Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hope yoo haffin grate Satday!

I haz bin busy smornin.

I haz put a new page on me blog here, it's called Pet First Aid an yoo can see it in da tabs unda me picfur.

I fort it be useful for hoomums an dads so dey knows wot to do if we poorly or injured. Tiz only a basic fing, but very useful informashon for dem.

Plus a video by a vet about CPR, or as we call it mouf to mouf wich iz a must lurn fingie to save our lives, an deres anovva bit about sum hymlick fing, not sure wot dat about but luks bit violent to me. Mum sed it wud save our lives if we woz chokin pfffft I dunt choke cuz me food goes strayt down wivout touchin da sides most of da time Bahahahaha

So anyways dats wot we bin up to.

I fort seein as it gettin close to da Zombie Squad Nurses Corse on 11th Aril for all Zombie Squad membas, it wud be useful to dem wots gonna take da corse to study up on. Cuz dere's lottsa fings in da corse same as in me Pet First Aid page.

We got rotten weavva here tday, very strong winds and rain. So anuvva day indoors on me duvet by da fire. Furbro is in his ushual pozishon belly up wif legs in air snoring his head off on da sofa. He's so sofisticayted at times. *rolls eyes*.

Muvva mite take us out for walk, I fink if weavva stays as bad as it iz me will haf to go in me wagon, muvva got a proper waterproof cover for it now, dat shud fit a hookids buggy but fits me wagon perfick. Anuvva bargin on Ebay. So me will be snug an warm in me wagon, wile muvva an Mojo fite against da wind and rain BOL It's a dogs life at times, but yoo gotta do it int ya?

Not sure wot muvva's up to. She dun all da chores yesday and tormented us wif da hoover *glares at muvva*. Fink she just loafin round agen like she duz. She dunt rilly, dat not fair ov me to say. She duz good job of carin for us and makin sure we gets our dinnurs on time and impawtunt stuff like dat. I juz enjoy teasin her, to keep her on her toes. Yoo knows wot it like, give da hoomums an inch an dey take a yard.

Muvva had to re-install me chat room on here cuz it weren't werkin propurly. So now she's moved it up into da tabbed secshon at da top, an it got a passwurd on it too so only me pals can use it. So if yoo wants da passwurd juz contact me an ask fur it. Itz a good way to keep anyone out dat can cause trubble like hackers an weirdos, and it's rilly secure an safe. Wich is very impawtunt. *nods*

Well dats about all me noos for tday pals. Me eyelids is beginning to drop agen, I got job to keep awake here.

Have a soopa Satday pals, take care and share da love!