Friday, 10 July 2015

A new chapter!

Hello my fwends. Well a new chapter has begun in our life now hoouncle haz passed away and da funeral has taken place.

Muvva sed it woz a perfect funeral, and not sombre or sad at all. Many of hoouncles old railway pals attended, some ov dem were very old hoomans. As dey waited for da coffin to arrive dey were chatting about all da old times dey shared and it woz vewy intrestin muvva sed.

As dey got hoouncle out ov da car one ov da old pals stepped forward and placed a Gillingham Football Club supporter's scarf on da coffin next to da flowers. It woz a very moving momunt and muvva said she welled up and got leaky eyes agen.

Da service itself woz vewy special and vewy personal to hoouncle. It woznt religious an it woznt humanist, but a balance between da two. As hoouncle came into da chapel da music was Apache by The Shadows, one of hoouncles favwite groups. Den da celibrant lady read a luffley poem about hoouncle starting his journey over da bridge, and dere woz a picfur ov hoouncles favwite steam locomotive above da poem, the Bournmouth Belle.

Den she red da eulogy wich muvva had ritten wif da theme from Local Hero by Mark Knopfler playing quietly in da background. Tellin all about hoouncles life from a small boy to wen he passed away wif muvva at his side. Muvva hadn't forgotten anyfin and although it wozn't a long eulogy it covered evfurryfing about hoouncle dat woz impawtunt.

Den dey played dat luffley bit of moosic by Mark Knopfler, Wherever I Go and evfurryone in da chapel had leaky eyes. It woz very moving. Hoouncles pals George and Nick were each side ov muvva, and she had to pass dem boff a tissue to wipe dere eyes *rolls eyes*

After dat dey all said da Lord's Prayer, and den celibrant lady read da commital wif a lovely poem about lettin him go back to da stars and da star maker and stuff.

And as da curtains closed Atlantis by The Shadows played as people cud stay dere a little wile den leave da chapel.

Muvva got vewy upset in da service, cus she had swollen eyes wen she got home but she told us it woz a beautiful service an she didn't feel sad no more, but had a sort of calm come over her and even felt a bit happy. Wich we understood but hoomans dunt always get it, dat wen we go over da bridge it not a sad time but a happy time.

Muvva gave da flowers to da funeral lady and sed dat other people cud use dem if dey wanted to, cos not evfurryone can affords fresh flowers, and as deez woz silk dey cud be used agen and agen. So funeral lady hugged muvva for her kindness and took dem.

At da wake afterwards, dats ware da hoomans all went to eat lots of noms and toast hoouncle, one or two of hoouncles pals asked wot muvva woz gonna do wif his ashes wen she collects dem Monday. She sed she didn't know. So one of dem said wot about puttin dem inside da smoke box (dats da chimney ontop of a steam locomotive ware da steam comes out), of one of da preserved steam engines on Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway, then wen da steam engine chugged up da hill towards Bodmin hoouncles ashes would be scattered far an wide. Muvva fort dat wud be a fab idea, den it woz suggested dat maybe dey cud be scattered on Gillingham Football pitch. Dat wud be vewy special too.

Muvva preferred dat idea, and one of da pals sed dat he woz going up to Gillingham to watch a match on 3rd October, dats day before hoouncles next burfday, and dat he would find out if dey wud give permission to scatter da ashes da same day. He sed dey do fings like dat a lot and dat it wouldnt be a problem.

Muvva loved dat idea. Cos hoouncle would get one more trip on da high speed train to London, and den on a normal train down to Gillingham, and den get scattered all over da football pitch. It wud be extra special cuz muvva and hoouncle used to live a few yards away from da football ground wen dey woz kids.

So dats wot will happen if muvva can get permission.

Muvva not feeling sad today, we woz surprised. We fort we'd haf to keep a low profile cuz she'd be upset and leaky eyes, but she da total opposite. She feels comfort dat hoouncle wif his wife and rest of da fambly now, dey all togevver.

Muvva not got any relatives now, but she got lots of fwends on da interweb, an especially Twitta.

Muvva says to say fankoo to all dem fwends, so many peepuls sent messages of comfort and love, and told muvva dey wud be standing wif her at da funeral and holding her hand to give her strengf, and it so moved muvva to fink peepul rilly cared about her. So she wants me to tell you all dat she loves yoo all vewy much, and dat yoor forts and kind words did help her and she will be eternally grateful to yoo all.

We iz vewy blessed my fwends. To haf such a wondfurful fambly online. We may never meet but we will always be in each ovvers hearts and minds. As free spirits we are close and da miles dat seperate us iz only earthly miles, me carnt explain it, but we iz all souls linked togevva in fwendship and love and never far apart in our hearts.

Dere, me tried to explain, and I hopes yoo knows wot me means. Its not easy for a lickle dog to get philosof... fillysof... phillysof.... *sigh* ... serious.

So raise a toast my fwends to hoouncle, to each of us fwends, and to da future. May it be as good as it can be, and may we always share our love and fwendship.

Whatever da werld frows at us, we haf each ovver and we share da burdens and da bad times, as well as da good. None of us is alone, cuz we one big lovin online fambly.

ooh me nearly forgot, muvva wanted me to post a picfur ov da flowers she made for hoouncles coffin. *rolls eyes and slaps head wif paw* She put lickle white butterflies amongst da flowurs to signify hoouncle's soul flying free. Peepul fort dat woz luffley. Here dey iz.

I love yoo my fwends. We are never alone coz we got each ovver. Fankoo for supporting me muvva and me. We duz love yoo all so much.

Lots of Love