Bonz Booteek

And for dat best dressed look but on a budgit here's sum DIY ideas!

Wif money bein tite deez days an dogs stuff bein so expensif I fort me wud put sum patterns on me blog so yoo can get yoo hoomans to make yoo sum stuff. If it saves dem money dey will be keen to make dem, plus more money left to buy treats! *taps snout*

I haz put togevver a selecshon ov patturns wot yoo can download to make stuff, yea ok get yoor hooman to make stuff but make dem fink it dere idea not yoors cuz yoo know how stubborn dey can be at times.

All da projects iz in pdf format, an muvva tells me dis easiest method for hoomans to download cuz dey can enlarge da files if dey can't see too good, keep dem size dey iz if dey got eyes like hawks an aint dey all wen it comes to catchin us out doing fings we shudnt pfffft.

So all dey gotta do is click on da download button adn whooooooosh da pattern instrucshons iz on dere compoota. Dunno if it werks wif iPads and iPhones cuz dey not proper compootas but I iz sure dat yoor hoomans got a compoota cus dey do like messing around wif all dat gadgety stuff. *rolls eyes*

Wen me finds anyfin new I will update da files so yoo can see dem. If yoo got any yoo wanna share email it to me and me will add it to me Booteek. Dis is a werk in progress cuz muvva's bin savin loadsa stuff to put in me Booteek so check back reglarly to see wot else me got in here for yoo.

So let's kick some butt or shud dat be let's lick some butt and get started!


Double or single thickness bandy annas, tie on or slip over collar styles.

Tie from a Tie
Make a smart tie from hoodads tie! We won't tell!

Little Dog Tie

Natty fleece scarf to keep yoo warm

Adjustable Dog Collar
Smart adjustable collar

Decorated Dog Collar
Groovy decorated collar

Adjustable Dog Leash
Adjustable dog leash

Fabric Dog Leash
Fabric leash

Simple harness

MBS Dog Harness
Sturdy harness

Place Mats
Pet place mats, fish or bone yoo choose

Bath Bib
Clever bath bib pattern for yoor hooman to wear so dey dunt get soaked wif water.

Flat Cap
Flat cap for that dog about town look

Cute Backpack
Great backpack for dogs dat like carryin fings on der back rather than on dere sides

Hiking Backpack
Dedicayted hikers backpack for carry yoor noms dat extra mile!

Collar Pouch
Snazzy collar pouch, customizable. Carry light stuff in dis handy purse or pouch if yoo a butch dog!

And don't furget if yoo not looked alreddy here's some lush tags for dogs and cats!

Bonnies Pet Tags

All files are virus free

More patterns coming soon!


  1. My sweet angel Bonnie...First of all, I so very happy to know you happy in heaven wif all our other Angel anipals.❤️ Mommy and I are huge fans of your blog. Momma said she gonna try deez patterns so I can haf a special reminder of you wif me always. We Luvs you Bonnie girl! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Fankoo Binky my fwend. I will always be wif yoo my fwend watchin over yoo xxx