Aids for Blind Dogs

When a dog suddenly loses it's sight with SARDS it is more difficult for it to adjust, and it can injure itself by bumping into obstacles around the home and outside in the yard or garden.

There are 2 coats available to purchase that can help. Both serve the same purpose but 2 different designs.

Muffins Halo

Muffins Halo was designed by Silvie Bordeaux for her dog Muffin. It was so successful that Silvie wanted to produce more halo coats especially for blind dogs in shelters, because no-one wants to adopt a blind dog, but with a Muffins Halo coat, they stand more chance of being adopted.

Muffins Halo coats come in various sizes for different breeds, and in 4 styles. The original Angel Wing design comes in Red, Blue or White, The Quarterback style and the pretty Butterfly design and Silvie ships Muffins Halo coats worldwide.

You've seen the Angel Wing design, it's the one Bonnie has, but here are the Quarterback and Butterfly designs.

Here is the link to Muffins Halo website, take a look around and see if this style is best for your dog.

Muffins Halo Website

Muffins Halo is now available in the UK, I bought Bonnie's direct from Silvie in America, as she ships worldwide, and only found the UK company reselling after I'd placed my order. The only difference I would say between buying direct from Silvie or from the UK company is if you live in the UK then maybe delivery would be quicker. Although when I ordered from Silvie it took 3 days from despatch in Los Angeles to delivery in Cornwall. Better than Royal Mail first class.

Here is the link for the UK retailer for Muffins Halo
The Pet Business

Halos for Paws

The second design is made by Halos for Paws. It was designed originally by Dorie Stratton for a blind Scottish Terrier she adopted after finding him wandering around Walmart where he'd been abandoned. She was upset to see him bumping into things at home so designed the Halo jacket. After several prototypes she now sells the Halo jacket worldwide.

Here is Dorie's website
Halo for Paws website


  1. Which one do you prefer out of the two? I ordered Muffin's Halo for my Louie who went blind from SARDS recently, but it seems to annoy him more than help him. He'd been getting used to navigating by using the walls and now he can't feel what he bumps into he gets confused. Also, cos he likes walking close against the wall, the halo keeps getting lopsided out of place and I have to keep readjusting it. The velcro doesn't seem to stay in place as well as I'd expected. The halo for paws look a lot simpler and as it doesn't have the bulk it looks like it might annoy him a bit less?

    1. Hiya, I'm so sorry to hear Louie has recently been diagnosed with SARDS. They do adjust pretty quickly and a lot better than we do, but it's upsetting to see them getting their home mapped out by their sense of smell.

      Sight isn't a dog's primary sense, like it is with us humans, so that's why it's easier for them to adapt than it is for us.

      I've written a review on both designs of halo coat as I couldn't fit it in here as a reply, it was too long, and I didnt want to miss anything out.

      Bonnie doesnt wear her halo's indoors as she finds her way around better without them.

      I hope my review helps you. If there's anything you need to know or want to ask, please do because it's so upsetting and confusing when your furbaby first loses their sight.