Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Help to make that final decision

Muvva has added a noo page Quality of Life - Help Making that Final Decision (link in main tabs above)

Its sumfin dat all our hoomans haz to do and sumfin dat dey all dred, and sometimes dey not always know wen it shud be done, and dats wen our quality of life is not good anymore and we wud be happier to go over da bridge.

Dere's lots of fings to fink abowt at dat time, and muvva fort dis article wud help all ov yoor mums and dads to see fings clearly and help dem make da rite decision, wevva it be yoofinaysia or pawspice care.

I fink she ritted it cuz she finks its time for Tootsie to go over da bridge. She had Hyperthryoidism for some years, and she also had a big tumour removed from her chest about 2 or 3yrs ago. After da operashon she went blind, but muvva red up on internet dat if she woz given hoomans blood pressure tablets - Istin (here in UK) - her sight mite return cuz retina re-attaches to eye if tablets given wivin 3 days of goin blind. So she told vet and vet put Tootsie on Istin and her sight woz back wivin 72hrs. Amazin.

Anyway, I digress, now Tootsie has been hiding away all day and only coming out for breakfast and dinner and not eatin much of dat rilly, and sleepin most of time. Wen she duz come out she makin horruble noises like deep froated meowing and Muvva did mention it to vet a while back wen Tootsie went in for her 6mthly blood test for thyroid, but vet sed it was probbly senility.

Now Muvva's not so sure and has a gut instinct it more dan dat, and dat Tootsie cud be in pain, and Muvva finks maybe da cancer come back sumware else wich makes Tootsie cry.

So she plucking up courage to take Tootsie to vet to go over da Bridge and join her muvva Sophie who went earlier in da year.

I fink wot makin muvva dither is, Tootsie woz born on her lap. Wen Sophie puss got pregnant before Muvva cud get her to vet to be neutered (or as we like to call it hysterical rectumy) wen she woz in labour she woz frighted so jumped up on Muvva's lap for reassurance. An dats ware she had Tootsie. Muvva sed it woz amazing. Once Sophie realised wot woz happening she cleaned Tootsie up and removed and ate da burf sack fing, den she jumped down wif Tootsie in her mouf and ran ova to da television ware hoodad had made a nest for her to haf her babies in. And dats ware she had 2 more kittens, Spot and Sooty.

So Tootsie a bit special, and she always been a muvvas gurl, and very vocal and lovin to Muvva. So it hard for Muvva to now make da rite decision. She dunt want to send her to da Bridge too early, but she dunt want her to suffer eiva.

Difficult innit. I fink Muvva knows wot da rite decision is and I fink it won't be long before she takes her to vet lady.

So dats wot brort on da article about how to come to da rite decision and wot to do.

It has helped Muvva make da decision, but now she got to pluck up courage to carry it out.

Now onto sumfin more cheerful cuz me not reddy to go ova da Bridge juz yet *rolls eyes*

Well changind da subject for a wile, an followin on from da convo last time about dem rotten collars, dey arrived yesday.

One woz broken so Gizmo not got one, Muvva rang da retailer person an dey contactin da makers who will replace it free ov charge, as dey shud. Rilly Muvva sed da retailer shud haf replaced it an den taken it up wif da makers, she knows about stuff like dat and consoomer rites more dan sum retailers bol

Mojo had his on furst. Set to sound and it weren't Radio Ga Ga neiva. I barked cuz I fort we woz going out wen I herd da clicky collar bein dun up, and it set off Mojo's collar. He didunt like it one lickle bit. He dashed all ova da kitchen like he duz wen he sees a fly, cuz he scaredid of flies, and ended up unda da table tremblin. Not a good start but Muvva purseeveered and kept it on him.

Den woz my turn. By now me fort I woz defnittly goin out, but once collar woz on me, and I barked I had da sound in me lugholes too. I woz vewy confused by dat I can tells yoo. Head going from side to side and lookin round, cuz it had set off Mojo's agen too. So we woz boff surrounded by hi pitched sound. Wos orruble.

It werked tho. We boff shut up. I laid down and sulked and Mojo laid and trembled wrapped round da cat scratchin post giving muvva da eyes as if he woz bein tortured.

We kept dem on all day, didunt seem to help me much so Muvva put mine onto vibrayte and den put Mojo's on vibrayte too.

When Gizmo barked it set our collars off, and he still yapped and we ran around wif trembly froats all confused. By now Mojo's tong woz hangin out half a mile and he woz pantin in panic.

All day we had to endure dem an it woznt til afta our dinnur at 5pm dat Muvva took dem off us. Fank Dog!

We not had dem on tday yet, dunt say nuffin, Muvva's forgot I fink. Hope so.

Da vibraytin werked for me tho, stopped me barkin, I bark once and felt it wobblin on me adams apple and stopped barkin strayt away. And Mojo didunt bark all day petrified he'd vibrayte and wobble off someware he didunt wanna go. Bahahahaha

Well we got some sunshine at da momunt, an although da garden waterlogged I fink I mite stroll round and see if I can find any soggy zombies to savige.

Take care my fwends, bark agen soon!

I love yoo all