Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Update from da Bridge

Hello my fwends,

It feels so good to be able to rite to yoo agen, but I muzt apologize for not bein around for da last 2 weeks since passing over Rainbow Bridge.

Dere was fings to do, sorting out me place up here, comfortin me muvver cos she woz unconsoluble cuz she fort me gone furever and juz wanted to touch me fur an kiss me agen, but up here tiz diffrunt, an me had to make muvver understand dat she carn't touch me fur agen, cuz dat woz all part ov me earfly body, an up here we dunt need dem cumbersome old lumps ov fur an bone. We can whiz around wivout dem, wich means we canz run faster and fly! Yes my fwends tiz troo.

Not fly like flappin da wings like burds, but wen someone who loves us or a pal is in need ov our companionship, guidance or help, we iz just dere wiv dem. It's ooba cool my fwends. We canz even be in 2 places at once! Dunt ask me how dat werks, cuz rememba me iz new up here meself. But sum ov da other fur angels told me. An me sisfur Midge who I grew up wiv sed once she lost dat crickety rickety arfriticky riddled body of hers an she arrived up here, she was whizzing round for days, propur dizzy she woz. *rolls eyes* *wispurs* She's quietened down a bit now fank Dog.

An it wos grate to see me kitteh's agen, an all muvvers furbabies wot been here for years. Corse we all young lukin up here, now dat is pretty cool I reckon if we cud bottle dat, we cud make fortune for muvver while she 'down dere'. Eternal yoof is sumfing dem hoomans is always afta. *rolls eyes*

Now today a dear fwend comin to da bridge, she may alreddy be here, I not sure cus it gets pretty crowded sumtimes, depending on how many comes each day and I juz heard dat anovva furpal came wif her.

So me iz dedicaytin dis post today to @PixelDoggy who came OTRB an I fink I see her now fru da clouds, not sure if it her for sure, dere's so many new doggies arriving, but me wavin at her, and by her side anovva furpal @smith_dawwizer dear Tiger who arrived here rather suddenly and unexpectedly for his mummy and daddy, as he had car accident.

To boff sets of pawrents, me wants to say, dat altho yoor hearts iz breakin now, pleeze know dat we iz all togevva here in Rainbow Bridge heaven, and we iz all happy and healthy and whole. An dat wen you fink ov us, we will be dere rite next to yoo, yoo juz won't be able to see us, but yoo mite feel us, a nearness, oh me wish me cud explain it.

An sometimes, but not always we sends signs to our pawrents dat we haz arrived an we wants to comfort dem to let dem know we iz ok and happy, but sumtimes dem signals iz missed in hoomans busy lives, but we duz send dem. May take few days or weeks, even a munf but yoo will see da sign one day and know we is safe and we loves yoo.

My muvva still very sad and altho me finks sumtimes she got ova da shock ov me leavin her so quick and so soon, she still will suddenly start cryin, and da pain gets worse. Itz natural my fwends dey will always miss us, wich is why as me always sayin, yea me knows, here she goes agen *rolls eyes wiv paws on hips* we gotta make da most of time on earf we got togevver, cos none ov us know how long dat gonna be, and den wen da hooman or anipal passes away dey can go in da knowledge dey was much loved.

Some furs not get dat love on earf, da ones wot suffered at hands of da hoomans, or were abandoned not wanted and left to fend for demselves, or even da wild anipals dat never haz hooman love. But wen dey get here dere is love all around, it's like a big ole woolly blanket around us, and we juz snuggle rite down in it and absorb alld at love. Tiz why we can send sum down to yoo all cuz dere so much ov it up here.

I tried to explain how it iz up here for yoo to understand, its difficult fing to do, speshully wen me juz arrived meself, but I hope it gives yoo and yoo hoomans sum comfort my fwends.

I be around an abowt forever now, and all da wile me muvva able to scribe for me.

Now onto earfly fings, iz yoo takin part in Zombie Squad's Pirate Week? Muvva's got me picfur wiv a white pirate's hat on me head, me aunty Hevva made me dat hat. We gotta talk like a pirate wich not always easy bol It's a lot ov fun my fwends, its made me ole muvva smile a few times I see. I woz wotchin ova her shoulder ovver nite an it made me heart sing to know she can smile agen.

Me muvver is gonna be busy soon cuz she setting up a Trust in my name. A non profit fing or summit, I dunt understand, anyway it gonna be called sumfin like Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Fund. An wot it gonna do is let peepul know dat dey can attend der furbaby's funeral, dey can even see dere furbaby in a lickle chapel ov rest if dey want to, as it's all included in da fee dey pay da vets for cremation or burial at dere local Pet Crematoria/Cemetary. An not only dat, but wen peepul donate to my Trust, da money is going to pawrents who carn't afford to pay for an individual cremation or burial for dere furbaby.

Muvver sez dere's so many pawrents dat would want one, so dey get da ashes back or attend da funeral or even pay to haz dere furbaby buried in proper pet cementary, but cos of dere circumstances can't afford to, so dere furbaby has to go in wiv lots of ovvers and dats not wot pawrents want. So wot Muvver hopin to set up iz da pawrents vet contacts Muvver regardin me Trust and we den pay for da individual funeral or part ov it dependin on da pawrents circumstances. It all gotta be set up propply an linked wiv all da vets in UK and PDSA and stuff. So it gonna take a wile, but Muvver iz werking on it rite now to get it set up, along wiv some ov her hooman fwends.

Now for pals pawrents outside UK da only way we cud help iz by helpin set up a yougivin donation page or sumfing. Cuz pawrents not in fit state to organise all dat wen we furst go over da bridge, so my Trust can step in and do it for dem. Den money available to pay for da funeral.

So it's all very complicated and takin lot ov organising but me Muvvers on it and me will let yoo know wen it sorted and peepuls can make use ov it. We will need fund raisers too, cuz me finks dere will be lots ov pawrents wot will need our help me pals.

Well dats abowt all for now me pals, sorry its a long one tday but me had lots to say. Pleeze send yoor condolences to Pixel and Tiger's pawarents on Twitter, dey need our love now cuz dey iz hurting bad.

Spread da love an be kind to everyfur and hooman. I love yoo my fwends. Bless yoo all.

Angel Bonnie