Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Maudlin Monday & Fortful Tuesday

Hello my fwends.

I has got muvva to change my main picfur for dis blog. Da reason iz dis. I has been finking about life and stuff, as da weavva woz so bad we cudn't get out into da garden to play or even go for a walk cuz we had gale force winds all yesturday and today.

Da sunhsine is out now, but all mornng was rilly rough weavva, and we stayed snuggled in our beds. Dere's only so much sleep a dog can haf, and me mind woz werking overtime, finking ov one fing den anovva like yoo do. Den me went all deep an philosof... philasoph... maudlin.

Finking about my pals, all vewy different. Some just young pups, at the beginnin ov dere lives, others young healthy adults, living the life of Riley (he woz a famuss Irish dog wot lived life to da full and neva had no regrets about nuffin and da luck of da hound ov da baskervilles). Den dere's me poor old pals wots in da winter ov dere lives, some crippled up wiv arfrytus ovvers wif terruble health condishons, and some on da brink ov takin da furst step ova da Rainbow Bridge.

And den dere's me. And ov corse hundreds ov ovver dogs like me. We can't see da sun no more, but we can feel it on our fur, an we can smell fings much better dan our seeing pals, and hear fings miles away before dey in range of other furs. Now dats a blessing rilly. We lost one sense but we got fine tuned ovver senses. But we also got a shorter life. Wif our meds we has a decent qwolity of life and can do most fings ovver healthy dogs do, but we know we iz not gonna be around for as long as ovver healthy furs, so we haz to make da most of da time we haz got.

So no matter what sort of life we got, we gotta make da most ov it. When we iz pups we got no worries, we got our mums to cuddle and feed us, den we get our foreva homes, dats if we lucky enuff. But dats anovver story. For now me talkin bout lucky furs dat got loving famblies.

I woz in da garden earlier, battlin against da wind tryin to find da rite spot to do me business, and me nose bumped up against a dandylion, and me remembered wot dey like. Big white fluffy fings wif hundreds of seeds dat blow away in da wind. I used to chase dem when I woz a pup as da seeds flew away high above me. I didnt catch any I might add. Da wind carried dem high up and away before I cud get me mouf round 'em. Do you know dandylions got between 40 and 100 seeds each? Dat's almost as many years as hoomans got, and a lot longer dan we got pals.

So while me woz in me bed s'mornin listening to da wind howlin and da rain lashing against da window, me fort dat our lives iz like dandylions ain't dey?

We got all our seeds when we pups, den gradually we lose one or two, some hanging on longer dan ovvers, sometimes for ages and then deres a strong gust and a few more get carried away, until we only got a few left and den suddenly dey all gone and nuffin left but an empty case ware da seeds once were.

Nuffin dandylions can do to keep all dere seeds, dey are helpless to stop dem going. Just like us, da years go by an we can't stop dem. We juz got to keep hangin on to da ones we got left and remember da good fings about da ones dat haf alreddy left us.

No matter how many seeds da dandylion got left, it still stands proud in da earth wiv its head to da sun, clinging onto its few remaining seeds. And like dandylions we carry on wiv our lives, heads up and living each day and each second like its our last, cuz for all we knows it cud be.

So rilly life is very delicate and fragile. We can't control it and live longer dan we want to, just like da dandylion can't hang onto her seeds. We just gotta go wiv da flow, take what life frows at us, and make da best of what we got. Cos dere's always sum ovver fur worse off dan we are.

Generally tho we tends to cope pretty well dont we, it's our hoomans dat haf problems copin wif life sumtimes. I spose dey got more responsibilites dan we got, they got to look afta us for a start!

We all know we gonna meet up agen at Rainbow Bridge, but some hoomans not sure where dey gonna end up. We knows tho. They gonna be wif us. Got nuffin to do wif hoomans religion has it. Dunt matter wot dey believe in, even if dey dont believe in anyfing. Dey is same as us, living fings, and spiritual fings, and wen da living bit not around anymore da spirit fing moves on an joins all da ovver spirit fings. So we all gonna be togevva.

I just worry dere's gonna be enuff bacon over da bridge, wif all dem moufs to feed.

So rilly da moral ov me story today is dat wotever life we got now, however good or bad it mite be, we gotta make da most ov it. An we gotta be kind to every fur and every hooman, cuz we dunt know wot going on in dere lives, speshully our online pals. We only see's snippets ov dere lives, and only da bits dey wants to share wif us. And sometimes if dey stressed or sumfin dey not always as patient or kind as dey should be, but we dunt know dat cuz we only seeing snippets all da time.

I fink we shud make allowances for stuff. And we shud fink to ourselves dat sumfin cud be goin on wif dem dat we dunt know about and dey cud be hurting inside. So if we iz always nice to every fur and every hooman, we can help ovvers feel better and haf a better day, and soon dem days add up and da year goes by and it's a good one to remember. Like da dandylion seeds.

Next time yoo sees a dandylion dunt rip it out da earth, just sit down next to it and fink how much you got in common wif it. More dan you fink.

And dats why I got me muvva to change me heading picfur today. Cuz me wants to remind meself evfurry day dat life is like a dandylion. Here one minit and gone da next, and me must make every second count and fank Dog for wot we got!

I iz vewy grateful for my life, and wot I got. It mite not be much compared to some, but it's enuff for me. An I got so much love from all my furfwends and dere hoomans, me muvva and me fursibs, I considur meself a very lucky dog, and even if me not got a long life ahead ov me, I got more love dan I ever fort I would haf before muvva adopted me, and for dat I am truly truly fankful.

Love yoo my fwends±

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hope yoo haffin grate Satday!

I haz bin busy smornin.

I haz put a new page on me blog here, it's called Pet First Aid an yoo can see it in da tabs unda me picfur.

I fort it be useful for hoomums an dads so dey knows wot to do if we poorly or injured. Tiz only a basic fing, but very useful informashon for dem.

Plus a video by a vet about CPR, or as we call it mouf to mouf wich iz a must lurn fingie to save our lives, an deres anovva bit about sum hymlick fing, not sure wot dat about but luks bit violent to me. Mum sed it wud save our lives if we woz chokin pfffft I dunt choke cuz me food goes strayt down wivout touchin da sides most of da time Bahahahaha

So anyways dats wot we bin up to.

I fort seein as it gettin close to da Zombie Squad Nurses Corse on 11th Aril for all Zombie Squad membas, it wud be useful to dem wots gonna take da corse to study up on. Cuz dere's lottsa fings in da corse same as in me Pet First Aid page.

We got rotten weavva here tday, very strong winds and rain. So anuvva day indoors on me duvet by da fire. Furbro is in his ushual pozishon belly up wif legs in air snoring his head off on da sofa. He's so sofisticayted at times. *rolls eyes*.

Muvva mite take us out for walk, I fink if weavva stays as bad as it iz me will haf to go in me wagon, muvva got a proper waterproof cover for it now, dat shud fit a hookids buggy but fits me wagon perfick. Anuvva bargin on Ebay. So me will be snug an warm in me wagon, wile muvva an Mojo fite against da wind and rain BOL It's a dogs life at times, but yoo gotta do it int ya?

Not sure wot muvva's up to. She dun all da chores yesday and tormented us wif da hoover *glares at muvva*. Fink she just loafin round agen like she duz. She dunt rilly, dat not fair ov me to say. She duz good job of carin for us and makin sure we gets our dinnurs on time and impawtunt stuff like dat. I juz enjoy teasin her, to keep her on her toes. Yoo knows wot it like, give da hoomums an inch an dey take a yard.

Muvva had to re-install me chat room on here cuz it weren't werkin propurly. So now she's moved it up into da tabbed secshon at da top, an it got a passwurd on it too so only me pals can use it. So if yoo wants da passwurd juz contact me an ask fur it. Itz a good way to keep anyone out dat can cause trubble like hackers an weirdos, and it's rilly secure an safe. Wich is very impawtunt. *nods*

Well dats about all me noos for tday pals. Me eyelids is beginning to drop agen, I got job to keep awake here.

Have a soopa Satday pals, take care and share da love!

Friday, 27 March 2015

It's da weekend!

Hello my fwends, tiz me agen. BOL

Well it Friday aftanoon and I can offishully say it now da weekend!

We had a rotten old wet day here all day, drizzle and cold. Me and furbro bin sleepin nearly all day cuz can't enjoy bein outdoors in dis weavva. I dashes out and back in pretty sharp cuz ovverwise me gets soaked!

I'm pleezed to announce dat daft old puss Lily is back to normal. She bin burd wotchin tday, cuz mum put sum nest boxes up on da fence ovver day, and dey all got burds in dem now. So Lily bin sat on top of da refrigerator wotching dem out da window. Dere's 2 pairs ov Blue Tits adn one pair ov Great Tits she told me. So daresay we will haz lots of baby burds flappin about in due corse.

Ware we lives dere not many places for burds to nest. We got Cornish hedges wot are big banks of stone wif soil in da middle. Lizards an mouses and wrens all nest in dere, but da trees n bushes iz all bent ova cuz it vewy windy here, we not far from da sea, and da wind blows in from boff da norf and south coasts straight in here. We always got some wind here. Plus bak in da 17th century most of da trees woz cut down for da Cornish Tin Mines, so tiz a bit barren round here for trees.

Mum is finkin ov puttin up more nestboxes, cuz it duz seem like da burds is desprate for places to haf dere babies.

Dis is qwite close to ware we lives an we walk here qwite often, itz a nachur reserve so lots of wildlife lives dere. As yoo can see dere's no trees. So da burdies needs as much help as dey can get.

Now onto somefin more intrestin. Me! BOL I iz gettin on very well on me tablets pals. I not got any side effects yet, and me can go all nite now wivout gettin mum out of bed for a wee, although last nite me woz up at 2am but aftawards we went back to bed til 7am. Muvva woz like a zombie staggerin thru to da kitchen to open door for us. But she soon went sleep agen afta we got back in. Infact her snorin almost kept us awake! pffffft

We not got any plans for da weekend yet. We hopin da weava will be good enuff to go walkies sumware intrestin, and as it so close to Easter w/end I spect dere will be loadsa emits (dats Cornish word for tourists, it means Ants). So if dere iz lottsa emits about me will haf to go in me wagon. I dunt mind dat, it's nice bein chauffured around. Sumone stopped muvva da ovver day and asked if she woz out wiv her grandchild in da pram Bahahahahaha ooh me sides. Da woman got qwite a shock wen muvva opened up front of da wagon and she saw me sat dere. Dey not rilly used to seein peepul wif dogs in buggies in Cornwall. Weren't long ago muvva can rememba wen dogs weren't useful anymore to dere owners dey wud be shot. But fank goodness it more civilised now. But dey still not inclined to get dere dogs a buggy if dogs struggle to walk or can't see. So we duz get stared at qwite a bit. Muvva dunt take any notice, she stares back and if yoo see one of her stares it's pawsum! I fink it wud curdle milk and I knows it shuts screamin hookids up in seconds. Bahahahaha

Well me iz gonna go and whine for me dinnur now, cuz it gettin close to my dinnur time. Ovverwise muvva won't take da hint and me will haf to wait for me food. *rolls eyes*

Before me goes, me wud just like to fank my furbulous fwends who has donated dis munf to help wif me vet fees. Muvva and me is so grateful. Me fund woz getting pretty low and muvva woz beginning to panic agen. *rolls eyes*. Yoor kindness means da wurld to us. Fankoo so much from da bottom ov our hearts.

So my fwends all dat left to say is, haf a grate weekend, keep safe, haf fun and spread da love!

We love yoo so much!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Daffodil Assassins

We had sum excitemunt last nite.

We woz alreddy to go to bed and den muvva gets up, stuffs Lily le Puss in a cat baskit & disappears into da nite at 11.30pm. We woz shocked!

Lily had been sick a few times in da morning, an mum found a piece of Daffydil petal in it. Lily wasn't lookin too good, she was curled up on da big bed all day and wudn't move. Muvva woz worried bout her. As day went on Lily woz still curled up an didunt want anyfing to eat or drink, wich is unushual for her cuz she duz like her food as yoo will see from da pic me gonna post. She a big gurl.

Anyway by da evenin dere woz no change an by den Lily woz makin lickle growly noises wen muvva touched her belly, Lily's belly not muvva's BOL. So muvva did sum Googlin and discovered dat not only iz da bulbs poisonous to cats and dogs, but also da stem, leaves and da flowurs. So Lily had been poisoned.

So muvva rang da vets, woz about 10pm by den. She didnt wanna wait til mornin incase Lily died in da nite an she neva forgive herself. Da vet told muvva to take Lily strayt in to be seen.

So off dey went. Me an Mojo curled up in our beds and went to sleep cuz it woz past our bedtime.

When muvva got back she told us wot had happened. Well afta we'd woke all da neighbours up by barkin at muvva telling her how we'd missed her, didunt tell her we'd bin sleepin da hole time. bol

Da vet gave Lily a good goin ovver, stuck da fermometa up her bum but her temp woz normal, and listened to her heart, dat woz beatin normally, and asked muvva if she'd bin eating or drinkin ok. So den da vet weighed her. Not muvva silly! Bahahaaha

Lily weighed just unda 7kg. She a big gurl. She half Maine Coone and half ermm... moggy. But she more Maine Coone in size and fur, and evfurryfing, and she chirrups like dey do and dunt meow or nuffin like ovver cats.

Anyways I dygress.

Da vet lady gave Lily an injecshon to neutralise any toxins in her bloodstream, and gave her sumfin to stop her feelin sick and bein sick. Although she'd not bin sick since early mornin. And gave muvva sum tablets wot she's got to give Lily 3 times a day for 2 days. Vet lady sed if Lily no better by teatime today she gotta go back.

Well me iz pleased to say she iz better, and she bouncin off da walls chasing fings and acting daft.

Lily very speshul kitteh, muvva found her wen she woz 6wks old, taped up in a box frown at da side of da road, and left to die. Muvva saw 2 ickle eyes peering fru a hole she'd gnawed and stopped da car to pick da box up. She took it home and wen she opened it Lily leapt out and hid behind da sofa, and inside da box woz 3 dead kittens, Lily's fursistas and furbros. Mum woz rilly upset.

She took Lily to da vet to be checked over, and she had hyperthermia, and all sorts.She nearly died, and muvva couldn't get near her for ages. Took muvva about 3mths to get Lily's trust, dat woz 7 years ago. Lily comin up to 8yrs old now, and grown into a gurt big fuffy pussy cat. Me luffs her soooo much!

Lily is too frightened to go outside and so she's an indoor cat, and she petrified of people, so if we ever has visitors dey neva see her. But she loves muvva and me and she loves furbro Mojo now too. And she trusts muvva and muvva can do anyfing wif her. It very touchin to wotch.

So muvva woz rilly worried last nite about her.

Muvva woz feelin ok after me saw da vet, finkin dat all da expense of da tests is over for a few munfs, and she can breeve easily for a wile, den Lily tries to kill herself. Poor muvva. One step forward and two steps back all da time.

It woz a huge bill for muvva last nite, but she wud never haf forgiven herself if she hadn't taken Lily or waited til s'mornin and she'd died. She had to act fast, so didunt haf much choice rilly.

So da moral of dis tale iz, if yoor hoomans bring sum flowers in to brighen da rooms up, make sure dey checked on Google furst to see if dey poisonous to us furbabies.

Daffydils and Lily's are two ov da worse ones. Here's a site ware dey list most poisonous plants and flowurs. Make sure yoor hoomans read it!

Poisonouse Plants pdf file to download & print off

Ov corse if yoo lives outside da UK den da plants may vary in name or may not even grow in yoor country and dere cud be diffrunt poisonous plants too. So make sure yoo gets da hoomans to Google for dem.

Dats about all me noos for tday pals. Gonna love yoo and leave yoo now to dash out in da garden for 5 mins.

Love yoo

Monday, 23 March 2015

My new vet

Hi pals.

Muvva took me to see my new vet today. I bin dere before to see Mr Carter da eye speshulist, but not seen one of da regular vets before.

Mojo came wif us, cuz he can't be left at home on his own, he gets too worked up, so he stayed in da car an barked da hole time we woz in da vets, just to scare off any zombies dat mite steal da car. We cud hear him from da waiting room an da car woz parked rite ova ovver side of da vets car park Bahahahaha.

I seed a lady vet s'mornin. She woz very nice. She read up all me previous history on her compoota and she listened to me heart and felt me bits and bobs, and cut me claws. She commented on how good me woz considering me cudn't see wot woz going on, an muvva explained dat me used to being pulled about at da vet from a pup cuz me never bin well.

Da lady vet sed she finks me Cushings is due to adrenal tumours rava dan da brain one, which is good in one way cuz it means me will respond to da medicayshon betta. She woz very impressed dat me muvva knew as much about it all as she did *puffs out chest wif pride*.

It a big relief not to haf to have anymore tests for a few munfs, it rilly wore me out an woz so stressful, not to menchun vewy expensif. Now all muvva got to worry about is payin for me meds, but she knows me pals will help us wif dat so she not qwite so panic stricken about it as she woz. Me is stayin on da same dose too, 30mg wich is good cuz me not gettin any side effects wif dat dose. *sighs*

Before we left da vet lady wanted to weigh me. I had lost 10grams last time me woz weighed a couple weeks back, so muvva woz hopin I'd lost a bit more, cuz me was 11.10kg den. So on da scales me went, and jiggled round a bit to get comfy, and to make it a bit more difficult for da vet lady to read me weight BOL Finally me woz comfy and da vet sed 12.6kg Muvva woz disappointed I cud tell. I herd da sharp intake ov breff comin from her direkshon.

Vet lady sed unfortunately me haz 2 conditions wot makes me put on weight, an all muvva can do is cut me rations down even more. *shocked ears*. I iz alreddy on starvashon diet. Well ok, maybe not qwite starvashon, but gettin close to it. I woz pleezed me had me porky cracklin yestday on me dinnur, cuz I won't be gettin anymore Sunday treats for a while. Pfffft Vet lady sed definittly no treats neva no more only me rations. *stamps paw in frustrayshon*

I not got to go back to see her for 5mths for da next ACTH test, unless ov corse me symptoms get wurse before den. So dat's good news. An wen me needs more meds muvva just gotta ring up 24hrs before we needs dem.

Wen we came out muvva put me in da car and Mojo had a sniff round da grassy bit incase he wanted to pee but he neva did, so we all came home.

Der woz road werks on da way home, and zombies in da road wif big lolly pop signs dey woz wavin at all da cars wif. Muvva slowed down an wen we got near dem dey swung da big sign round to let us fru. We barked at dem, so dey didn't attack us.

We gettin sum more pals join us here. Muvva's got a lady nearby wot she's known for a few years dat keeps chickens and ducks, and she saw her in da vets today. Da lady asked muvva if she still kept chickens and ducks and muvva said no and sed to da lady she missed haffin dem around.

Da lady has offered muvva sum white ducks for free. As she got too many now. So muvva got to rig up a fence now between da garden an da big side garden dat she's turned into an orchard. She gotta make a strong fence cuz me and Mojo likes chasing burds hee hee hee. She gonna put ducks in da orchard den. She also got to make a duck house for dem.

Dey weird ducks if yoo ask me, muvva told us dey like wine bottles wif legs. Pffft wot sorta ducks iz dat I asked her. She said 'Indian Runner Ducks'.

Here's a pic of sum, not da ones we getting, but dey exackly same.

Some has got pompoms on dere heads, fink dey iz called 'crested'. Eviduntly dey lay as many eggs in a year as commercial hybrid chickens. Funny int dey. Dey can't run fast on dem little legs so be easy peasy for us to catch if we gets in da orchard wif dem. *dribbles with excitement*. Corse I wudn't be any good chasin dem cuz me can't see but I could bark at dem and help Mojo bahahahaha *norty ears*.

Muvva's qwite excited about gettin dem. *rolls eyes*.

ooh did yoo see me muvva's put a proper chat room on me blog, top rite side ov page, ware da hoomans can talk if dey want. Corse dey haf to arrange a time to meet in dere I fink, overwise dey be talkin to demselves BOL But muvva fort it be handy for any hoomums and dads who wanna talk about dere dog wif Cushings or SARDS or anyfing else dey mite haf rong wif dem. She a fortful old fing my muvva. I duz luff her.

Well dat's about it for now my fwends. I hopes yoo all haz a grate day, and me will bark agen soon!

Loves yoo all

Saturday, 21 March 2015


I haf got muvva to rite down all da impawtunt stuff about Vetoryl. Dis is da medicashon dat I iz on for me Cushings Disease.

Muvva scoured da internet wen me woz furst diagnosed as dere woznt dat much information about Vetoryl, and wot was available wozn't always accurate, so she contacted da company wot manufactures it and has found more information from veterinary articles and stuff, and we fort it wud be helpful and in some cases life saving, to put togevva an article on me blog.

So we haz. And you can find da article in da tabs section under me pic, called 'Vetoryl'. It's next to da Cushings tab.

Anyone wif a dog wif Cushings Disease shud read da whole article, as it has come to our notice dat 95% of vets don't carry out da ACTH tests properly, and as we (Cushings dogs) need to be monitored regularly, its impawtunt dat da tests are accurate, or we cud be overdosed wiv Vetoryl and suffer some pretty horrific side effects, if not death.

So please get yoor hoomums and dads to read da whole fing.

We hopes dis helps ovver hoomans to make sure we gettin da best treatment possible to make our lives more enjoyable for us and for dem.

So dats wot we bin doin s'mornin.

Oh and muvva's also bin washing our beds, so we had to lay on da sofa or da floor cuz one of da fossil cats puked in our bed Pffffft. Why she had to wash boff beds is beyond me. *puts paws on hips and sighs heavily*. So dey out on da line now. I juz hope dey dry for latur on. *glares at muvva*.

Monday coming me got an appointment wif me new vet. Rememba me last visit to Sally da vet at Holsworthy in Devon? Was sad day. Well she emailed all me medical history ovva to da new vet at St Colum Road, Cornwall. It's a lovely vets, and is da main animal hospital in Cornwall. Dey got some Aussie vet ovva dere dis munf and he featurin dem on his show back in Aussieland. Anyway I digress, ware woz I?

Oh yea, Monday I seeing me new vets. I gotta see dem before dey can dispense me meds, and although me got anovva 2 weeks supply, muvva fort it best if dey see me earlier rava dan latur.

I haz been dere once before. When me had to see da Opthalmologist Specialist Mr Jim and his assistant Goren who me luvs. *swoons*. Cuz Mr Jim holds a fortnightly clinic dere.

Da new vet also has ovva referral speshulists dere too. It's rilly good.

So me will tell yoo wot happens Tuesday wen me updates me blog agen.

So dats all me news for tday pals.

If anyone out dere readin dis wants to chat in real time, muvva put me a proper hoomans chatroom on here, top rite of da page.

She sed some hoomans mite like to talk in realtime about dere doggies problems and stuff, so dats why she got chatroom on here. She sed yoo dunts haf to register to use it, juz put yoo name in and dunt bovver wif a password. If we gets lottsa weirdos usin it tho, like spammas and dem kinky peepul wot gets about, den she will make it registered users only an me will let yoo know on me blog posts if dat happens.

Paws crossed we won't get any weird humans on here. Dey not intrested in dog talk I shudnt fink.

Me almost furgot to bark! Dunt furget to check out da tab marked 'links' cuz dere's impawtunt informashon dere for all dog owners, from dog wardens to erm.. *runs off to check* dog wardens to poisonous stuff, doglostuk and stuff like dat. An numbers to ring in da UK to check if da local council pound got yoor missin pooch!

Rite pals me is off now to help mum wif da chores.

Haf a supa Satday and enjoy da sunshine.

Love you all


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Evenin pals

We had a fab day tday, da weather woz good and we spent most ov da aftanoon in da garden. I got sore froat barkin and barkin cuz me cud hear someone had grankids visitin up da road, Mojo woz surveyin da purimitur for zombie introoders and mum woz in an out da back door like a flea in a pet shop keep her eye on us.

We got told off once or twice for eatin bonemeal pellets dat Mojo dug up round da fruit trees pfffft but mostly it woz a nice day.

I'm glad some ov yoo haz had a browse round me new shop. I iz eva so pleezed wif it. I fink muvva dun a good job dere, bless her.

She bin fiddlin tnite on me blog. She's put me a bark box on here, itz over on da rite top ov da side columb. Yoo can register to use it if yoo want an avatar but it's too much faffin around so best just leave a message for me on dere if yoo need to get hold ov me a bit sharp. I will see da message dere, hopefully, and leave a reply or woteva.

It can also be used like a chat room, to have a bark in real time. So it's qwite a nifty bit ov kit innit? *looks adoringly at muvva* Yap, she duz try to keep me happy.

She's bin busy s'aftanoon wiv 2 fings on da go. She's makin me a new coat for me Muffins Halo, cuz da white one dunt stay clean very long, so she makin me one dats turkwoys wif white daisies on. She put da velcro stuff on it tday. An while she not doin dat she bin busy makin a proper memba list for da Zombie Squad, and puttin on da database fingie on Zombie Squad HQ website.

So we neva got our walk today, but we dunt mind. We enjoyed our time in da garden.

I hope yoo had a luffley Sunday pals. Time for me snoozies agen now *peeps out of one eye* Bark tmoro pals. Keep safe!


Me haz edited diz message so me can show yoo me new halo coat material. Muvva sez it double sided pattern, blue one side green da ovver side, and it's denim so will be tough warin. I juz nod, it keeps her happy. BOL

Saturday, 14 March 2015

My Shop

Me an muvva bin busy s'mornin doing my shop.

You will see da link in da tabs unda me picture.

It's all anipal stuff in it. Cushions wif dogs or cats on, scarves and tshirts wif doggy stuff on, mugs and coasters wiv anipals on. And for us furs and fevvers dere's secshons for clothin like coats an bandyannas and ties, designer name tags, designer collars, leads an harnesses and stuff yoo wouldn't normally see in yoor average pet store.

Den dere's a secshon on books all about anipal stuff or written by anipals. And ov corse da proper pet store wif medicines, accessories, and all dat kinda stuff.

In da Bazaar secshon dere's loads ov diffrunt fings from clocks to popsters, watches to brooches, rugs to toy boxes an so many diffrunt fings, each page is like a treashure chest. Yoo gonna love it in dere.

It's not juz for doggies, dere's stuff in me shop for all anipals from us dogs to cats, hamsters, wabbits and burds. So me haz tried to cater for almost all types ov anipals.

It's a nice shop, muvva's doin it for me via Amazon, so it's secure and anyfin yoo buy in dere is covered wif Amazon's guarantees and stuff, me dunt understand all dat stuff, but muvva made sure it was all top notch for me pals to use safely.

And da bestest fing is, wheneva you go to me shop and den browse round and maybe stay on Amazon but come out ov me shop and look at sumfin else, coz yoo went onto Amazon's site via me shop, wotever yoo buy earns me and muvva a small commission. It'z not vewy much, and we gotta sell a lot ov stuff to get even a few pounds, but woteva we duz get will go towards payin for me meds and vet treatment.

Cuz as yoo all know dat an ongoin fing. *rolls eyes*

So dere yoo haz it. *crosses front paws*

To have a wander round me shop yoo can click on da tab at top ov da page under me picfur, and for now while yoo iz readin dis post yoo can also click HERE to have a qwick nosey.

I hopes yoo likes browsin me shop and if deres anyfing not in dere wot yoo fink dere shud be, let me know and me will see if it can be added.

If yoo dunt live in da UK, you may still be able to buy fings from me shop, cuz da fings in dere is all sold by individual sellers, so juz ask da seller if dey ship overseas, most do.

Hope yoo haffin a grate Saturday pals. I juz goin out in da garden now me finished stockin me shelves in da shop BOL


Well dun my fwends!

I raised £182 last nite from my Red Nose Avatar fingie. Fanks to evfurryone dat wanted a red nose avatar, and fankoo for yoor donashons to Comic Relief via my Red Nose page.

Yoo can keep da red nose avatars for next year's Red Nose Day, but if yoo duz lose dem dunt worry, coz next year me can do you anovva one.

It always gives yoo a warm glow in yoor tummy wen yoo dun sumfin to help others wot worse off dan yoo. We watched Comic Relief well muvva did, I listened, and it was vewy sad to se how sum peepul haf to live, and no matter how bad fings in our lives gets, we still so much luckier dan most peepul. We shud always be fankful for what we haf, even if it not vewy much, cos dere's always sumone wurse off dan we are.

I always treasure each moment as if it da last, and try to treat evfurryone as I'd like to be treated wif respect and love. Life is too short to be picky and nasty and espeshully online we dunt know wot someone else has goin on in dere lives. Dey could be in an abusive relashonship, livin alone and struggling to survive, livin wif a disability dat is vewy hard to cope wif, or haf sum awful fing to cope wif in dere lives. We only know dem from wot we reads on dere posts online. So I always try not to be judgemental of anyone, and to make allowances for someone if dey is a bit sharp or rude to me, cuz for all I knows dey just letting off steam and ventin on me cuz dere no-one else to haf a go at or juz cuz dey is on a short fuse due to stress.

Wich brings me to finkin about my situation. OK me got SARDS and lost me sight, no big deal rilly, cuz unlike hoomans, sight isn't our prime sense. We duz miss not bein able to see but it not da end of da werld. Now da Cushings iz a diffrunt packet of bacon. It not a nice fing to haf, and it will shorten me life, but its no good worryin about it and bein depressed. Me gotta get on wif me life now, and enjoy it. And while me here I got to help ovver furs and peepul if me can. I dunt get tetchy cos me got Cushings and gone blind, Iz not bitter about it, dere is wurse fings to get. So wotever life frows at us, we shud juzt get on wif it and accept dat lifes not perfick and show ovver furs love and affecshon.

But sayin all dat, me can't stand bullies. Dere's no excuse for bossin some ovver fur about, and it causes a lot ov trouble. And bullies are just weak indivijewels wot feel smug n safe hidin behind dere screens or phones. Dey juz control freaks an no good to man or beest.

Wot me haz found tho since me bin online is dat sumtimes we can misinterpret wot sumone's written. And we can take it da rong way and get all upst ovver nuffin and before yoo know wots happened 2 fwends haz fallen out and a friendship haz bin broken. Itz not just dem wot suffers, on social media it makes it vewy difficult for da fwends dey shares. Duz dey take sides or duz dey stay fwends wiv boff parties? Difficult. But if we feel a bit upset about wot sumone's said online, we should step back, cool down, read it agen and den stay calm and try to make sense ov it. And if we still fink it's hurtful or rong, we should diplomatically say to da person dat we found dere post hurtful or wotever. Den deres more chance ov a fwendship surviving, and evan gettin stronger rather dan ending in upset. An if it duz end in upset, its not end ov da werld. Its juz someone online who yoo dunt rilly know and haf never met and probbly never will meet. So brush it off and carry on my fwend.

Me iz wafflin a bit but my excoose iz cuz it past me bedtime and me waitin for mum to finish wot she doing in da kitchen, so she can lift me up on da big bed so me can go to sleep. An me gets a bit maudlin at times and fink about stuff wen me waitin on muvva.

ooh muvva's comin, dis means its bedtime. So me will say goodnite, fankoo for helpin me raise sum funds for Comic Relief and me will bark agen tomorrow!

Love yoo my fwends.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Red Nose Day!

It's Red Nose Day today, so me fort, wot can me do to raise sum money for da hoomans. We gotta luk afta dem, cuz dey luk afta us.

So me woz making red nose avatars for pals on Twitter and me fort 'ang on a minit' I iz doin dis for fun, wen me cud be raisin money for Red Nose Day.

So me started an offishul Comic Relief Red Nose Day sponsors page Me Red Nose Day Page

If peepul wants a red nose avatar for Twitter, or just for fun, pleeze eitha email me a pic or DM/tweet me one and den donate wot yoo fink da avatar wurf to me offishul fund raisin page. Its dat simple.

Yoo can see wot da avatars be like from da ones me alreddy dun for free. And yoo can keep dem for next year, so wotever yoo donate it's a bargin!

Here's sum me dun earlier:

Dey can be for any Twitter pal, wotever yoo be, hamsta, burd, dog, cat, oss, lizard, teddy bear, anyfing.

Lets see if we can reach me £500 target an evan betta go ova it!

Fanks my fwends. Togevva we can make a betta wurld.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Leibster Award

Frisbee my good fwend, fellow blogger and Zombie Squad memba has nominayted me for da Leibster award!

Fank yoo so much Frisbee I iz honoured my fwend and proud to accept.
Here is Frisbee's blog: Frisbee Bradley

Here are my ansurs to yoor qwestchons Frisbee:

1) Do yu like sharzies frum yur Mom?

I luff to share wif my mum, she always saves me da last ickle bit ov sumfin, but not any ov her dinner. But me on diet now so not gettin any sharzies at all. Pffft

2) Do yu likes yur tummy rubbed like me?

I luff tummy rubs. Infact me rolls ova on me back for anyone in da hope ov a belly rub Bahahaha

3) Are yu a bitter or a lovar?

I fink me is a lovar, cuz I only snapped at a couple ov dogs once fur gettin too close to me but dat woz wen me woz goin blind. I likes me own space qwite a lot but I duz luff a bit ov fuss wen me in da mood.

4) Do yu want tu join up wiffs da #ZombieSquad and fights Zombies pwotecten da Hoomens and ober furry, feathured fwiends keepen da wurld safe ands maken it a bettar place? Just asks me how tu join...I help yu...

BOL I haz bin memba ov da Zombie Squad on Twitta since 2012 and haz werked me way up da ranks, and now me iz Maj General of Zombie Squad, Maj General of SEALS Divishon and Matron ov da Zombie Squad Medic Divishon. I also looks afta da Zombie Squad HQ Website www.zombiesquadhq.com. Me iz very proud to be in Zombie Squad and our Feerless Leeda @BraveWinston is an inspurashon to me.

5) Have yu ever did a mistake in yur Mom or Dad's slippurs?

Bahaha no me neva dun nuffin like dat.

6) Do certain foods gibe yu gas like me?

Oh boy! Yap! Me duz get gas wif sum foods, and I prone to Westie Bloat too, ware our bellies blow up big and tight and den wotch out wen da gas comes out! Bahahahaha Cheese gives me gas and me duz luff cheese.

7) Do you likes tu wide in da car likes me tu go bye bye?

I rilly enjoy goin in da car. Wen it woz juz me an muvva, I used to sit in front and sit up like a hooman to see out window, but since we got furbro Mojo me haz to sit in back wif him *rolls eyes* But me still sits up to look out da side window even tho me can't see now. Muvva dunt rilly get why me duz dat but she finks me must be sniffin scents as we drive along.

8) If/When yu wide in da car do yu get car sick and thwow ups on yur Mom?

Me neva bin car sick, me took to da car as a young pup wiv no problums. Me woz always bein taken to da vet in da car cuz me woz so ill after coming from da puppy farm, so probbly got used to it.

9) Do yu like Kats?

I lives wif 3 kittehs. 2 are muvva and dorter, 20 and 19yrs old. Dey fossils. All dey do is sleep all day. De ovver kitteh is Lily le Puss, she's bigger dan me. She also a year older dan me too. When me was well enuff as a pup me an her got real fwendly and we became close buddies, and still iz. We used to play chase and jump on each ovver too. She still jumps on me now, but me dunt play wif her so much since goin blind. We duz sleep togevva on da big bed still tho. I loves her vewy much. But any ovver kittehs I wud chase away and probbly shake dem til dere eyes fell out. We got one walks along top of our fence, he 6ft up in da air up dere, and Mojo sees him and barks and tries to get him, so me joins in, I cant see ware he iz but me gets a ruff idea and sumtimes smell him up dere if wind in rite direcshon. If he fell off me wud rilly set about him. He dunt fall off tho, he must have glue on his paws.

10) Do yu lick yur Mom or Dad's feet between dere toes like I do? *giggles*

Hee hee hee I loves lickin muvvas toes sumtimes. I gotta be in da mood, and so has she, cuz she dunt normally like anyfin touchin her toes like dat. But I loves to get me tongue inbetween and give dem a good ole lickin.

11) Do yu habe a nick name like me? Mine is Goobie fur short...or do yu habe a middle name dat yur Mom uses when yu is not bein very good?

I got a few nicknames, wich used to be confoosin but I got used to it now. Dey iz: Bon Bon, BonnieBonBon, Bonners, Fatty (wude), Mrs Fatty (wude agen), my little peach, Bonnie Bazooka, possum. I not got a middle name, wen me bin norty mum juz growls Bonnie, she sounds feersum like a grizzly bare.

Here is my 11 random facts about me.

1. I used to watch tv all da time, evfurryfing from politics to moovies, even ads an da weava forecasts.

2. I snore rilly loud wen me asleep.

3. I won't go to muvva for a fuss if me dunt want to wich annoys her bol. I rilly stubborn bout it too.

4. I love drinkin from da burd baff more dan from me water bowl.

5. Now me can't see I likes to go lie down in da bedroom ware it quiet cuz no fun now me can't see da TV.

6. I dunt rilly like havin a furbro, altho me luvs him, before he came I got all muvva's attenshon.

7. I love snugglin in me day bed wif da duvet and da blankie wot muvva knitted me, cuz it warm an snuggly.

8. I like snufflin round for zombies wif me nose to da ground to smell dem out. Muvva keeps tellin me I'm a terrir not a hound, but I haz to use me nose now cuz da eyes not werkin. *rolls eyes*

9. I rilly rilly luvs goin out in me wagon, I knows me can't see nuffin, but I feels safe cuz me strapped in and me high up so me dunt get trod on by strangers an it means me dunt haf to stay home wen muvva and Mojo go out for walks cuz me can go too. Although me dunt always go in me wagon, depends ware we goes. If it sumware ders lottsa peepul den me wagon is safer. Overwise me walks wif me furbro, but me haz to ware me halo coat *sighs*.

10. I norty sumtimes, since me bin on diet to lose weight, coz me Cushings makes me fat, I feelin hungry a lot so me goes out and steals da bits put out for da wild burds. Mojo duz it too, so if me hears muvva comin I pretend I not doin it so he gets da blame. BOL

11. I iz so proud to be in Zombie Squad. I luffs my job as Matron, tendin all da sick and injured soldjurs and fings. I luffs hunting zombies too, sniffin dem out and scarin dem away to keep muvva safe. But most ov all wot me luffs about Zombie Squad is dat I made so many speshul fwends who all care about one anovver, and we all love each ovver, an if one needs help or anyfing, we all rally round. And our mums and dads get support and love too. It like one big happy lovin family. Bit like a hippy commune wif fur. Bahahaha

Now I wud like to nominate fwends for da award too.

Here are my nominees:

1) Hailey & Zaphod
2) Princess Leah
4) Finley the Westie
5) The Bark Brothers

Here iz da rules for da Leibster Award:

1. Acknowledge and accept da Liebster Award by leavin a comment on da blog where ya wuz nominated.
2. Copy and paste da Liebster Award logo onto your own blog.
3. Link back to da blogger(s) who awarded ya.
4. Answer 11 questuns posed to you by da person who nominated ya.
5. List 11 random facts bout yourself.
6. Nominate and link 3-11 other blogs ya enjoy.
7. List 11 questuns for your Liebster Award nominees on you blog.
8. Inform your nominees by leavin a comment on dere blog

Here's my 11 qwestchons for my nominees to ansur:

1. Does yoo sleep on da big bed wif yoo mum or duz yoo haf yoor own bed?

2. Wots yoor favwite treat?

3. Wots yoor favwitest fing to do eva?

4. Duz yoo dig holes?

5. Can yoo swim?

6. Duz yoo haf any furbros & sisfurs?

7. Duz yoo like summer or winter best and why?

8. Iz yoo scared of anyfing?

9. Duz yoo bury fings for later?

10.Duz yoo got yoor own Zombie Squad uniform or/and name tag?

11.Iz yoo a barker or a whiner wen yoo wants sumfin?

What are yoor 11 random facts yoo'd like to share wif us?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I juz heard dat a kind hearted person has had a star named after our pal Bulley Bufton who went over da bridge recently. And I got to finkin wot a wonderful idea and how super to haf a star named after a loved one either livin or passed.

So den I got to finkin how it werks, and if when my time comes, muvva wud name a star after me, so I did some Googlin and investigaytin.

Now dont go rushin off to da star namin websites before yoo've read all dis article me ritin cuz although it a luffley fing to name a star after sumone yoo love and probbly grievin for, da star namin fing is a scam run by companies dat only want to get rich on taking peepuls money and makin money from dere grief. Unless ov course dey named a star for someone juz born, even den it a scam so pleeze read all wot me ritin yoo today.

If yoo Google 'Name a Star' yoo'll see dozens and dozens of companies offerin to name a star for yoo. Prices vary from about £15 to £50 and sumtimes even more.

So what duz yoo get for yoor money? In a nutshell - NUFFIN.

Yoo see all da stars in da universe are listed (or most of dem) by da profeshonal astronomers, and dey are listed on offishal registurs only by dere number and exact position in da universe, and wot galaxy dey be in.

So aunty Flo pops her clogs and you fink 'I loved me aunty Flo, me gonna name a star after her so she be immortalised foreva and eva.' Yoo choose wich star naming company yoo gonna give yoor hard earned money to and in a few days receive a star chart showing yoor star and some other rubbish, dependin on wot website yoo used. Now yoor star named after yoor aunty Flo won't be anyware else on any offishal register, it will only be on dat particular company's database, cos no profeshonal astronomer or profeshonal register names stars. So in reality, dere is NO star named after your aunty Flo. All da stars on all da offishal registers of da universe are still and always will be identified by a number, and dere posishon in da universe, NOT by a name. Comets are given names but dey not offishally stars, and dere's not enuff comets flyin around for deez companies to make enuff money out ov dem. And most of deez companies haf no rite to name stars anyways.

A lot of deez companies openly admit dat dey dunt haf any legal rite to name stars, and dat dere 'named stars' will never ever be known offishally as da name yoo pick and will remain known by the offishal number and position in da universe same as dey always bin. So dey iz upfront tellin yoo dey just conning yoo out of money, but makin it sound ok to do it. Clever huh?

So all yoo be doin if yoo name a star after a loved one is give more money to a star namin company so the CEO lives da life of Riley wif expensive cars and a couple of soopa homes someware glamuruss.

It's like if yoo saw a website offerin to sell you a brick from da Great Wall of China, or a bolt from Tower Bridge, London, or a bit of da Statue ov Liberty. Yoo would tell dem to get lost cuz yoo'd know dey couldn't sell yoo any of dem fings. But wif stars it a bit diffrunt. Yoo don't know how naming stars werk, or ware da offishul registers of da galaxies an stars in da universe is kept, so deez companies haf been able to set up and offer dis 'service' to yoo coz dey know yoo probbly dunt realise wot dey offering iz somefing dey can't offer yoo if yoo get my drift.

Dey not doin nuffin illegal cuz dere's nuffin against namin anyfing after anyfing else. But wot dey iz doin is makin money from people's grief and kind heartedness. And I fink dats rong!

When yoo looks at a few of deez star naming sites yoo see names of celebrities dat haf paid to haf a star named after dem, immortalising demselves or so dey fink. Dey just as daft as the rest of us if dey fink dats gonna happen. And it just goes to show dat anyone can be taken in by dis scam.

So my fwends if yoo fink it a wonderful idea to name a star after a loved one, fink agen.

My fwends don't be scammed, if yoo want to do sumfin honurable to rememba a loved one, den give da money to an animal charity or shelter or anovver kind ov charity insted. Cuz dat way yoo know ware yoor money is goin and wot it bein spent on.

Sowwy to shatter an illushon and a lovely idea but dere is peepul out dere reddy to take it our money off us and take advantage ov us wen we at our most vunurable.

I fink it's rong, and I wants to help yoo not get scammed my fwends. I hopez me not upset anyone wot may haf alreddy named a star after a loved one, It wozn't my intenshon to do so, I juz tryin to look out for my besties and make sure no-one taks advantage of dem.

Wile I iz on me soap box barkin about star namin, I fink it's a grate idea to haf a tree planted in memory of sumone, dere is tree plantin schemes in most countries, I know dey iz in UK and US so must happen sumware else. Now dis isn't a scam, and it doin da planit good cuz trees iz good fings and livin fings and we all needs dem, espeshully yoo boy dogs! Dey is handy for cockin yoo legs up to pee Bahahahaha. But yoo can't cock yer leg up a star can yoo? Juz cock it up at da companies wot after yoor money!

Friday, 6 March 2015

06/03/2015 - Youcaring Update

It's a luffley day agen here in Cornwall, da sun iz shinin an da burds iz singin.

We iz off to Devon lunchtime to collect me meds and say farewell to Sally da Vet and all at Penbode Pets, as me will be registerin wif da new vet nearer home dis munf. Gonna be sad day.

I haz been ok on me 30mg dose of Vetoryl so as yoo know bein kept on dat now til next test. Although me iz gettin mum up 2 or 3 times a night to go out for a wee. But muvva an vet not sure if dats da Cushings makin me do it or cuz me always had weak bladder. Its da only fing dats still da same as before so itz hard to tell. Will juz haf to wait and see.

As most of yoo know itz Crufts Dog Show dis week and it on Channel 4 and 4OD all week. Crufts haf dere own live streamin youTube channel ware yoo can wotch evfurryfing as it happens. We juz bin wotching da agility.

Here's da link

We likes to wotch da Flyball competishon more dan da breed competishons cuz it more fun. I can't see it dis year cus me blind, but I still enjoy listenin to ovver doggies haffin fun and join in wif da barkin. BOL

Mum likes to wotch Crufts evfurry night it on TV but it neva advertised propply, not like football or anyfin else. Not sure why, but it's always bin da same. And so it hit an miss if we sees it. I spose da televishon producers dunt fink enuff peepul is intrested in it. Pfffttt Shame on dem!

Before we goes out lunchtime, we iz goin in da garden wif mum, cuz she gotta plant a cherry tree wot bin in a pot for 3yrs, dat gonna be fun! An she got a Magnolia tree to plant too, dats bin in pot just as long, but not so big as cherry tree. We just gonna sit on da grass and listen to da cursin and huffin and puffin goin on Bahahahaha

Well pals dats all for now, me will rite anovva update fingie when we get back from da vets tday.

Haf a soopa Friday and keep safe!


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Facebook! I hates yoo!

I dunt use Facebook much, mums neva liked it cuz she herd rumors dat dey sell yoo private info onto thurd parties for money, and she knew dat Facebook wasn't secure or safe place, but I wanted me own Facebooks so she gave in and did one for me.

Mine's bin going since 2013 and I did enjoy haffin a bark wif me pals on dere and hearing about wot woz happenin in dere lives.

I herd from Gizmo who runs @Wooftasticbooks early last year dat Facebook were deleting all animal accounts, cuz his had been deleted and his mum had to do a Page insted, I fink he lost quite a lot of his info on dere. So me woz worried incase same fing happened to me. Well it didunt and I fort dey hadn't noticed me woz a dog, wich woz a bit stoopid ov me if me honest.

But it seems now its my turn to get deleted, and yesday mum had email from a pal to check out a photo an wen we clicked on da link in da email Facebook opened up and sed dey had deleted me account cuz me not a hooman bein, and if me not a real person it breaches dere Turms an Condishons. *puts paws on hips & rolls eyes* Pffftttt

Well corse me not a hooman bein *rolls eyes agen* me's a dog!

Anyways, da page fing sed mum had to download all me Facebook stuff and den log in, so she did. Den in da email from Facebook wif download link it sed click da link to go back to Facebook. She dun dat too. Wen she gets dere its a page sayin she can't log in cuz she gotta make someone an admin of da page (dat dunt exist yet) bfore she can make da page and it haz to be a trusted fwend, or someone who alreddy haz a Facebook account. Why??? Mum's me trusted hooman for Dogs Sake!

So she just didunt bovver. Me not got Facebook now cuz mum didunt want to register an account for herself cuz its not secure.

I not all dat bovvered to be honest. Cuz me got Twitta and me blog. So wotsisname who runs Facebook can stick his social media fingie ware da sun dunt shine.

So if yoo readin dis, and I hopes yoo iz, ovverwise me is barkin to meself BOL if yoo got a Facebook account in yoor name and not yoor hoomans, make sure dey make a page and dey got a Facebook account demselves or yoo gonna lose all yoor data and photo's too. Yoo can download it furst tho. If mum had known dat she wud haf.

She mite be norty today tho and open a Facebook account in a alias hooman name wif a new email account speshully for Facebook. Dat way it mite be bit safer. Whats dat mum? *puts paw to ear* .... oh yea, she sed she dunt fink dey wud believe her if she registered as Madonna Bahahahahahaha *rolls on floor wif legs in air larffing* ahem....

So dats me news today, not dat it's vewy intrestin but cud help if yoo dunt wanna lose yer stuff on Facebook wen dey delete yoor account wich dey will soon.

So better be warned dan not eh?

We got booful wevva here in Cornwall today. Brite blue sky wif no clouds anyware. Luks amazin out dere, but it not all dat warm yet. 10C degrees. So still need me woolley nickurs on to keep warm. Mojo sez dere's a few daffydil buds in da garden too. I lookin furward to smellin dem wen dey open up and wememba wot dey looked like.

We gonna be in garden a bit tday helpin mum dig holes. Well she doin gardenin we juz diggin holes BOL Trubble iz she dunt always want da holes ware we dig 'em, and we canst move dem so we gotta dig anovva hole someware else. She not easy woman to pleeze, cuz so far all da holes bin in da rong place. Pfffttt

Tomoro, Furday, we goin ova to see Sally da vet in Devon. To collect me meds and say goodbye. It gonna be so moshonal, I told mum to take plenty of tissues wif her. Sally bin me vet since me woz a pup, as yoo know she took old sisfur Midge over da Bridge 4yrs ago, and she done operayshons on me fursibs in da past. Wen we furst had Mojo, in Septemba 2013, dat Chrismuzz one of da fossil cats knocked a whole box of Belgian chocs down off da shelf and Mojo scoffed da lot. Mum cort him as he woz swallowin da last one, so she rang da vets & we had to rush him in, cus eviduntly Belgian chocs is da most poisonous cuz dey got more cocoa in dem dan cheaper chocs. An we only had 20 mins to get him to vet to save his life. So we rushed in dere and he had injecshon to make him sick. He woznt well for a day or two but dey saved his life. *wispurs* and da stoopid fing still loves chocolate and begs for it. Where's dare no sense dares no feelin as mum sez.

Sally is a luffley vet lady and me so gonna miss her. But wen we moved here last summer, it woz a long drive to get back to see her but we did. Now me drugs is stabilised and me not gotta be tested agen for 6 munfs (3 munfs if me goes downhill - paws crossed me wont), mum haz decided it best if she registers me at da big new animal hospital down da road, cuz dey is a fab vets, an da eye speshulist Mr Jim Carter recommended dem, and he holds clinic dere once a fortnight so be handy to see him wen me needs me checkups insted of drivin to Newton Abbot to his clinic which is a long long way away. But best ov all, da new vets is only 10 minutes drive down da road to get dere. So in a murgency it much betta dan haffing to drive for an hour to get to Sally.

So me will be upset tmoro, and so will mum too, and I fink Sally will be too. Mum got to know all da vets dere and da nurses, and it a fab surgery, just too far away. But me will update me blog and tell yoo all about it tomoro me pals.

Well dats all from me for da momunt unless sumfing jaw droppinly excitin happens between now an bed time. *rolls eyes*

Take care pals, and haf a grate Fursday *blows kisses & waves paw*

Be good, an if yoo cant be good be careful as mums old gramma used to say BOL

Loves yoo!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Dear Charlie has gone OTRB

Anovva dear pal has made the final journey ovva da Bridge.

@westiesdorset Charlie went ovva da bridge at 14.55 today. His breavin had got wurse and vet told his dad he woz now suffering as his lungs woz fillin wif fluid.

Our hearts go out to his dad and furbro Angus who will miss him terribly. His daddy tweeted:

" He was a great dog, a fighter to the end and all who knew him loved him. His ashes will be returned to us in about 12 days. Never forgotten. "

Charlie will be in good company wif Daisy and Hamish who also went OTRB this week. Run free dear fwends, we will miss you all but we will neva furget yoo.

*bows head in respect*

My Lab Results

Muvva has juzt spoken to da vet, about my last lab results.

My post Cortisol levels last time woz 389, dats de level of Cortisol I produce afta bein injected wif synfetic steriod fingie. It should rilly haf been below 200/250.

The post Coritisol level dis time, last wednesday, woz 187. So da lab has told da vet dat I can eiva stay on dose me on now, wich iz 30mg or it can be increased by 10mg to 40mg wich wud drop my post Cortisol level down to 120. But da vet sed as dose me on now is controllin da symptoms ov da Cushings, and as da risk of side effects goes up as da dose increases, she recommends dat me stay on same dose me on now.

So as long as dere's no complicashons and me is as well as I am at da momunt, I won't haf to haf anuvva test for 6 munfs, but if muvva notices any change for da wurse or anyfing, den me gotta haf anovva test in 3 munfs insted.

Muvva asked da vet if da Cushings will get progressively wurse and if so obviously will da drug need to be increased, and da vet sed no. She, Sally da vet, sed dat she expects me to stay on dis dose now until it's time for me to go over da Bridge.

Dis drug only controls da symptoms ov Cushings, it don't make it go away. So it don't give me any longer lifespan, but it does give me betta qwolity of life wile me iz still here. An lukin on da brite side, if me only gets 6 munfs or a year, its betta dan nuffin, an I cud juzt as easily run unda a bus next week, cuz none of us knows how long we got duz we? So me stayin pawsitive, and besides dat we not got a regular bus service anyway Bahahahaha

So we got one more trip to see Sally da vet end of dis week to collect me meds and say goodbye, cos muvva can now registur me at da new vet wich iz 5 miles away (so much closer), and also ware me see's da eye speciliast in future for me eye checkups evfurry 6 munfs. So wen we seez Sally we got to ask her to forward me medical records ova to da new vets.

It will be vewy sad to say goodbye cus Sally iz da vet dat sent old sisfur Midge ova da Bridge 4yrs ago, and who haz bin caring for me since me was a pup, and me trusts her and *wispurs* me luffs her too cuz she so kind to me, ssshhhhhhh secrit.

But da new vet's surgery is vewy nice. It's a hooge surgery, wif loadsa vets - about 15, referral speshulists visit, and dey got loadsa hoperaytin fee-eturs, well ok dey got 3 or 4 an even got one fur osses an donkeys, and dey look afta dogs, cats, burds, horses, and all sorts of critters. An dey got specialists wot do bone hoperashons and tricky cleva stuff wot ovva vets dunt do, so I gonna be well looked afta dere I fink, plus it only 10 minutes down da road from home insted of an hour's drive.

So all in all, it good news my fwends. Wot wif me drugs not increasin an da new vet to visit dis munf we iz lookin on da pawsitive side of fings. Now ware's dat bus timetable??? Bahahahaha only jokin!

Love yoo my fwends


Anuvva pal gone OTRB today

Dear fwends anovva fwend has gone ovva da Bridge today, dear Hamish. He had not been well for some time, and today his daddy posted dis on Facebook today:

" Matt Pike

24/10/1998- 2/3/2015

My Darling boy has gone to be with Hailey and Henry
He was suffering today with renal failure and pancreatitis - I kissed him and kissed him, told him that I loved him, then set him free.
I love you Hamish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "

Please put yoor paws togevva and wememba dear Hamish and send yoor sympathy to his fambly. Hamish was much loved by all his pals on Facebook.

Run free my fwend, Hailey and Henry will be waiting for yoo, and we will all meet up agen wen our time comes. Yoo will run like a gazelle on young legs agen not hindered by dem arfritty joints dat we all gets wif age, and fly fru da grass jumping ova da wild flowers as yoo chase butterflies in the warmth of da sun dat always shines over da Bridge.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Farewell Daisy

It iz wif a heavy hart dat I haf to tell you dat my fwend Daisy @RosieGamgeeWard went ova da Rainbow Bridge yesday after a long illness.

Daisy was a puppy farm doggy, and had been used and abused until her muvva took her 5yrs ago and gave her a home, nursing her, helping her recover and getting her over her psychological problems due to her terrible time in the puppy farm.

The bond between Daisy and her mum was vewy strong. Daisy neva really recovered emoshonally from her ordeal but loved and trusted her muvva.

Rest in peace sweet Daisy, run free and without pain over da Bridge, until we all meet agen in those green fields filled wif da sweet perfoom of a farsend wild flowers.

My forts iz wif her muvva who must be devastated and upset today. We iz all finkin ov yoo and sending peace and loving forts to yoo Daisy's mum.

Daisy GamgeeWard