Monday, 26 October 2015

Bonfire Nite & Halloween

Not a good time for us furs nor for da wildlife either.

I needs yoo to tell yoor hoomums and hoodads in da UK dat dey haf to rememba to take extra care ov us at Halloween & on Bonfire Night (UK), cuz some peepul will be lightin firewerks and we all know or most ov us duz, dat firewerks and furs dunt go togevva.

Dere's a few fings dey can do to help us if we gets stressed out an pantin and hiding cuz we iz scared. Furst ov all dey need to pull da curtains (drapes) so we carn't see da firewerks, and also turn da tv or radio up loud so we carn't hear da loud bangs and whizzes. Dis helps a lot.

Dey can also make us a den either in da lounge or bedroom, a sort ov cave ware we can go and feel safe, if dey not got a crate den a fireguard or even cardboard box will do, but someware just big enuff for us to get into and curl up. Some towels or blankies over da top helps sound proof it too. Same goes for our kitteh couzins, an if dey alreddy got one of dem igloo beds den juz need a towel draped over da front leavin little gap to peep out from.

Best not to get dem to sympathise wiv us too much, as dey fink dey iz comfortin us, but we fink dey bein weak and it makes us more scared. So dey gotta be brave and pretend nuffin rong.

Dere is fings dey can buy like Funda coats (thunder jackets). Dey werks for some furs but not for others. Dey neva made any diffrunce to me, I woz still scared ov firewerks. And dey is qwite expensive. Muvver found dat putting a jacket on me dat was tight did a better job. Wrapped me up like a sossige in pastry she did. Yoo see it's da feeling ov being held tight dat soothes us. So as long as it sumfin tight, cud even be da sleeve off one ov dere old jumpers.

Dere is fings dey can buy to plug in dat released feramones, like dem lectric air freshner fings, only feramones. Dat needs plugging in and switchin on 2 days before da firewerks iz expected. Dey is qwite good, muvver got one ov dem.

It also a good idea to let us out to toilet before da firewerks start kickin off. Nuffin wurse dan juz sqwot down for a pee and sumone lets a banger off behind yoo and me not talkin bowt beef sossiges.

And dey also gotta make sure dey get da kittehs in early and keep dem in, get a cat litter tray and sum litter, it not gonna brake da bank and it might get a bit whiffy in da howse but it better dan losin kitteh if it runs scared at firewerks or even wurse if some nasty little oyke ties a firewerk to it's tail. Nasty little oyke bein sum nasty cruel minded hookid dat shud know better but not got enuff brain cells.

So dats abowt all dey can do to help us. Now da next fing me wants to get off me chest is Bonfire Night, dis happens evfurry year in da UK, to celebrate Guy Fawkes tryin to blow up da Houses of Parlymunt. Pity he didn't succeed eh?

Hoomans and hookids build bonfires an on 5th November set dem alight and let off more firewerks. Dis can go on for weeks in some areas *rolls eyes*. But dere's lots ov wildlife dat like livin in piles of wood cuz to dem it's just a nice warm place to spend da winter, dey not aware dat some hooman gonna cremate dem on Bonfire Night. So da hoomans must always check dat dere's no hedgehogs or anyfing else livin in da pile ov wood dey wanna burn. Even if it means takin it all to bits and rebuilding it agen.

Click image to enlarge

Now swiftly moovin on me sisfur Dora went to school for furst time Satday. She did very well but dere woz a big German Shepherd Dog dere dat evfurryone had to give a wide burth cuz it kept lunging and barking at dem, dey sed it juz wanted to play, but muvver woznt so sure. An if it scared muvver it must've scared Dora, but Dora kept barkin at it and lunging back. Feerless she be.

Muvver felt she cud do better, cuz was distracted too much wiv da GSD, so she gonna take her to da puppy class next week instead. And seein as she spent 12hrs a day in a crate for last 6 munfs, muvver finks she will be much happier wiv da pups. Infact wen dey all arrived at school Dora was waggy tailed and wanted to say hello to all ov dem.

Lily le Puss still wont come into da livin room. She do sit in da hallway behind da babygate but is too nervous to jump ova. And Dora is provin hard to stop wantin to play wiv Lily. Muvver finks Lily is enjoyin bein da victim tho cuz she sez kittehs iz like dat.

I suppose fings will settle down in time between dem.

Dats abowt all me noos for now pals, Juz gotta say love one anuvva always, and live life to da full. An neva put off today wot yoo can put off tomoro Bahahahahahaha

Love you pals