Monday, 26 October 2015

Bonfire Nite & Halloween

Not a good time for us furs nor for da wildlife either.

I needs yoo to tell yoor hoomums and hoodads in da UK dat dey haf to rememba to take extra care ov us at Halloween & on Bonfire Night (UK), cuz some peepul will be lightin firewerks and we all know or most ov us duz, dat firewerks and furs dunt go togevva.

Dere's a few fings dey can do to help us if we gets stressed out an pantin and hiding cuz we iz scared. Furst ov all dey need to pull da curtains (drapes) so we carn't see da firewerks, and also turn da tv or radio up loud so we carn't hear da loud bangs and whizzes. Dis helps a lot.

Dey can also make us a den either in da lounge or bedroom, a sort ov cave ware we can go and feel safe, if dey not got a crate den a fireguard or even cardboard box will do, but someware just big enuff for us to get into and curl up. Some towels or blankies over da top helps sound proof it too. Same goes for our kitteh couzins, an if dey alreddy got one of dem igloo beds den juz need a towel draped over da front leavin little gap to peep out from.

Best not to get dem to sympathise wiv us too much, as dey fink dey iz comfortin us, but we fink dey bein weak and it makes us more scared. So dey gotta be brave and pretend nuffin rong.

Dere is fings dey can buy like Funda coats (thunder jackets). Dey werks for some furs but not for others. Dey neva made any diffrunce to me, I woz still scared ov firewerks. And dey is qwite expensive. Muvver found dat putting a jacket on me dat was tight did a better job. Wrapped me up like a sossige in pastry she did. Yoo see it's da feeling ov being held tight dat soothes us. So as long as it sumfin tight, cud even be da sleeve off one ov dere old jumpers.

Dere is fings dey can buy to plug in dat released feramones, like dem lectric air freshner fings, only feramones. Dat needs plugging in and switchin on 2 days before da firewerks iz expected. Dey is qwite good, muvver got one ov dem.

It also a good idea to let us out to toilet before da firewerks start kickin off. Nuffin wurse dan juz sqwot down for a pee and sumone lets a banger off behind yoo and me not talkin bowt beef sossiges.

And dey also gotta make sure dey get da kittehs in early and keep dem in, get a cat litter tray and sum litter, it not gonna brake da bank and it might get a bit whiffy in da howse but it better dan losin kitteh if it runs scared at firewerks or even wurse if some nasty little oyke ties a firewerk to it's tail. Nasty little oyke bein sum nasty cruel minded hookid dat shud know better but not got enuff brain cells.

So dats abowt all dey can do to help us. Now da next fing me wants to get off me chest is Bonfire Night, dis happens evfurry year in da UK, to celebrate Guy Fawkes tryin to blow up da Houses of Parlymunt. Pity he didn't succeed eh?

Hoomans and hookids build bonfires an on 5th November set dem alight and let off more firewerks. Dis can go on for weeks in some areas *rolls eyes*. But dere's lots ov wildlife dat like livin in piles of wood cuz to dem it's just a nice warm place to spend da winter, dey not aware dat some hooman gonna cremate dem on Bonfire Night. So da hoomans must always check dat dere's no hedgehogs or anyfing else livin in da pile ov wood dey wanna burn. Even if it means takin it all to bits and rebuilding it agen.

Click image to enlarge

Now swiftly moovin on me sisfur Dora went to school for furst time Satday. She did very well but dere woz a big German Shepherd Dog dere dat evfurryone had to give a wide burth cuz it kept lunging and barking at dem, dey sed it juz wanted to play, but muvver woznt so sure. An if it scared muvver it must've scared Dora, but Dora kept barkin at it and lunging back. Feerless she be.

Muvver felt she cud do better, cuz was distracted too much wiv da GSD, so she gonna take her to da puppy class next week instead. And seein as she spent 12hrs a day in a crate for last 6 munfs, muvver finks she will be much happier wiv da pups. Infact wen dey all arrived at school Dora was waggy tailed and wanted to say hello to all ov dem.

Lily le Puss still wont come into da livin room. She do sit in da hallway behind da babygate but is too nervous to jump ova. And Dora is provin hard to stop wantin to play wiv Lily. Muvver finks Lily is enjoyin bein da victim tho cuz she sez kittehs iz like dat.

I suppose fings will settle down in time between dem.

Dats abowt all me noos for now pals, Juz gotta say love one anuvva always, and live life to da full. An neva put off today wot yoo can put off tomoro Bahahahahahaha

Love you pals


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back to da future day! 21st October 2015

Hello my fwends, how iz yoo all?

Today is Back To Da Future Day, rememba da movie? Doc and Marty get in da motor car an go back and forwards in time. Woz grate film, an dey travelled forward to 26th October 2015 in da furst movie. Dey made 2 it woz dat good. So today is date dey went forward to, 21st October 2015 in da second movie. .

Dere iz many fings in da film, dat are now akshully possible, like da hoverboard and stuff like dat.

I persunally woznt alive to see da movies, but me old muvver remembas dem, cos she a fossil Bahahahaha

Now Zombie Squad is haffing a BTTF day on Twitter and we can all dress up in our leg warmers and BIG shoulders and tweet about wot we rememba from da 80's.

Muvver bin going on about all her favwite tv shows, but she woznt dat keen on da moosic cuz she woz a 60's teenager, so she likes rock n roll an pop moosic. *rolls eyes* Tol yoo she woz a fossil.

Woz in 1985 dat da furst Live Aid concert woz performed, it woz organised by Sir Bob Geldorf, yoo know dat scruffy lookin hooman dat luks like he needs a baff and a going ova wiv a flea comb! It raised lottsa money for da starvin hoomans in Africa. An lots of pop stars (okay so dey not called dat now, but me gettin in da mood) took part.

In da moosic charts da Brit no.1 woz Feargal Sharkey singin A Good Heart and in US Billboard woz Take On Me by Norwegian band A-Ha.

1985 woz da decade ov leg warmers, sweatbands, lycra an in UK fast food became availuble, and peepul look like dey ate all da pies eva since.

Fashion woz big hair, big shoulders and wimin wore loadsa makeup. Us furs, as usual woz much more sensuble and just went au nachurel like we normally duz. Apart from dem poor souls wot owned by yuppies. Yep rememba dem?

Yuppies woz young trend settin gad about town hoomans wot fort dey woz da beez knees. Female yuppies wore da latest fashons, male yuppies wore city type suits and both boasted about dere financial good forchoon and drove around in BMW's. Oh and dey used da furst mobile phones, wich woz like house brick size and carried filofax fings. Dats a posh wurd for leather or plastic wallet fings, dat came wiv a calculator, notepad, pen and wallet wiv spaces for cards. Dey woz rite loonies. But fort dey woz 'it' Woteva 'it' woz.

On da telly in da UK woz sum good series like Citizen Smith, and not so good like Dallas BOL And 1985 screened da furst series of Eastenders!

Cors dere's lots more but me carnt list dem all I'd run owt ov paper and yoo'd fall asleep wif boredum.

Movie-wise ov corse dere woz Back To Da Future, and Mad Max, Coccoon, The Color Purple, Silverado and Nightmare on Elm Street to name a few.

Fashion wise as well as da heavily manicured and coffured style of da yuppies and dem wot wanted to aspire to a yuppy dere woz sum weird ones about, like da band Talkin Heads an me not qwite sure wot style dey woz, bit ov a mashup ov Japanese Geisha an US Hippy I reckon bol

See wot me means? Weird.

ahem... and ov corse da New Romatics came out. Adam Ant and his band dressed as Highwaymen and Boy George, fans and other NR bands frolicked about dressed like sumfin out ov da Victoria & Albert Museum costume departmunt, apart from Boy George who took evfurryone by surprise, we woznt qwite sure wot he woz for a few years! ROFB

Yoo dunt see many ov dem in da frozen food aisle ov wallmart do ya?

And ov corse dis article wudn't reflect da 80's wivout menchonin da famuss 'mullet' da name given to a hair style worn by most hoomen. Short all ova an long at da back. Bit like a dog groomer's nightmare!

Fank dog dats gone and forgotten apart from isolated areas ov da wurld.

Da 80's woz da decade wen hoomen wore more makeup dan hoowimin. Confoosin da hell owt ov us furs and shufflers alike.

So dats sumfin about da 80's. A sort ov abridged version of modern history for furs BOL

I wonda wot yoo wemembas abowt 80's?

Well me gotta go and polish dem bedpans and flush dem emena tubes owt my fwends.

So me gonna sign off for now and wish yoo all a happy day and dunt forget to put yer leg warmers on my fwends, yoo neva know dey mite catch on agen ROFB

Love yoo guys!


Friday, 9 October 2015

I sent muvver an angel

Hello my fwends, I hope yoo iz all well and happy and safe??

Well I haz an announcemunt to make an it an impawtunt one.

I been an angel over da bridge now a month, and muvver bin missing me so much she still cries for me an it upsets me to fink she not realise me is safe an happy here over da bridge.

So me got to finkin and me dun some meddling. We not sposed to meddle up here, only in certain circumstances, but me fort dis woz impawtunt and definittly certain so me did.

Da day before last (wednesday) muvver woz goin froo Gumtree, an all my fwends who dunt live in UK won't know wot dat is. Well it's an online fing ware people can sell or give away fings dey dont want no more. An dere's a lot of pets given away on dere everyday.

Muvver usually goes froo all da free pet ones, and contacts dem and warns dem all about da high risk dat dere pet if given away free will end up as either dog bait for fightin dogs, cos dat goes on over here in evfurry town and village and is now out of control. Or da pets could end up as breedin machins if dey not spayed or neutered.

So anyways, me digressis, muvver had almost finished goin froo da pet ads wen she came across one dat had only bin posted online an hour before.

It woz for a little gurl doggy dat was a year old, not been spayed, and dey wanted her gone asap an she woz only half an hours drive away from muvver. So muvver sent a text to da lady and asked about doggy. The lady rang muvver an told her she only had doggy about 6 munfs and worked long hours so it woznt fair on doggy to be left plus da landlord not keen on her keeping a doggy and she had to go dat day.

Wot a predicamunt! So muvver arranged to go and see doggy, and yes yoo guessed it she brort her home wif her.

Eviduntly someone had alreddy been to look at her before muvver, but dey looked very suspicious and lady had sense enuff not to let da man take her, and muvver said he probbly wanted doggy as bait or to breed wif and lady agreed as dog fighting is big in dat area ware doggy was.

Lady who had doggy only had her 6 munfs, and muvver asked if she'd changed da microchip info and she said no cos once she got her home she realised she shouldn't haf got her and she woznt gonna stay. pffftttt Muvver woznt impressed. Evduntly lady had her 6 munfs and lady before dat had her as puppy for bowt 6 munfs, so dat makes 2 owners in a year, an muvver will be her 3rd owner. Dats not including whoever owned her muvver wen she woz born. So 4 homes rilly.

So now about doggy. She called Layla at da momunt, but I fink muvvers gonna change dat to Dora, incase da name Layla got bad memories for doggy. She is half Dachshund and half Jack Russell Terrier. So she like Mojo cos he half Dachshund, except he takes more afta da ovver half of him wich iz Scottie, so he a fat lump like a stretched Scottie dog, and she's like a Dachshund only wif long legs an wiskry face.

She hasnt bin spayed and lady muvver got her from said be nice if she had puppies, muvver said no she not havin pups she gonna be spayed and asked wen her last season woz but lady didnt have a clue. *rolls eyes*

When muvver brort her home Mojo kept growling at her and muvver fort she haf to find another home for her, but wen dey all got up in da morning it was totally diffrunt and Mojo and Gizmo adore her. (hence da name to Dora get it? bol) And dey all get on like she been here furever.

Muvver was bit frightened I wud fink she had replaced me and it was too soon after me going OTRB, but it woz my idea so me not mind at all. Me made it happen to ease muvvers pain a little bit and to give her sumfin to cuddle and to cuddle her back cuz da boys not like cuddles, and Layla just loves cuddles all da time.

She very nice doggy, she tries so hard to make muvver love her and to please muvver but muvver loves her alreddy. I spect she just frightened in another new home, and wonders how long she gonna be here for. Poor little fing.

Muvver altered one ov me pink harnesses cuz her collar and lead were falling to bits. I dunt fink she bin very well cared for bless her. But muvver soon remedy dat. *nods*

Muvver took her to vets yesterday for a health check an she passed it wif flying colours and dey all fell in love wif her. Dere was a couple in da waiting room wif 2 Westies, and it upset mum to see dem. She gets upset evfurry time she see's a Westie but dere is so many Westies in dis area dat she carn't avoid it.

And da nurse wot looked after me wen me woz in dere was on reception duty. Which woz unusual *innocent ears* and wen she told muvver dat muvver asked her all about how I had been those last 2 days as it haunted her so to fink I had been suffering and unhappy. So nursey said dat me woz quite chirpy on da Monday, which me wos, and da nurse gave me lots of cuddles and love dat day, but on Tuesday I went downhill very fast as disease was so aggressive, and probbly didn't know wot was happening, which woz troo. I felt so poorly and had so many pipes and fings in me and so many diffrunt drugs going into me system I was feeling rilly out ov it. Nurse said she fort me was hanging on to see muvver, and dat woz troo too. So muvver felt so much better afta hearing all dat, but she broke down in tears juz da same and still does wen she finks ov dem last 2 days. Come on muvver pull yerself togevver yoo gotta rite dis down for me.... *puts paws on hips*

Ahem... she ok agen now. Sorry bout dat.

Anyways ware woz I? Oh yea, wen muvva woz upset in da vets Layla woz in her arms, cus she only tiny (6kg), and wen she saw muvver crying she licked all da tears away.

So I fink she gonna look after me muvver, and she gives her nice cuddles and makes her laugh wen she chases wif Mojo cuz he such a fat lump and she so fast on her paws, he can never catch up wif her. I so pleesed it makes muvver smile cuz me dunt like to fink ov her hurting still.

Muvver told me dat no-one and nuffin will ever replace me. Me and hur haz a bond dat nuffin will ever break. And I will always be her number one baby gurl, and dats troo. I knows dat. She didunt haf to tell me, but I spose it made her feel better.

She loves noo doggy same as Mojo and Gizmo, but she not me and she wont ever replace me in muvvers heart.

Dats not to say none of me fursibs will be loved any less, just not speshul like me. Yoo know wot me means, it's hard to explain but I know yoo get it.

So anyways, here's a pic of Layla aka 'Dora' and also a slide show ov all da pics mum got ov her so far.

Here's da
Slide Show

Please make her welcome my fwends, she only a poor lickle scrap ov a gurl, but she been saved from a nasty end and I know muvver will take good care ov her.

I still keep up me blog tho me pals, cuz it impawtunt to let furs know fings, and me still be on Twitta an Facebook too. Oh me not goin anyware! *giggles*

I love yoo my fwends.

Angel Bonnie

Sunday, 4 October 2015

St Francis Day - St Francis of Assisi

Hello my fwends.

Today is St Francis ov Assisi day.

He is da patron saint ov all animals.

St Francis woz a nobleman in Italy and left all his riches to preach about God, and he woz furst hooman to receive da stigmata (explained in videos). He worshipped nature and animals, and preached dat we should all love each ovver and take care ov nature and da animals. His legacy is to help us to love and be kind to each ovver and take care ov our mother earth and animals in it.

As yoo will see if yoo wotches da long video, a lot ov his life haz been turned more into a fairytale and drifted away from da facts, but he did love animals and nature and dis is why me haz put dis article on me blog. Cuz if yoo believes or not, its intrestin to lurn about such fings, and if it about how to love each ovver den wots not to like? Yoo dunt haf to be religious to love each ovver, cuz I fink we all got love inside us bursting to get out, and we all got enuff to share wif evfurryone. I expects all religions got dere own version ov St Francis, and even athiests love nature an animals. So dis is me point. Wotever we believe or dont believe, wot we got to do is show each ovver tolerance and love and da werld gonna be a better place. Cuz Love is all dat matters and all dere is.

St Francis started da Fransiscan Order wif monasteries all ova da werld.

Here is a video about St Francis explainin about his life.

Dis video much longer, an hour, and is more a documentary factual story of St Francis life.

Love yoo my fwends

Angel Bonnie

Saturday, 3 October 2015

T Touch Massage

Hello my fwends,

Today I is gonna tell yoo all about T Touch an wot it iz and when yoo use it, or rather wen yoor hoomans use it on us dogs (an on ovver anipals too but me concentraytin on dogs in dis article).

So me will pass yoo over to muvver coz she gotta rite dis in proper hooman speek so yoor hoomans can understand wot she sayin *rolls eyes* I know, but juz humour her pals, juz humour her. I'll put my two pennywurf in at da end. Yoo know us dogs we gotta say it as it iz and cut out all da waffling wot hoomans like to do. *nods*


People and dogs get along so well because dogs like to be touched and humans find solace in touching another being. Petting a dog reduces tension and awakens joy and caring in people who are immersed in grief or depression, debilitated by age or disease, or handicapped by physical or emotional limitations. Stroking a dog helps us think, put things in perspective, and wile away a bit of free time here and there.

In the past, some dog trainers have encouraged owners not to pat their dogs in some training circumstances. “Constant petting transfers your nervousness to the dog,” some said. “Petting should only be a reward for obedience,” others claimed.

Then along came Linda Tellington-Jones and her Tellington Touch, a massage technique for reducing tension and changing behavior in dogs, and the pendulum swings back towards the fact we knew all along: touching the dog not only helps us, it helps the dog.

Tellington-Jones is a horse trainer and competitive rider who developed a method of circular touches to enhance traditional training methods and complement medical treatments. The techniques are based on a similar set of body awareness exercises for humans developed by Moshe Feldnekrais; the principle is that the exercises interrupt unacceptable behavior patterns and responses and allow acceptable patterns to develop. Today, as non-traditional medicine gets a workout, the TTouch is gaining acceptance.

Susan Spalter of Mason, Ohio, a photographer with a remarkable way with animals, is completing her training as a TTouch practitioner. Training includes several week-long workshops in which the physical underpinning of the techniques are presented; participants listen to sessions about the changes in brain wave patterns that stem from uses of the touch; discuss concurrent use of homeopathic essences and natural supplements, learn about animal behavior, and, of course, study and practice the techniques themselves.

But most pet owners really don't care about the details; they want to know if it works.

It does.

Spalter shared a testimonial from a cat owner whose adopted pet ran the household through intimidation of the other cats. The owner did everything she could think of and finally confined the cat to her bedroom. In her words: “We had two sessions wherein she taught me one of the touches. She then suggested we try using essences along with the touch. The blend was specifically for aggressive behavior. She encouraged me to develop a positive attitude and try again to bring him into the fold. I followed her advice and it worked! Simby has undergone a dramatic change and is no longer aggressive.”

Spalter has had similar success with aggressive, timid, and sore animals. In a few sessions in her home studio, she evaluates the animal, begins the touches, and teaches the owner how to use the circular motions to calm the dog and redirect its attention. Our aloof and suspicious Akita was a tough sell on the techniques, but once she deigned to participate, she was captivated. Within a few minutes, her head sank to the floor, and she dozed. Now she enjoys regular sessions of ear slides, circular touches, and vigorous body rubs.

One technique in particular has been helpful; for several years, she has had periodic, non-specific bouts of intestinal upset accompanied by lack of appetite and oceans of motion in her gut. Since learning the touches, we use pressure on her abdomen to relieve the discomfort and the spells seem to dissipate within hours.

The basics

The central TTouch motion is a circle inscribed on the dog's body. It is done by placing the fingertips on the body and tracing a clock-face circle from six o'clock around the dial past the starting point to eight o'clock. Practitioners adapt pressure, speed, and size of circle to the particular animal .

Circles are done all over the dog's body, including the face and even the gums. Circles on the gums are done with one or two fingers. If the dog resists, Spalter backs up to the most pleasant touch for the dog and tries again when the dog relaxes. In this way, she can accustom dogs to having their feet handled, to accept fingers in the mouth, and to other handling that they have balked at in the past.

TTouch has many variations of the circles, slides, and rubs, including the ear slide, in which the ear is methodically caressed in a sliding motion from base to tip, and the body rub, an invigorating, all-over stimulation of the senses.

Veterinarian Tom Beckett and his assistant, TTeam praticitioner Marnie Reeder, wrote about TTouch in Tellington-Jones' newsletter as follows:

The circular TTouch elicits changes in brain wave patterns . . . different from those elicited by petting, stroking, and massage.

With TTeam, human and animal relate as two autonomous thinking creatures with increased self-confidence, enhanced communications, and mutual respect. (In other words, both dog and owner benefit from the experience.)
TTeam does not change the animal's basic nature. (Our Akita is the same self-confident girl she has always been, but she is more relaxed.)

TTeam does not use force, fear, or pain for handling, treating, or managing animals.
Beckett uses TTouch as an enhancement to his practice, not a replacement for traditional medical protocols.
Tellington Touch sounds a bit like voodoo. Its practitioners and proponents often fall into one of two camps — those who embrace anything new, especially if it seems “natural,” and those who say “I was at my wit's end with this problem and nothing else helped.” Although the brain wave patterns of the animal can be tracked, there is little but anecdotal evidence that the techniques work. However, there is no doubt that mind and body are linked in mysterious ways; a technique that brings harmony between the two, seems to solve problems, and makes life with family companions more peaceful is well worth exploring.


Below is a link to the TTouch Foundation for further reading.

The TTouch Fundation Technique & Information

So now it my turn *wiggles bum on cloud to get comfy* Dis won't take long pals.

Basically da T Touch fing is simple, yoor hoomans just rub yoo gently wif either one finger or more, Muvver uses one finger usually, but if it a big fing like an oss den she wud use da whole hand, so get dem to rub yoo wif one finger for dogs, and rub gently round in anti-clockwise direction, dats opposite way dat hands moov round da clock face, juz for yoo pals wot iz teknickly challinged.

Den move da finger down to anoover area wivout takin it off da body and do more anti-clockwise circles on da skin. Dey can do all yoo body or juz a bit ov it, like between yoo shoulders, or on yoo chest or hips dat kinda fing.

Wot it duz: Well it so soothin it relaxes us furs strayt away. We soon drifts off into a werld of fantasy and relaxashon dreamin ov fields of sossiges and bacon mountains an all kinds of nice fings.

It's a good way of relaxin us if we stressed over anyfing, like travellin in da car, firewerks, or if we dunt feel well.

Now why couldnt muvver rite dat insted of wafflin on for hours like wot she did? Pfffft *rolls eyes agen*

Muvvwer wotched a tv programme back in da 70's (did dey have tv back den? wow) an it featured dis lady Susan Salter, but muvver alreddy knew about TTouch cuz she woz tort it years an years before dat by an old healer fwend but it woznt called TTouch back den, it neva had a name, woz juz sumfin healers knew and passed on. One fing dat dis article fing doesnt menchon iz dat wen yoo hooman is doing da TTouch dat dey shud always wipe dere hand away from da skin/fur wen dey finish insted of liftin dere hand, da proper healers movement is to wipe da hand away from da skin and den shake da hand as if it wet and dey trying to shake da water off it, shakin away from us ov corse. Wot dis duz is shakes any negative energuy away from us and if da hoomans absorbed any negative energy fru dere hand wen doin TTouch to us, dey is shakin dat energy out of demselves too.

Yoo dunt need to sign yoo hoomans up to any speshul corses to lurn about TTouch it's so simple to do. I know some websites iz advertising corses, but dey juz jumpin on da bandwagon to make a few bucks out ov peepul. No training reqwired pals. Juz get hoomans to do it. *winks*

So dats me message to yoo for tday pals, how to get dem hoomans to relax us. Dey duz get addicted to it, cuz wen dey see how much we likes it dey carn't stop demselves doin it all da time. An who iz we to complain? If it makes us feel good den its alrite wiv us innit? bol

Now me gonna go and do me Vulcan mind meld on me muvver so she duz some TTouch massarge on me furbro Mojo. Oh ang on, he's alreddy fast asleep, better get her to have a go on Gizmo insted. bol

Hope yoo hazin a grate day pals, rememba to get yoor hooman to read dis and enjoy sum lushuss massargis.

Love yoo lots
Angel Bonnie