Sunday, 16 August 2015

A noo era!

Hello my fwends

Been tryin to get on to update me blog all day but muvva woz busy wiv laptop updating operatin system an it didnt go to plan Bahahahaha I shudnt larf, da air woz blue and she woz rabid as a pig at one stage. But it all dun now fank Dog.

Well a noo era in our lives has begun.

Muvva handin keys in for hoouncles house tomoro, and deres not much left to do. Da spare room like a store room an yoo can't get a paw inside cuz it full of stuff muvva dunt know wot to do wiv. Dozens of steam railway books and bits and bobs dat woz hoouncles and a big box of fambly photos wot she not seen for donkey's years. She da only one left in fambly now and is wonderin if it worth keepin da photos cuz dey only takin up valuable space. But yoo know wot hoomans iz like, dey hoarders an hang onto fings for years. *rolls eyes*

I've had me results from da last ACTH test for me Cushings. Da vet rang muvva to say da results woz good and I can stay on da same dose of Vetoryl. Muvva's pleezed cus dere more risk of side effects da stronger da dose. So all my fwends prayers and healin forts must be werking, fankoo so much pals.

I gotta go back for a normal health check in 3mths, and 3mths afta dat anovver ACTH test agen. Dey made a fuss of me at da vets, and sed how cute me looked in me pink harness an licquorice allsorts bandy anna. As if dey neva seen a fashon icon before. *flicks face fur back wif paw*

Gizmo, hoouncles doggy, is settling in wiv us much better, and he not qwite so paranoid. Muvva sez he never gonna be a normal dog like us, bahahahaha as if we normal. Da womans delooded. But he seems happy wif us. Mojo wants to play wif him but Gizmo still too nervous to play, although sumtimes he will. Depends how brave he feels I spose. Wen I hear dem playin I try to join in but carn't see wot dey doin and I gets pushed about a bit in da frivolity, so I juz barge in wif me teef bared and snarl a bit den wobble off and lie down. bol

A few of me pals on Twitta haz been diagnosed wif Cushings lately. I sense da feelin ov panic in dere scribes tweets. I wish I cud reassure dem, but I understand how dey feel cuz muvva woz da same. Wen she herd da word Cushings she just fort me woz gonna keel ova strait away and die, but ov course I hasnt.

Wif careful monitorin and Vetoryl we can go on for a few years if we not got other health issues.

I haz started a list on Twitter called Cushings, so any pals wiv it can join. We can all support each ovver on our end life journey togevver and help each ovver.

And afta all, altho we not gonna live as long as other doggies, our hoomans got da chance to spend qwolity time wiv us and take each day as it comes and as a bonus, dat dey probbly might not if we neva had Cushings. So its a blessing as much as a curse my fwends. Dere's always 2 ways to look at fings in life. And always best to make da most of everyfing dat life frows at us.

Even healthy pals dunt know how long dey got on dis earth, dey cud go at any time just like us. So dere's no guarantee dat if yoo healthy yoo gonna live for years. Cuz we dunt know wots round da corner and must live life to da full while we can.

I fink muvva learnt dat from wot she gone fru wiv hoouncle. At Christmas we woz all happy togevver and not a sign he woz ill. And for couple months we lived life as normal not making anyfing special out of each day but once he woz rushed into hospital end ov May evfurryfing changed and he woz gone in 2 months, wivout hardly any warning. But least in those 2 munfs muvva and he cud say fings dey wudnt haf otherwise.

So its da same wiv us Cushings dogs and other disabled or poorly pals, and our healthy pals. We just dont know how long we got, so we must love each other and live our lives to da full wile we can.

I fink dat goes for hoomans too. Dey always busy in dere lives and days rush by dem. Dey need to stop and smell da flowers and show evfurryone love and compassion cos dey too may be gone. Juz like me sed a few posts ago, life is like a dandylion, each seed blowing away in da wind and one day a strong wind might come and blow all da seeds away at once and our life is gone.

hmmm.. me dont mean to be depressin, juz tryin to say how life iz. Yoo know me, I gets all philosof... fillysoph... fortful at times.

So as me woz sayin before I went off on one of me wafflin meanderings, dis be a new era in our lives. It'z juzt me and muvva and Mojo, Gizmo and da kittehs. Plus all or wondfurful Twitta fwends.

Didst I tell yoo about da meeting? I carn't remember. I fink I did.

Anyways she had a man come to give quote for a fence across da garden so da orchard part is divided off from rest ov da garden and we furva away from da nasty neighbour and he carnt see into our garden and we carnt see him prying on us. Quote woznt too bad, so mum told him to go ahead and do fence. He coming Tues and fence be finished by Thursday or Friday. She duna diagram for him to follow. He seemed a nice man we'll enjoy barkin at him wen he comes to do da fence bahahahaha

So here's da diagram, da noo fence is da brown diagonal line across da left hand side. It gonna make da bark garden so private I can lay out dere on me back showin me nips off and no-one gonna see dem. Hmm.. not sure dat a good idea, I duz like to show dem off. BOL

Well dats about all me noos for now my fwends.

Pleeze keep sending pawsitiv healing forts to me and our poorly pals, it duz make a diffrunce. And wememba dat me loves yoo all so much and me so grateful for yoor help and support. Wivout wich me wudnt be here to bore yoo to deff wiv me blogging.

Love you all