Monday, 1 June 2015

Monday Monday

Morning my fwends.

Well da wevver men say dat here in da UK we iz gonna haf a heatwave by da weekend. Dat means me muvva will be stayin indoors in da cool and da curtains will all be closed to keep da sun out *rolls eyes*.

She wurries bout me cuz me got white fur as yoo know, an all anipals wif white fur iz more likely to get skin damage and skin cancer if dey out in da hot sun.

One ov me fursibs now OTRB had white ears, one ov fossil muvva kitteh Sophie's sons akshully, he woz called Spot. Anyway me gone off track now ware woz I? Oh yea, Spot had white ears, he woz white all ova except his tail and a butterfly shape on his head an part of one ear, wich woz black. Here's a pic ov him wif boff his ears.

and here he is wif one ear afta his amputashon *wispas* da secaturs in da pic woz not used to cut his ear off Bahahahaha Muvva left dem on da side afta prunin sum plants in da garden.

He had little bumps come up on his ear an den dey went all scabby cuz he kept scratchin dem, so muvva took him to da vet and vet sed it woz skin cancer an to wotch it carefully an if it get too bad he'd haf to come in to haf his ear amputated.

Well it got wurse, and very quickly too so poor Spot had to go in an haf his ear off. Vet lady at da time made a very good job ov it and da hair grew back quickly round da edge so it didunt really notice dat much apart from bein half da size of his ovver ear.

He was ok for bout a year, den muvva noticed lickle spots on his nose ware da fur woz and so Spot went back to da vet who agen sed keep eye on it. Woz about 6 munfs before it got really bad and dere woz big scabs on it dat he wud scratch an make bleed, muvva used to bathe dem for him cuz vet told muvva dey woznt painful, but afta a wile muvva wondered if dat woz troo cuz dey woz qwite deep holes wen da scabs came off.

Muvva cudn't see Spot like dat as he clearly woznt happy kitteh anymore so she took him in and da vet sent him OTRB. He went peacefully in muvvas arms. Needless to say muvva woz heartbroken but she dun da best for Spot like a good hooparent shud, no matter how much it hurts.

So Spot woz now OTRB wif his brofur Soots. Soot's had gone over da bridge almsot 2yrs before. He'd had problems wif crystals in his bladder. From da tests and scan dere woz lots, too many to dissolve so he was booked in vets to haf dem removed under anisfetic.

Sadly he had heart failure wile asleep on da operatin table and went OTRB. Woz a shock for muvva cuz she fort he wud be home and be better.

So now boff Sophie's boyz woz over da bridge. Soots woz 14 and Spot went wen he woz almost 16. Dat left Sophie puss an dorter Toots. As yoo know dear Sophie went over da bridge last munf after a stroke, and a week before her burfday, she'd haf been 21. So now we just haz her dorter Tootsie and sista to Spot and Soots, Tootsie is 20.

We also has Lily la Puss who not related to Sophie & her fambly, and Lily is 8yrs old.

So anyway, me gone rite off da track ov wot me woz saying, and wot da point ov me post iz to say make sure yoor mums and dads get some hooman sun screen (cuz it da same as stuff vet sells) and put it on yer ears and noses to protect dem from harmful ultra vilut rays ov da sun. Den yoo won't get skin cancer.

An wile me on about da heat wave, dunt forget dat dogs die in hot cars. So never let yoor hooparents leave yoo in parked car even if da windows is open a bit or wide open, cus temprichure still rises too high for us fur kids and we overheat and die ov heatstroke, and believe me it not a nice way to go ova da bridge pals. It like bein cooked alive.

If yoo sees a furpal in distress in a parked car wif closed windows or windows just open little bit get yoor hooparent to ring da police and da RSPCA an report it, wif da followin informashon:

1. Location as details as possible.
2. Make and colour of da car & registration plate number
3. Breed ov dog
4. If owners are nearby or noware in sight.

Den wait wif da doggy til RSPCA & police arrive.

If it takin too long and dog is in serious distress, find sumfin to smash da car window, dunt worry if alarm goes off, dats not impawtunt, impawtunt fing is to save doggy's life.

Once window smashed try and get doggy out wivout hooparent cutting demselfs or doggy an get wet blankie or wet coat anyfing damp and cover doggy to try an cool dem down, and offer water. Hooparent mite haf to gently an carefully dribble water into doggy's mouf.

Make sure someone got hold of doggy, so it not jump up and run away, cus dat wud cause anovver problem den.

If owners come back an find yoo's hooparents smashed dere car window dunt let hooparent loose dere temper wif dem, juz explain RSPCA an police is on dere way an if hooparent not smashed window doggy wud now be ded. Most good owners wud be horrified to fink dey might haf killed dere doggies. If dey get nasty wif hooparents, tell dem if doggy had died dey would haf been prosecuted so hooparent dun dem a favour.

On a not so seryuss note, dunt sit out in da sunshine too long, wen yoo starts to get too hot yoo must go indoors in da shade and take a drink ov water. Cuz yoo can get heatstroke sittin in yoor garden, hooparents can get it too. Dey get headache and dizzy feelin, well so duz we pals. Cept we can't tell hooparents an sumtimes we dunt know we getting heatstroke.

Fink dats about all me advice for dis post pals. I hopes yoo dunt mind me sayin. But I duz loves yoo all so much me dunt want anyfing to happen to yoo my fwends.

Lottsa love for now