew me hoodad he went OTRB long before me woz even born.

Muvva used to call Sophie her Gainsborough cat cos she was so ladylike and reminded muvva of a Gainsborough lady, yoo'll haf to Google dem cuz me not know wot dey iz either. But Sophie is rilly ladylike, and small and fragile. Tootsie on da ovver hand is more like a normal kind ov kitteh. Funny how dey iz all diffrunt innit.

Afta hoodad died muvva had to sell up da animals on da holding cuz she cudn't manage dem all on her own, but she kept all da kittehs and sisfur Midge da collie dog. She's moved lots of times since den, for one reason or anuvva. Either a greedy landlord or landlord dat neva dun any repairs, and always craved for a safe place to live ware she never got to move agen. Each time it bin so hard to find sumware dat she could stay wif her furbabies, and each time she cud haf found sumware quickly if she'd parted wif dem, but she wud raver haf stayed in a tent dan let her furbabies go. But now we iz in a permanent home ware we never ever ever gonna haf to move agen, not til muvva goes OTRB herself.

Anyways gettin bak to da kittehs. Sooty lived til he woz 15, he had crystals in his bladder and died under anisfetic at da vets wen dey woz trying to get da crystals out. And poor Spotty had a rough time. He got skin cancer on his ear. He eventually had to haf da ear amputated and lived anovver year afta dat, but da cancer spread across his little face an muvva took him to vet and helped him OTRB so he wudn't suffer, he was 17yrs old.

Dat left Sophie and Tootsie. In 2014 Tootsie had a little spot on her chest, and went in to haf it operated on as da vet sed it was cancer. Woz only size of a pea. But da vet sed afta dat it woz a big lump inside. 2 days afta operation Tootsie went blind. Mum fort it woz connected to da operation so did some research on da interweb and discovered it woz due to her being hyperthyroid, dat makes cats go blind. Muvva discovered dat due to high blood pressure da retina fing detaches from da eye and makes dem go blind, but if dey given hooman tablets for blood pressure, fink Tootsie's is called ISTIN, den da retina flips back into place, but dey gotta haf dat drug wivin 2 or 3 days of going blind. Miracle happened an Tootsie got her sight back.

Sophie is hyperthyroid too, so her and Tootsie is on meds for dat, Toots got her hooman blood pressure tablets and Sophie is on tablets for heart failure as well and for fluid on da lungs.

So anyways, muvva taking Sophie to go OTRB at noon today. Den she gonna be cremated and her ashes brort back here to be buried in da garden. Muvva has Sooty and Spotty and fursista Midge's ashes alreddy here. She neva buried dem as she wanted to make sure she woz living someware she never gone move from agen, before she buried dem, so we all stay togevva.

So I spect sumtime soon dere's gonna be a major burial ceremony in da garden. An muvva gonna paint some slate headstones for dem. She alreddy earmarked a section of da garden for dis cemetary. I fink I probbly goin dere too along wif Tootsie, but Lily le Puss and Mojo will be long time before dey go dere cus dey iz healthy.

Muvva's had a lot ov furbabies ova da years, and loved us all equally, none more dan da ovver, and we love her back juz as much.

We knows dat wen da time comes, no matter how much it breaks her heart, da last act of love she can show us is to let us go OTRB. We always come furst no matter how much she dunt want us to leave her. I hates to see muvva so upset and brakes my heart to hear her cryin wen she finks we not see or hear her, and we knows dat each time one ov us goes OTRB we takes a little bit ov her heart wif us, but wen we iz all gone and it time for her to join us, dat old heart of hers gonna be all put togevva agen and we all gonna be togevva over da Rainbow Bridge along wif all our furpals and hoomans dat we lost ovver da years. Dat gonna be such a happy day.

So rilly me sayin, no matter how much yoo hoomans love you, and no matter how much dey want to hangs onto yoo, wen its yoor time and wen yoo iz ill, tell dem da kindest and most lovin fing dey can do for yoo is to let yoo go. Anovver furbaby may take yoor place, but dat doesnt mean dey stopped lovin yoo juz cos yoo over da Bridge. Dey will always love yoo forever, and dey will share dere heart wif dat new furbaby and yoo too.

Its wen dey can't let go its very sad. To hang onto us wen we iz suffering because dey can't bare to part wif us. Dey not finkin of us, dey finkin ov how painful it gonna be to let us go so dey cling to us and we suffer more and more. Dats not bein kind rilly. Although dere hearts iz breaking, dey not realise how much we iz suffering. Its very hard for hoomans sumtimes to let us go. But if dey rilly rilly rilly love us, den dey will look at us and say 'well old fwend, I fink it's time we took dat journey over da Bridge' and dey hold yoor paw and stroke yoo an tell you dey love yoo more dan anyfing, an wen da vet gives yoo dat injeshon as it all goes slowly dark and den yoo see da brite light ahead and all yoor furpals waiting for yoo an da smell ov dat sweet meadow grass, yoo hear yoor muvvas and farvas telling yoo goodbye and how much dey love yoo, and before yoo know it, no more pain but lots of love all around yoo.

Well me pals, dats da bestest eva way to join our furpals int it. Surrounded by love and going wares dere more love.

Here's me fursista Sophie for yoo to see, aint she booful. She on da rite, an dats Tootsie layin next to her.

Cors Sophie not da only poorly one in da fambly, muvva's bro haz bin in hospital almost 2 weeks. He got Diabetes 2 an cuz of dat he got cirrhosis ov da liver. He teatotal so it nuffin to do wif drinkin muvva sez. He very very poorly, and we haz had to look afta Gizmo his doggy while he in hospital. Gizmo loves it here and him an Mojo bin playin a lot in da garden.

Hoouncle might be discharged dis week, so he coming to stay wif us for a few days til he strong enuff to go back to his own home. So me muvva's had a lot ov worry lately, hence not getting me blog done very often, but I forgives her cuz she duz her best. Hoouncle will need a lot of lookin afta wen he gets out of hospital so muvva tryin to get a care package organised but she haffin to fight for it. Tiz shockin da state of da hoomans NHS, I dunno why dey dunt use our vets, cus it a lot betta service.

Anyway me maudlin now, and muvva needs a cuddle, so me will write agen soon. Wen muvva feels a bit more cheerful and we got somefin intrestin and happier to tell yoo.

Rememba to love one anovver my fwends, our time here is short, make da most ov it.

Me iz off now my fwends. Bark laturs.

I loves yoo