Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A brighter day!

Hello my fwends *waves paws*

Tiz a brighter day today fank goodness. Although we all still vewy sad and missing Sophie, we iz lookin furward to her #TheAviators #Angels Escort Flight tonight at 8pm.

Please come if yoo can, she woz a vewy special pussy cat, and her and muvva went fru a lot togevva during her long life. So she gave so much support to muvva and all her love. We wants her send off and escort OTRB to be extra speshul, juz like her!

Well today itz really sunny and warm here, and when muvva got back from hospital yesday someone had cut her grass, wich was getting qwite long at da back. So now she kept busy picking up all da clippings dat stick to our paws cuz we iz in and out enjoyin da sun, den rushin in wen we getz too hot. BOL

She saw hoouncle yesterday in hospital and his surgeon. Da surgeon sed he woznt gonna operate on hoouncle as his body couldn't cope wiv it and he wudn't survive da operation. He sed da cancer might haf been dere for some time, and dat it may stay as it is or it might get bigger slowly. So doctors now discussing wevver to treat it or not, and if so it wud be either radiotherapy/chemo or juz one or t'other. Dey sed if dey use chemo it wud haf to be very light as his body cudn't stand too much.

Dey also sed dat if he not well enough wen discharged to go home, den dey wud transfer him to da local hospital nearer home. Dat wud be betta for muvva, not so far to drive and no car parkin fees, cuz da fees at Truro hospital iz extorshaynut muvva sez.

Da hospital also arrangin home care for wen he duz come here wif us and wen he goes to his own home aftawards. Fings like da nurses calling and stuff like dat. So dat a grate weight off muvvas mind dat dey iz doing dat. Cuz it wud be too much for muvva to cope wif.

So muvva sez she finks da doctors iz lettin nature take itz corse wif hoouncle and to make da most of each day we haz him. We shud do dat anyways I fink. Cuz we neva knows wot round da corner pals duz we?

Life can change in an instant, and wif no warning sumtimes, so we must always tell our loved ones how much we love dem and care about dem, and treat dem as we wud like to be treated. Dats understood in da animal kingdom, but dunt fink da hoomans lurnt dat lesson yet, well not all ov dem anyways.

So dats updated yoo about hoouncle and Sophie's escort flight tonight.

Da rest ov da day muvvas gonna be busy. Duckhouse came yesday. Muvva got a greenhouse wiv no glass on Freecycle last year and woz gonna haf it put on side of da shed, but da glass and erecshon wud haf cost too much so she ditched dat idea. Anyway she sold it, and spent da money on a house for da ducks wot we haffin soon.

If she'd known about Sophie she wud haf saved da money for her but like I sed earlier, we juz dunt know wots around da corner.

Here's duck house, it's a dog kennel rilly but will make a super secure housey for ducks.

Muvva cant remember if we alreddy shown yoo duckhouse, but if we haz, forgive us cos we got lot on our minds lately.

So s'afta noon we iz gonna be in da garden helpin muvva put it all togevva. It looks mahoosive in da pic but its only 3ft square.

If she got time she gonna put da garden swing seat togevva too, reddy for when hoouncle comes here. She got dat on Freecycle. She wants to make new covers for it but she not had time yet. She's a busy old fing lately.

Haz any ov yoo had stuff from Freecycle or used it to rehome stuff yoo dunt want nomore? It's rilly good. And no-one shud be too proud to use it. One dog's rubbish is anovver dogs treasure so dey say.

Before she duz all dat she gotta drop Tootsie's wee sample in da vet cos we not sure if she got anovva pee infection or not. Den she gotta go to Pets At Home for Mojo's biscuits and call into hoouncles house to collect da post and check all safe and secure dere.

I reckon by time it's Sophie's Escort Flight she gonna be worn out! We will haf to prop her up on da sofa ROFB

So dats all me news for today pals.

I hopez yoo iz enjoyin da good wevver and if yoo not got any wrap up warm and keep safe!

Remember, tell yoo loved ones how much dey mean to yoo even if dey only nipping out to werk or to da shops. And live each second the best yoo canz.

Love you my fwends