Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Bonnie's illness & updates

Hello dudes and dudettes, it's Mojo here, Bonnie da Westie's furbro.

I haf permishon to post on her blog wile she is indisposed so I can keep yoo updated on her recovery.

As yoo all know, or most of yoo do, she was admitted into vets yesterday and they did lots of X-rays and tests and blood tests and fings to find out why sisfur woz so ill.

They discovered that the drug she was takin for her Cushings, Vetoryl had given her another disease called erm... *rummages thru paperwerk* aahh here it is.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, or immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA)

Dis ere link explains all about it

IMHA Infurmashon

I not sure if dey can cure dis disease or wevva sisfur will haf to haf treatment rest ov her life for it, but dey can try an controls it.

Da vet lady juz phoned an we iz back down in da dumps agen. Vet lady sed Bonnie's red blood count has dropped significantly dis morning from 20 to 15, so dey puttin her on an addishonal drug as well to try and stop her immune system killin her red blood cells. Additional drug called Atopica, so she now on that as well as Prednisone, Cyclosporine, an anti blood clotting drug and some other drugs.

She also had a pancreatitis test, wich woz negative, but vet lady sed it not a reliable test, but they wanted to rule out pancreatitis as well as IMHA.

The vet lady said she not good. She has deteriorated dis morning. Muvver is so upset agen I cuddle her. Dey not 100% sure it Vetoryl dat caused dis new disease now, and sed dis morning it cud be a number ov reasons she has developed it, but it does point to da Vetoryl but dey said da Cushings cud haf been maskin it. It so difficult to know. Dere is 2 types of IMHA, one is primary and one is secondary and its difficult to find out wich one sisfur got.

Pleeze keep praying for my sisfur.

Muvver wasnt goin to visit her today cus it might upset sisfur, but I fink she going in now s'aftanoon incase Bonnie goes over da bridge and muvver not see her before she goes.

So hard for muvver to know wot best, if it best to stay away and let Bonnie fight to get well or to visit incase she loses her fight.

We iz all heartbroken. I mite never see my sisfur again.