Friday, 27 February 2015

Happy Furday!

Good day my fwends, I hope yoo iz all well?

I iz feeling a lot better dis morning. I not stressed and depressed, fank goodness, and I haz been barkin and barkin most of da morning at da front door, drivin muvva mad BOL

We iz goin out for a walk in a minit, it's a luffley sunny start to da day here in Cornwall. Juzt waitin for mum to finish her breakfast *glances across at muvva*. She can be very slow at times *rolls eyes*

I want to fank all yoo luffley fwends who haz bin donating to my vet fee fund dis week. Fank yoo so much, it stops muvva worryin herself sick about how she gonna manage and stuff. I so lucky to haf such good fwends.

I see on Twitta yesday, dat one ov my dear fwends is not well and will soon be going over da Bridge. @westiesdorset Charlie has liver cancer. He not bin well for a few weeks, off his food and no energy, and his dad bin worried sick about him. He had some tests ovva day and was found to haf cancer of da liver, and it spread to his lungs too. So he has bin going down hill rapidly. His furbro Angus and his dad haf been by his side comfortin him and yesday he had a steroid injection wich helped him haf some food, as he not eaten for a few days.

His dad sed he is takin him to da vet soon for his journey over da Bridge, and we iz sending all our love to Angus, his dad and dear Charlie. We know Charlie's journey will be a peaceful one, once he is asleep he will fly on his angel wings across da fields to da Bridge, and dere will be his furpals waiting to welcome him. So he won't be alone, and he will haf company to show him all da wonders ov life on da ovver side of da Bridge.

If yoo wud like to light a candle for Charlie, you can do one here: Light a Candle

Dis is Zombie Squad's offishul candle page, as boff Angus and Charlie iz membas ov da squad, and Captains ov Zombie Squad Nimrod (da luxshuryuss submarine) and Zombie Squad Air Force 1. Charlie and Angus are also qwolified pilots in #TheAviators.

Angus & Charlie wif dere Aviator Goggles & plane

Fankoo my fwends if yoo haz lighted a candle for Charlie and his fambly.

Haz bin a vewy sad year so far, wif pals going ova da Bridge. But try not to be too sad my dear fwends, rememba dat we will all meetz agen over da Bridge, and dat dem wot alreddy gone before us, are happy and amongst pals dere, and will be waitin for us to show us around wen it our time. Da big dog in da kennel in da sky will be lukin afta us dere.

On a brighter note, me smelt sum snowdrops in da garden dis morning. I woz snufflin along da perimitur as ushual makin sure no zombies had breached da fence, when me nose come across dem. Dey woz wet wif dew and had a faint perfoom wich woz vewy pleasant. I spect da spring flowurs will be peeping fru soon as da temperachures rise ova da next few weeks.

Here in Cornwall da Gorse is all in bloom. For dem wot not know wot Gorse iz, its a spikey prickly bush dat grows juzt about anyware bit like a weed, but mostly grows on desserted places like da moorland areas, and it haz bright yellow tiny flowurs all ova it. It smells nice too unless yoo smell sum dat moorland ponies haz peed on Bahahahaha

I glad I saw sum before me went blind, cuz wen we on da moors now for walks I smellz it and can pichur it in me mind.

Well dats about all my wafflin for tday, I gotta get back to da front door and start barkin agen.

Bin nice chattin wif yoo, enjoy yoor day an rememba treat each day as if it yoo last, be happy, haf fun, and love one anuvva.

Love yoo pals!


Thursday, 26 February 2015

26/02/2015 - YouCaring Update

Hello my fwends.

We left Mojo wif hoouncle yesday mornin cuz weavva woz dredful and it wudn't haf bin much fun for him walkin round town in da wet wif his little legs. Besides he loves hoouncle and we herd he spent all day on his lap haffin cuddles *rolls eyes*

Woz a terruble journey to da vets (and back) yesterday cuz ov da wevva. Woz fick fog all across Bodmin Moor an muvva cud hardly see infront of us, and dere was still mad fings racing past us as if it a summers day. Dey mental. But mum woz careful cos she had preshuss cargo - Me bol

I haz had my ACTH stiumulashon test yesturday and me wee test. Vet sed me wee test woz best eva as I iz now concentraytin me wee. I always concentraytes wen me wee so dunno wot she meant by dat. But it woz good news evduntly cuz it means me not drinkin so much.

Will get da results of me ACTH test either end ov dis week or Munday. But vet finks me will need a 10mg increase in me Vetoryl as it not controllin da symptoms ov me Cushings propply. I iz still gettin muvva out ov bed 2 or 3 times a night to wee, wich is a sign me drug not strong enuff yet. Although me haz lost 10gm ov wayte on me diet.

I wasn't very good wen mum collected me from da vet. She woznt sure if it woz cus me got all stressed out cuz she left me alone dere, as me gets so scared now wen she not wif me, unless me at home wif Mojo. Or wevva it woz a reaction to da test.

Mum stayed da evenin wif hoouncle, as he'd dun her some dinner, and we got ours as well. I not too keen on stayin dere as me not sure ware evfurryfing iz and me bumps into fings. But mum had taken me halo coat so woznt too bad. She had to lift me up and down da back door step tho into da garden, cuz ovverwise me falls down and lands on me chin. *embarrassed ears*.

So we not get home til gone 9pm last nite, and by den muvva woz really tired and so woz we.

When muvva hears da results of dis latest test, and da vet does put me dose up, we gotta go all da way back agen to collect da tablets. But it won't be so bad cuz it'll just be a flyin visit and me not got to be left. We will haf to go back agen 14 days afta startin da increased dose tho for anuvva ACTH test and anuvva one 4 weeks afta dat one.

I iz hoping that will sort it all out and I will be on da rite dose to control me symptoms. Each time we goes it's £184 wif me wee test as well, and me fund money is dwindling quickly. Once me dose is regulated and werkin properly I will only need a test evfurry 3mths and den evfurry 6mths.

Mum got bit upset last nite cuz she duz sumtimes. I herd her in da baffroom snifflin, she go in dere so me not know so she finks. I wish she wudn't getz upset cuz she knows me got lots of fwends dat luff us and dey be helpin us but she still gets upset da daft old bat.

She ok dis mornin agen. *rolls eyes* I spose it cuz she loves me so much, and dat makes me feel better knowin she duz and dat I got so many fwends dat love me as much too. I a very lucky little dog da vet sez, to haf so many fwends dat helpin me.

I loves yoo all vewy much my fwends. If it woznt for yoo, and I knows I keepz sayin dis, but if woznt for yoo I wud be over da Bridge by now. Yoo is keeping me alive and I can neva neva eva fank yoo all enuff or tell you how much dat means to muvva and me. Yoo iz all vewy speshul fwends and I so blessed and so lucky.

Gawd muvva's got leaky eyes agen now. *hands muvva a tissue*.

Well dats me update my pals. Da next one will be wen we hears da results.

Fankoo all so much for being here wif us fru diss orruble ordeal. I loves yoo so much.

with lots and lots of love

Bonnie, Mojo & muvva


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Anovva test! Pfft - youcaring update

I iz ritin dis tnite cuz me got to leave home early in da mornin to go to da vets.

It iz time for yet anuvva ACTH stimulashon test to check me levels of cortisol. So me and Mojo and muvva will be out all day. Muvva an Mojo will be droppin me off at da vet and comin back for me in a few hours so we won't be home til teatime probbly.

Muvva and Mojo iz gonna haf a mooch round town and if da weather is ok dey mite even go to da beech. I dunt fink Mojo eva seen da sea before. I wish I woz goin wif dem but vet needs to get me drug dose rite so me symptoms iz kept unda control.

We won't know results til end of da week or even early next week, depends on how quick da Lab gets it dun.

I not lookin furward to haffin anovva test. If I got to haf a larger dose of meds it means me got to haf anovva test in 14 days cos drug is very strong and if me gets too much it wud make me very ill and mite even make me haf a seizure or sumfin, so dey got to monitor it propply. Me will be glad wen dey got it sorted out at least I will only haf a test evfurry 3mths.

I will rite up a longa post tomorrow after me back home my fwends.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

R.I.P Daisy - Gone too soon

I had sum upsetting news tnite. My fwend Daisy da Dalmation who not been vewy well for ages, passed away tnite in her muvvas arms. She woz only 3yrs old.

Her muvva is a professional dog walker, and was hit by a car a few weeks ago so can't work, and iz hobbling round on crutches at da moment. As yoo can imagine money is vewy tight as she not able to get any help, so wen dear Daisy went over da Bridge tnite her muvva was so upset to fink she cudn't afford to haf her cremated, and she not got a garden so cudn't bury her.

Her hoogwannie is takin her to da vets in da morning, at da momunt Daisy is wrapped in her blankie in da spare bedroom.

Me muvva suggested to her muvva to set up a youcaring page to ask for help towards da cremation, cus really her muvva would like to have her ashes back home to scatter in her favwite place. So dats wot we dun. Da page was set up and I haz been tweetin it for her tnite as she too upset to do it herself.

If yoo can find it in yoor heart to help towards the cost of an individual cremation for Lucy dat would be so kind ov you.

Mum can't afford to give anyfing to help, cos as you know we as poor as church mice and need evfurry penny for my tests and medicashon, so the only way me cud help was to keep tweeting and postin on Facebook askin people to help dear Daisy's mum.

Here is da link, if yoo wud like to donate somefing. Fankoo my fwends.

Help for Daisy

Friday, 20 February 2015

Almost da weekend!

Itz almost da weekend, and I wonderin wot yoo all got planned?

Dunt furget all yoo Aviators out dere dat tomorrow Satday 21st February is da Barnstormers wif #TheAviators.

Dis gonna be so much fun. As yoo know me and Mojo iz alreddy qwolifyed pilots wif da Aviators so we iz defnittly gonna be takin part in dis adventure.

Here's sum informashon about it, and if yoo not alreddy a pilot wif The Aviators, you can apply by tweeting to @theaviatorsclub on Twitter or @ToddyFur & @3DogsWhite for info on how to join. It's grate fun, me can't recommend it enuff. And as well as all dem egcitin adventures an flights The Aviators also have #Angels wich is a group of dedicayted membas who fly tribute flights or escorts for our pals recently gone over da Rainbow Bridge. Dey is da bestest most sensitive & fortful bunch of anipals yoo cud eva wish to meet.

Anyway, here's da low down on da Barnstormers flights tomorrow night!
" @ToddyFur is doing a repeat of BARNSTORMERS two classes - vintage 1920's stunt flying class - loop da loops - barrel rolls - wing walking and maneuvers on FEB 21 for #TheAviators club members.

Southern Mission (class) flies first - 9AM United Kingdom - WHEELSUP - 4 AM EST USA - New York and the Eastern Seaboard United States

Northern Mission (class) flies later that same day - 8 PM United Kingdom - 3 PM EST USA - New York and the Eastern Seaboard United States

Detailed information for both Basic Flight School 1 FEB and 21 FEB Barnstormers is sticky pinned to the top of #TheAviators club blog:

So please feel welcome to come fly if you can. Remember to use hashtag #TheAviators in all your flight tweets! "

Chocks away! Get me home for tea Ginga! ooops sowwy got carried away dere Bahahahahaha Rushes off to find goggles and flying helmet!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Butter wudn't melt

Juzt takin it easy!

18/02/2015 - Youcaring Update

Wotcha pals, it's Mojo here.

I gotta do the update today as sis chillin out after seeing the eye specialist this morning. Evidently she had drops to deaden her eyes and all the flashing lights and poking about has given her one of her headaches *rolls eyes*.

We arrived at the clinic in plenty of time. I stayed in the car to guard it, and to see if there were any zombies wandering around. I actually went to sleep cos it was warm in the car and all those cushions and blankets on the back seat were so comfy *yawns*.

What??? Hang on peeps! *wanders over to Bonnie and puts ear to her snout*

It seems she *looks in Bonnie's direction* is going to dictate from here, she said how could I tell you whats happened if I wasn't even in the clinic. Pfffft

OK sis keep your nickurs on! Here goes folks! As spoken by she who must be obeyed *rolls eyes*.

This is now Bonnie dictating to me. *poised with paws over keyboard*

There woz a few other dogs in da waiting room, and one German Shepherd in particular that dragged its owner in barking its head off and lunging at all the other dogs was rilly scarey. I was on mum's lap and she held me tight to reassure me cuz me started shaking a lot. The receptionist told the woman to take da dog into a side room and wait as it was upsetting evfurryone else. Mum fort da woman shud haf trained it better cuz wen it came out agen it dragged its owner out door and da owner was a rite air head mum sed. Wotever dat is. *puzzled ears*.

After a few more minutes waiting, anovvver Westie came in. Hamish he woz called. He was 12yrs old, I heard mum talkin to his owners an she sed he woz really good for his age and only looked about 5 or 6yrs old. He cudn't see very well his owners sed, but dey fort he got cataraks. He woz dere for his annual injecshon. His owner picked him up and pushed him in me face to introduce us, but corse me not bein able to see and mum telling da man it weren't a good idea, I let Hamish haf a quick sniff den I went for da froat and snarled at him. He didnt half jump, fort I'd given da poor old fing a heart attack. But he was ok. He just shrank back and kept his head down for rest of da time. Fink he woz scaredid of me.


At last we woz called in. It was Goran, Mr Carter's assistant specialist man fingie. I likes him, cuz he nice and friendly. Woznt so keen on him wen he started pokin me eyes about tho. He asked mum how I'd been and evfurryfing, and if me woz coping and all dat stuff. Den he flashed lights in me eyes and put some drops in to make me eyes go numb. I can't see nuffin but mum sed he was putting somefin on me eyes to check da pressure, fink he sed it was 5. Dunno if dat good or bad. Den he was fiddlin about wif me eyes and made some notes on his laptop. After he'd done dat, Mr Carter da big boss eye specialist man fingie came in and asked how me was too. So mum had to repeat evfurryfing she'd told Goran, while Mr Carter was examining me eyes.

Mr Carter sed da retina and optic nerve is totally ded, and dere's no sight wotsoeva in either of me eyeballs. He sed he wants to see me in 6 months time for a check up, cos as da cells in da retina and optic nerve decay and reabsorb into me body, it can cause infection in da eye, so dats wot he wants to check in 6 months time.

Then it woz time to come home. Mum carried me out to da waiting room cus me a bit snappy wif other anipals at da moment, cus me can't see dem and dey make me jump, so to avoid any hassle it easier if she carries me, but she called me a fat lump infront of all da ovver dogs waiting in dere. WUDE!

Mum paid da bill, and dey said dey would send an appointment for 6mths in da post.

Then we went out into da carpark and got in da car. Mojo was pleezed to see us, and kept barkin at us which is rilly noisy cuz he got a loud bark like a big dog.

Den we came home.

End of dictayshon.

Mojo here agen, she's dozed off and haffin a nap now, sez it's all too much for her. She's a rite Diva!

Infact I'm gonna join her I fink, cos all dis scribing werk is exzorstin.

Will keep you updated pals from time to time, she's got another ACTH stimulation test next week.

Oh blind O'Riley I nearly forgot! *slaps head with paw* She's got a blog. Dunno if she's alreddy told you, but you can view it here (click Bonnie's Blog)

***** Bonnie's Blog *****

Its a sort ov diary of her life, with pages giving information on SARDS and Cushings and where to get special aids for all kinds of disabilities, and other stuff as well. She's hoping when it's finished it will help other owners wif disabled dogs, not just blind ones, but any disability.

And there's a section on The Zombie Squad too.

Thats about it for now, will do another update soon.
Thank you for all your support my friends, sis, me and Muvva really appreciate it.

Mojo, Bonnie & Mum

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shrove Chewsday & Anipal Pancaykes

Well its Shrove Chewsday and da hoomans will be actin like wallies latur flingin soggy battur all ova da place wen dey try an flip dem pancaykes ova. *rolls eyes* Wot are dey like? Kids dat wot!

Anyway I fort as dey gonna be stuffin demselves wif pancaykes filled wif all kinds of stuff and makin porkers out of demselves, we shud get in on da akshun an get dem to make special anipal pancaykes.

So here's da recipe for doggy ones furst, den gonna print a kitteh one too.

Got a pencil and paper? Hurry up I int got all day. Rite here goes:

Yoo'll need:

2 free range eggs
1 cup low fat or skimmed milk
1 & 1/2 tablespoons ov melted butter
1 teaspoon ov honey
1 cup wholemeal flour
1/2 a cup of plain white flour
1 teaspoon ov bakin powder
1/2 a teaspoon ov ground cinnamon

Metal cookie cutters not plastic cuz dey melts and makes mess an plastic not very tasty either.

Makes 10-12 small pancaykes or 3 or 4 gurt bigguns.

How to make 'em

1. Whisk togevva eggs, milk, honey, and butter

2. Add flours, cinnamon and bakin powder. Beat da dry ingredients in wif a wooden spoon cuz ovverwise it goes all ova da place an makes a mess and yoo getz it all in yoor fur.
You shud now haf a thick gloopy mess in da bowl. Hoomans call it batter.

3. Get yoor hooman to heat a greased fry pan or omlit pan and dollop sum ov da batter into cookie cutter or if yoo hooman only got plastic cookie cutters or non at all cuz dey can't or won't cook us cookies, den pour enuff batter in da pan to cover da base and about 1/4inch thick. You can get dem to cut shapes out of da big pancayke wen it cooked if dey can manage dat, if not dey gonna haf to chop it up, it no good slingin it in our drekshon in a big lump like a soggy frisbee.

4. Wait 1 or 2 minutes for bubbles to form in da mixture in da pan and to pop an disappear den find a suitable hiding place, unda kitchen table is good, coz yoo can still keep eye on da hoomans. Tell da hooman to turn da cookie cutters ova so ovver side gets cooked, or if dey doing one big pancayke dey gotta flip it ova in da pan. Hard hats not needed if dey got da mixture rite. Dey can always cheat an use a fish slice to turn da big one ova.

Give ovver side 1 or 2 minutes den pancaykes is dun. BUT dunt let da hoomans give yoo dem while dey still hot, cuz it'll burn our moufs and as well as hurtin and burnin us, it prevents us scoffing more pancaykes.

So wait til dey is almost cold before yoo eats dem.

Spose I shud say da boring bit. All treats shud be counted towards our daily calorie intake so if we haffin loadsa pancaykes we gets less dinner. pfftt Like da hoomans gonna stick to dat rule wen dey haf deres. *shakes head from side to side*

Now da kitteh recipe, it's praktily da same rilly apart from sum of da ingrediunts. To be honest its pretty tasty apart from da catnip in it.

Kiteeh pancaykes

4oz ground beef (or mince if yoo in UK)
3 teaspoons of oatmeal
1 egg
1 teaspoon of catnip

Make dem:

Nead all da ingrediunts tgevva and roll into little balls size of golf ball or smaller, and den flatten dem to bout 1/4inch.

Frow dem in fry pan and cook 3 or 4 mins each side, or sling em in da oven wif da hoomans dinner for half an hour at 425F degrees.

You can use tuna or any ova kind of fish insted of da beef, just dunt give dem so long cookin. Dey will stink da kitchen out too, so dont go blaming granma for peein her nickurs agen.

Dont give dem to kitteh strayt from oven or pan, cuz it'll burn dere moufs and make dere wiskurs go frizzy. Akchully kittehs got more sense dan eat anyfing too hot. Dey wil just look at dem as if dey rotten and walk away. Bahahaha

Monday, 16 February 2015

11/02/2015 - You Caring Update

Hello my fwends,

Bonz here dictaytin to Mojo my scribe. *Pokes Mojo to wake him up*

Da vet haz just telephone wif da results of my ACTH stimulation test me had on Monday. It seems the ideal figure after da test, from da last blood sample taken should be less dan 250, mine woz 389.

Sally da vet sed dat she not gonna increase my Vetoryl meds at da momunt, cus me only been on Vetoryl for 10-14 days, plus da fact me is overweight WUDE!!!! I iz 12kg now, SARDS and Cushings make doggies put on weight and at da momunt muvva is trying to cut me food down so I not always hungry and I lose some weight.

She woz feeding me half n half tinned food and kibble, and was weaning me onto just tinned food, cuz I gets regular urinary tract infecshons and a wet diet is better for dat kind of fing. But Sally da vet says me wud be better on a dry diet cus it would make me feel fuller for longer. So now mum wondering wot to do wif da 5,000 tins of dog food in da cupbord. Well ok me exaguraytin, dere's about 20 tins in dere.

Muvva's gotta get more dry feed now so me can be weaned onto dat eventually wif no tinned food at all. No Mojo it dunt mean yoo get double rashons to get rid of da excess tins *rolls eyes*.

Anyway *pokes Mojo agen just cuz I can* pay attenshon Mojo *giggles*

I fink he needs claws cuttin cuz he keeps hittin da rong keys on da keybord.

Ware woz I? Oh yea me food and me erm... *coughs* weight.

So me got anuvver ACTH test in 4 weeks, on .... *gives Mojo help onto chair to read calendar* ... 25th February.

*wobbles and falls sideways under weight of Mojo as he loses balance*

If me has lost some weight by den me cortisol level should be lower as eviduntly Sally da vet sed it werks wif body weight or sumfink, so will werk better if I'm not so fat WUDE!!!!!

And once me had dat next test she can go by da readings better, so at da momunt me is bein kept on the low dose me alreddy on. Sally sed deres lots ov side effects wif dis drug like being sick an exploding bums and stuff, so she not really want to give me more at da moment and wants to make sure of evfurryfing before increasing me dose. Wich makes sense to me even if it duz go rite ova me muvvas head. *rolls eyes agen*

MOJO!!!!! Iz dat yoo snorin? Wake up for Dogs sake! Honestly yoo cant get da staff deez days. *pokes Mojo agen* I iz beginning to enjoy dis *giggles*

In brief, if dats possuble, me cortisol level still too high, only been on Vetoryl 10-14 days so not surprising, anovver test in 4wks and take it from dere if me needs more Vetoryl or stay on dose me on now.

Dats it I fink, I won't menchun da weight agen. Pffftttt

Sally asked how me is in meself, wich mum found hard to ansur coz along wif da Cushings as yoo know me got SARDS and blind, wich hint no fun wen yoo carnt see nuffin. So mum sed I layin around a lot lookin depressed and a bit lethargic, but me not haffin to pee in the night no more and I not peeing quite so much during day neitha. So dere is sum improvemunt.

Between yoo and me an da dog bed, I fink muvvas a bit frighted ov when dey increase dose of me meds, cuz of side effects and stuff. Dunno why she's frighted it's me gonna be taking dem.

Thats about it for now pals. Mojo sez he got writers cramp, he gonna have collie flower ear in a minit if he dunt keep up wif me dictashon.

I got me eye speshulist appointment next week, but me will do a couple updates before den, so yoo know how me's getting on.

Fanks for all yoor support my besties, yoo haf no idea how much it means to me muvva, the old gurls coping pretty well wif evfurryfing at da momunt bless her. I duz love her even if she iz rashonin me food.

Lots of love an hugs

Bonnie Mojo and Muvva

10/02/2015 - You Caring Update

Good morning my fwends.

I apologize for not updatin yesterday but we woz so tired afta da long drive to da vets for me ACTH test.

Woz a lovely day yesday. Too nice to be stuck in da vets! Pfftt Da vet had told mum to starve me from teatime yesday, but I haz to haf me tablet wif food so she looked on da drug manufacturers website and it sed on dere not to starve before ACTH if already taking da tablets, as it gives a false reading, cos da drug isn't in me system then. Good job she checked. Good old muvva.

So anyway, she printed da page off, cos the knows vets don't like you telling dem anyfing, and we took it wif us. We also took a sample of me wee wee.

Dere wasn't much traffic, and drive across Bodmin Moor (yoo shud Google it cos it's booful countryside) was luffly mum sed. I cudn't see nuffin but dere woz lots of smells waftin in da window of sheep and wabbit poo with da occashonal aroma of cow poo too. So it made my mouf water.

We gotz to da vets at midday and afta handin in da printed page da vets nurse took me lead and was tryin to drag me out da waiting room. Muvva flew across da room, I heard her feetz on da floor, woz like stampeeding wildurbeests.

She told vet nurse off and told her I woz totally blind and it woz no good draggin me along cus I is disorientay... disoryin.... didn't know ware me was sposed to go. Muvva told her to keep talking to me so I could follow her voice and guide me gently, or if she cudn't do dat to pick me up. So she picked me up. *rolls eyes*

And dere I was for 3hrs. Wile I woz being shaved an injected wif stuff and haffin me blood samples taken, muvva woz off out down town lookin in da shops. OK I exagurate, down town, dere's about 10 shops and 3 of dem iz charity shops and most of de ovvers is banks an estate agents (or real estate offices for me fwends ova da pond).

She bort a pasty (meat pie) in da bakers she sed, and sat in da carpark and ate it wif sum lemonade, she sed dere was crocus and snowdrops in bloom and dat it woz luffley an sunny sittin on da grass. So sounds like she enjoyed herself while me was being mauled about by da vet. Pfffttt

At 3pm da vet ran muvva and she came to collect me. Corse da vet nurse brort me out on me lead, but I had heard me muvva's voice and was pullin on da lead to get to her. Nurse sed 'Yoo'd neva know she woz blind would yoo" I felt like bitin her ankle, I'm blind not stoopid woman!

Muvva had paid da bill by da time I got to her, so she scooped me up and held me tight cuz me was scardid. I gets frighted wen me not wif mum since goin blind, and it had been a horrid day for me bein pulled about, it bad enough wen yoo can see, but wen yoo can't dey seem to be comin at yoo from all drekshons. So me snuggled into muvva for few minutes den she carried me out to da car ware we had anuvva long cuddle, before driving home.

We called in at hoouncles on da way home to collect furbro Mojo. Hoouncle sed he'd had lots of cuddles, and one for ova an hour, but da last hour before we got dere he had laid by da front door and wouldn't move. Pfftt.. honestly pals, deez hoomans know nuffin about us dogs duz dey? Mojo knew we woz on way home, dats why he woz laid dere waiting. *rolls eyes AGAIN*

So anyways, mum carried me into hoouncles and I was so pleezed to see Mojo and cousin Gizmo, although Gizmo's anuvva story. Shrieks for no reason and scares us all to deff and is frighted of his own shadow. Always bin da same since hoocunncle had him. He had alreddy had one home so dunno wot went on dere, but it's left its mark on him. He's ok tho, just gotta prepar yerself for a fright wen he's around.

Hoouncle had cooked dinner for muvva, so she woz grateful for dat. We had to wait til we got home. *yea yoo guessed it rolls eyes AGAIN*.

After dinner we went home and we woz so tired me and Mojo woz asleepin most ov da evening and mum had trubble keepin her eyes open. But it's all over now til a munfs time wen me has to haf anuva one.

I'll update now an agen pals so yoo knows wots appenin in me little werld, cuz next week me got to see da eye specialist man agen. Da one wot puts dem electrode fings on me eyes afta sedaytin me. Hopefully it'll be da last time me has to haf dat dun. So an even longa mammof drive next week. No I hint gonna roll me eyes agen, its gettin borin dat, I gonna fink wot else me can do.

I know! I know! Me gonna do one of deez for a change *puts paws on hips!*


Fanks for followin me froo dis pals, I dunno wot we wud do wivout yoor support an help. I rilly rilly loves yoo all and so duz me muvva. She dunt say much poor old gurl, but she duz love me and she fanks yoo all for bein so loyal an luvin to me. *wipurs* I fink she da bestest muvva eva but we all finks dat bowt our mums dunt we.

Lottsa love an hugs

Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

06/02/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Juzt a quick update, dis is Mojo cuz sis cant see nuffin at all now to rite.

She is doin really well on her meds for her Cushings. Mum has to take her to the vet next Monday 9th February for another ACTH stimulation test to see if she needs the dose increasing, wich she probably will cos they only started her on a very low dose. It's a potent drug, so they have to build it up gradually, til it controls the symptoms of Cushings.

Mum has to get her to the vet for 12 noon, so will be leaving home about 10.30 as it's a long drive. Mum and me got to leave Bonz there for 2 or 3 hrs as she has to have a blood sample taken, then have an injection of steroids, wait a couple hours then take another blood sample. This measure how much cortisol is being released. Then both blood samples are sent off to a lab and we get the result in a few days. So probably end of next week sometime.

This link tells you all about the ACTH stimulation test and also what coritsol controls in our bodies.

When the vet gets the results she will then know how much to increase Bonz meds by and she will start on the higher dose. Then sis has to have another ACTH stimulation test in 4 wks time to check if the higher dose is controlling the Cushings or not. If not they adjust the dose again. Eventually and a few ACTH tests later she should be on a stable dose and will only need testing every 3mths.

These tests are quite expensive, as are her meds, so muvva has decided to keep her donation page open. Although there are enough funds in there at the moment after everything that we've had to pay for, until March. As the dose of Bonz drugs goes up, so does the cost of the meds.

Then on 20th of February we have another long trip to the eye specialist we saw at Newton Abbot for a final electroretinogram and some other tests. This will be, hopefully, the last time Bonz will have to be seen by this specialist. This isn't for her Cushings, this is for the SARDS. Another condition. Mum will leave me with hoouncle probably and go up with sisfur on her own.

So we got a lot of travelling the next couple of weeks, and the tests.

Generally sisfur is doing very well. She's adjusting to her blindness and to look at her she still has those lovely dark brown eyes, and always will have. So she looks like she can see but of course she can't. With cataracts and other eye diseases and conditions the eye goes pearly white or discoloured. With SARDS the eye looks normal.

She is used to her halo coat and it does a fab job of preventing her knocking her face and hurting herself. She's also used to her wagon now and enjoys it when mum takes us out for walks. She sits in her wagon like Lady Muck BOL. Mum does let her have a walk around at the nature reserve on the extending lead, but for her safety she always rides back in her wagon. I get a lift in there sometimes too. It's great cos I can see much more as it's high up, well it is to me anyway I've only got 3" long legs. It's like being ontop of Everest and looking down on the world.

So that's about it for the update pals. I'll write another one once we've been to the vets on Monday. I'm kept busy at home making sure sisfur is ok, and I have become really protective of her.

Have a super weekend my friends,
All our love
Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

27/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Evening my fwends

I iz ritin dis update now cuz muvva gonna collect hoouncle in mornin and he spendin day wif us cuz it warmer here dan ware he lives. So we won't be online til tmoro evenin, as we will be enturtainin hoouncle & cousin Gizmo.

I starts my meds tmoro at 10am. Muvva and me and Mojo went to collect dem from da vet today, Mojo was lookin out da car window an tellin me how many sheeps dere oz on da moors as we drove along, wich was ok but I really juz wanted to doze off an grab a few Z's. *rolls eyes*

So anyway, we got me meds, and made appointment to haf a test in 3 weeks to check me cortisol levels. Cuz evduntly Cushings makes me produce too much, I fink dats rite. Its vewy confusin.

Den if me needs an increase in me dose dey will adjust it and den me will haf anovver test in 12 weeks. And 3 monthly after dat.

Dey has to monitor me dose is rite cuz it controls da disease. Da meds won't cure me Cushings, and it won't shrink da tumour, but it will make me feel a bit better and give me a better quality of life.

So me will still need sum help wif me vets fees.

At da moment me got enuff in me fund for da meds tday and meds nxt month, me electroretinogram in February and me test in 3 weeks. Den me will be needin some more help.

Da meds are £57 a month, mum sed it lucky me a little dog cuz if me was labrador size it would be more dan double dat amount.

Fankoo to evfurryone who has helped me so far it really has been a life saver literally.

Anyway we iz off to bed now pals, so keep safe, fankoo for yoor support and know me duz love yoo so much.

Big hugs and kisses

Lots of love
Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

26/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Hello my dearest fwends.

Da vet has juz phoned muvva wif me Cushings results. First off pleeze accept apologies for bad typin but me muvva bit upset at da moment an can't see da keys properly to type.

Da test was positive. I duz haf Cushings. Dey can't tell by da test me had if it Pituitary or Adrenal, but da outcome just da same except one makes yoo life shorter dan de other one, but dey both not good. I could haf another test to tell which one me got, but dere's not much point really, as it won't alter anyfing, and muvva sez me been thru and gotta go thru so much it not fair on me.

Sally da vet sed muvva has to go to collect my medication tomorrow, and it will be dispensed 4 weekly. After 3 weeks muvva got to take me back to da vet for another ACTH blood test to check if they giving me the right dose, as they are starting me on a low level of Vetoryl first. If yoo haz too strong a dose it can cause an Addison's seizure or summit. So has to be done gradually and carefully wif good communication between muvva and da vet so me dunt get Addisons syndrome (seizure). So muvva gonna be doing a 100 mile round trip evfurry month to pick me meds up and take me for me tests evfurry so often. But she wud drive to end of da werld for me.

Once dey got dose right, and after few more ACTH tests to check dey haf over da next few months, I only haf to haf da ACTH test evfurry 6mths then.

I will haf to stay on da medication for da rest of me life, however long dat gonna be, and it quite expensive, but vet lady sed not as expensive as a big doggy's meds wud be, so bein a ickle terrier haz its benefits eh?

Da bad news is, cuz of me other health issues, and me SARDS (blindness), dat da prognosis is not good for da long term.

Da vet sed sum dogs can go on to live 6 mths to 2-3yrs and sumtimes little bit longer wif Cushings, but all depends on dere overall health and other health problems/issues.

Doggies wif poor health and ovver health issues, it usually 6mths to a year with treatment, but vet lady sed I cud last a bit longer, dere's no telling. And I iz a fighter!

Needless to say mum is tryin so hard to be strong for me, and I know she is devastated and really upset but she promises to be stronger for me and to make whatever time I haf, however long or short dat gonna be, da bestest life ever.

Pleeze dunt be sad my fwends, I haz a good life wif mum filled with love, and I haz all yoo wonderful pals and hoomans who love me vewy much and will be wif me da rest of my journey. And wot time we got togevva you and me, is gonna be full of love and lafter, cus life too short to be miseruble. xxxx

I promise I will fight hard and will still help other doggies if me can, and help muvva make dat website for disabled and poorly doggies and dere hoomans so wen hoomans upset and need information for dere furbabies dey not got to hunt round da interweb like wot muvva had to.

Muvva got to get ready for appointment herself for 3pm at her docs cos she got asthma check up and also got ear infection. What a grate pair we iz eh?

I will keep dis page going an keep updating yoo all on how we getting on wif da treatment and stuff.

I love you my fwends, you haf been such a support to us and still are. It's gonna be a rocky old road but togevva it won't seem so bad.

Lots of love

Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

25/01/2015 - You Caring Update

by H Case
Good day my fwends. I hope your having a relaxing and happy Sunday.

We didn't hear anything from the vet lady on Saturday, regards the results of my big Cushings test. So hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.

We are all biting our claws here, hoping it's a negative result.

So as soon as we do hear I will send an update to you all. Please keep crossing your paws and praying for a negative result.

I love you my fwends

Bonnie, (Mojo and Muvva)

21/01/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Hello my fwends.

We iz home at last. It's been a long day for me stuck in da vets, 8hrs! Dey injected me wif sumfin den came back 3 times over da course of day to take blood pfftt. I did get me b/fast after da furst blood was taken, but nuffin else til mum got me home. Mum had taken me fav cuddly toy so I had dat to snuggle up to and dere was a really noisy doggy in dere dat kept barkin and keeping me from having a snooze.

Vet sed I was a very brave and good gurl and didn't seem too distressed at not being able to see. Dey kept talkin to me so I didn't get too scared. *wispurs* but was scared really cuz I wanted me muvva, and I knew she missed me as much as I missed her.

Muvva drove all da way back to hoouncles and her and Mojo spent day wif him til it was time to drive back and collect me.

Mojo had his choppers checked cuz mum noticed he'd broken one of his big back teef t'other day on his antler chew. But fankfully vet lady sed it only tip broken off and prodded it wif a long metal fing, to see how bad it was, and fankfully Mojo didn't end up hanging off da light fitting in da ceiling Bahahaha.

So muvva gotta keep her eye on his toof incase it gets discoloured wich means it mite haf an infection in it.

She also gave him a qwick goin ovver and felt his lumps n bumps and evfurryfing was ok. He weren't keen on haffin his bits felt well ware his bits were before dey woz chopped off. *sniggers behind paw*

Anyway back to me! Vet lady is going to phone muvva as soon as da results come back, and we'll find out if me got Cushings or not. Muvva asked what da prognosis <<< see dat? Anuvver big wurd. *clears froat* Muvva asked vet lady what wud happen if test results positive and she sed I'd need to go on medication da rest of me life to control it, but it wouldn't affect me blindness. But she sed it would shorten my life, but sayin dat, she didn't mean I'd be popping me clogs any day soon, I'd just not live as long as I would have if me didn't haf Cushings.

Muvva also discussed Dr Plechner's work in dogs wif SARDS and vet sed she couldn't find anywhere on his website ware he put his protocol and although wot he sed made sense, as dere was no instructions regards doses of meds and stuff, it looked a bit odd. And she sed da blood tests I'd haf to haf would haf to be sent to a laboratory <<< *big wurd* , in Texas USA and dat wouldn't be feasuble <<< see I'm at it agen. So dunt fink muvva and da vet lady gonna enquire any further with Dr P's werk, cus it's all a bit confusing and lacking info on his website.

But it was wurf discussing. Vet Lady still gonna investigate Dr P's work more so she can make her mind up about it properly. Muvva finks sumtimes hoomans grab at anyfing dey fink will help dere furbabies and it was wurf mentionin to vet. Nuffin ventured nuffin gained as dey say, whoeva dey iz.

I'm really tired tonight, cuz me cudnt sleep in da vets, noisey neighbour and missed me muvva too much. So I'm gonna crash out in me bed now and haf a long and well deserved rest.

Lots of love,

Bonnie, (Muvva and Mojo)

20/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Good morning my fwends

Dis a vewy short update juzt to remind yoo all I iz booked into da vet tomorrow for 9am and will be dere 8hrs for da 2nd Cushings test. It a lot more complicated and thorough dan da furst test wich is why mum gotta leave me dere all day.

Mum worried about it cuz now me haz hardly any sight at all, she finks me gonna be stressed out and frighted but me will be fine. But yoo know what hoomums are like. Mojo is comin wif us but while me in vet Mojo will haf mum all to himself, wich he will love cos he a propur mummies boy *rolls eyes*.She calls him her Velcro dog and if he not touching her he gets upset *rolls eyes even further*. OOhh fort dey woz gonna get stuck at back of me head den Bahahahaha.

As soon as we home tomorrow mum will feed da kittehs and us, and den me or mum will post an update. I dunno if we get result tomorrow, I fink it haz to be sent off to a labora-toree but we will keep yooz all informed me pals.

It be a long old day for mum, wif 8hrs to kill in a one horse town, so she might come back to hoouncles wif Mojo and den drive back agen to collect me. Da vet is about 50miles from home so it not like just popping down da street. She gonna be tired I fink tomorro nite.

Well me goin now pals cos me b/fast is reddy. I hope yoo iz all bright eyed n bushy tailed and if yoo hooman dat yoo iz fine and dandy or as we say in da UK pritty chippur. Or sumfink like dat.

I love yoo my fwends.

Bonnie (Mojo & Mums)

17/01/2015 - You Caring Update no.2

ooh me forgot to say, muvva has all da email attachments from Dr Plechner in America, and she's emailed dem to my vet who is gonna read dem and she very keen to try Dr P's protocol, as he has had some success in saving any sight still left in doggies wif SARDS. She gonna read his attachments furst to see what he does and stuff.

Muvva pleezed cus it means she open to other treatments dat mite save wot tiny bit of sight me might still haf.

Right me off now, muvva's got me harness out and me wagon's revved up reddy to go! hee hee hee

Luff yoo pals.

17/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Afternoon me pals, I hope yoo all enjoyin da w/end?

We iz back from vets, it was mainly discussin fings between muvva and da vet and wot dey gonna do wif me.

I haz to go in Wednesday at 9am and muvva gotta leave me dere for 8hrs. Dis is so vet can take blood samples and inject me wif stuff, den take more blood samples and so on. It's vewy similar to da furst Cushings Test I had a few months back, but dis one testing for other fings to do wif Cushings dat da furst one didn't. So as it more complex (anuvva big wurd) I gotta be left for long time at da vets.

Mum will haf to find sumfin to amuse herself for 8hrs cus dere's nuffin much to do ware da vets iz, cus it only small town, so spose she'll take Mojo to da beach or sumfin, or have a wander round Bude which isn't far away. Lets hope it not a miserable cold or wet day or she gonna be really grumpy.

After all dem tests and dependin on wot da vet finds, den I prolly haf an ultrasound on da glands near me kidneys as well as me bladder. Killin two burds wif one stone as dey say, cus me bladder problum mite be to do wif me Cushings if I haz got it, or me SARDS which haz similar symptoms.

So dere's nuffin much to report my pals til Wednesday evening wen me gets home.

Muvva is goin to put me vets harness on me in a mo, and put me in me wagon and push me round da garden to get me used to ridinin in it, cus I can tll she bursting to take me for a spin in it up da road *rolls eyes*. Da neighbours gonna fink she had a baby Bahahahahaha.

I'm ok otherwise pals, ok indoors wif me wonky eyes, still a bit wobbly out in da garden if me runs and loses me bearings or Mojo's gone on ahead and I've not caught up with him cuz me been sniffin sumfin. But other dan dat me is coping ok.

Enjoy yoor weekend my fwends, I love yoo all dearly,

Bonnie (muvva and Mojo)

15/01/2015 - You Caring Update No.2

Well pals me got da vets appointment at last for Saturday at 11.30am. Dis will be for wee sample to check for infection, crystals and blood/protein etc. And to discuss what vet is going to do about me frequent urination.

Den if she finks me still needs da ultrasound, will make an appointment for dat next week. She will also arrange for me 2nd Cushings test sometime next week too, muvva not sure if it could all be done on same day, as me vet is 50 miles drive away from home.

Muvva also takin all dat Dr Plechner paperwork wif her too to discuss dat and wevva my vet is going to read thru it and afterwards decide wevva she wants to try da treatment or wevva she finks its not wurf it. Cos me can hardly see anyfing now out of one eye and me over eye totally sightless.

So will update dis page on Saturday wen we get back from da vets.

And dis afternoon me wagon arrived. Dunno who was more excited me, Mojo or muvva. I suspect muvva. *rolls eyes*

Mum haz taken sum pics of me sat in it, wif da hood up and will put dem on me gallery on dis page (gallery link right hand side) dunt forget to click on see more or see all woteva it sez. Den you can see all me pics.

I wasnt keen wen muvva furst sat me in it, but when I realised how stable it woz and it didnt wobble at all when me moved, and when me felt da 2 straps holding me in each side, I felt much better and quite liked it. Can't wait to go for a krewz in it tomorrow.

It's even got headlights on it but dunt fink muvva will be takin me owt after dark, til she's covered up da name Dogger. BOL She gonna make a fabric number place for front and back 'BONZ 1' wif da Zombie Squad patch on dem too.

I haz been a little better s'aftanoon. Altough me sights been worse today I've navigated around indoors and da garden ok. My upset tums gone, fink it woz dat turkey treat I had yesday, cuz me got delicate tum. But generally me not been so depressed and I haz been more lively. I becoming more accepting of it now I fink.

I hopes yoo all had a luffley Fursday pals. Will update Satday after me vets appointment.

Keep safe, I love you all

Bonnie (muvva and Mojo)

15/01/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Hello my fwends,

Muvva has been twying to get to see my vet or get her to call to discuss me all week and she not phoned mum, so mum not vewy pleased. Evidently she woz twying to phone our old number ware we used to live & hadn't seen da new one in me records *rolls eyes*

Muvva rang agen juz now and has made appointment wif vet for Saturday at 11.30am. She takin a wee sample wif her (mine not hers) and primarily da appointment is to discuss me weak bladder & check for any infecshon or crystals agen. Den dey gonna make appointment for da ultrasound. So dat bladder fing will be investigated and hopefully treated. Cos me gets fed up haffing to pee every half hour to an hour.

As for me blindness, muvva will make da appointment for me 2nd Cushings test wen she sees vet Saturday, so I suspect it be sumtime next week, as long as it done before me see's da specialist on 20th February dere's no panic wif dat.

Also mum has received all da paper werk from Dr Plechner in America wif his protocol and work wif SARDS dogs around da world, plus some medical notes from one of muvva's hooman Twitter fwends dat has had SARDS and da hooman doctors saved one of her eyes. Da treatment is almost identical wif Dr Plechners work, so mum has high hopes dat if our vet is willing to contact Dr Plechner via email, and follow his protocol den perhaps any sight me might haf left will be saved, but da chances are very slim as vets in da UK not keen on doing anyfing out of da normal and are usually years behind vets in da US. So muvva prepared for a fight to get anywhere wif dat, but she won't give in easy my fwends. Mum will print off all Dr Plechner's notes and stuff to take wiv us for da vet to see, plus his contact details. He offers his advice for free so hopefully dat might swing da vet to find out more about it.

Dr Plechner believes dat SARDS is caused by an auto-immune imbalance and if dat imbalance is rectified (big wurd - proud face) den some sight can be saved if its done before total blindess sets in and also other diseases stopped which wud ovverwise appear due to auto-immune system not werking properly. Me duz haf a very slight bit of sight in one eye but it going rapidly so mum wants to let vet know der is some urgency in dis matter.

Muvva heard about Dr Plechner from Dorie, da lady wot makes da halo coats in Georgia USA, as he is her vet and she knows his protocol does werk cus she got blind dogs, she makin me day to day halo coat. She not da lady wot makes da angel wings halo coats, dats Silvie aka Muffins Halo (and me Muffins Halo is bein despatched today so will be here sumtime wivin next 2 weeks I spect). Confused? Bahahahaha

So anyway, I can see yoor eyes iz glazed over by now and yoo getting twitchy and bored.

Some good news, and dat iz me Dogger is coming tday. (stop sniggerin all me UK pals). So once its unpacked and muvva's put da wheels on it, I'm hoping she gonna take sum pics ov me in it to post on here an on Twitter n Facebook. I so excited cus I can go out and about wif furbro and muvva and not be frightened of being trampled on or grabbed or stroked.

Da ovver stroller we wanted was gonna take at least 3 months to be in stock wif da retailer, and so mum cancelled dat order and discovered (anuvva big wurd - even prouder face) dat da Dogger is now available in UK. So she ordered dat one insted and no waiting munfs for delivery. RESULT! So egcited, can't wait for muvva to put me in it wen it comes. I told her I wants one of dem honk honk hooters to bite so people get out me way, yoo know dem long horns wif a round rubber end yoo haz to squeeze. Pity me won't be able to see dem old grannies jump in da air wen me bites da hooter and blasts dem from behind. Bahahahahaha

Muvva gonna make sum Zombie Squad banners to cover up da Dogger ones front and back cuz here in UK, as most of me UK pals will know, dogger is a vewy wude wurd. If me overseas pals get dere mumz to Google it dey will be shocked. So muvva definately gotta cover up dem wurds or else we will end up like da Pied Piper, and insted of rats we'd haf a line of perverts following us each time we go for walks ROFB

Well dats about it for now. I'll update agen on Saturday about me vets visit wen we gets home. And me will update on here probs tnite or tomoro wif pics of me in me Dogger.

Have a lovely Fursday pals, I loves yoo all so much!

Lots of love
Bonnie (muvva and Mojo)

06/01/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Thank you so much my friends for your generosity, mum and me are blown away by your kindness and you don't know what a huge relief it is for mum to know that she can now ask the vet to refer me to the other specialist for my test.

Mum has been looking up SARDS and found a page which explains all about it and the test which is called an Electroretinogram (ERG). I have to have general aneasthetic, as I have to remain very still, then electrodes are placed on my corneas to record the tiny electrical impulses of my retinas an the activity shows up on a computer screen as waves. If you Google 'electroretinogram in dogs' there's lots of pages come up telling you all about it.

Mum is clearer now as to why it's important for me to have the SARDS test. She found this link by good old Google and found it very easy to understand and it explains my problem very well.

And a dear friend Sprocket_Cool's mum has sent a link to a Scientific Journal telling of an American Veterinary Scientist who has discovered a new disease similar to SARDS which is called IMR which shows the same symptoms, but can be reversed in a lot of cases so dogs regain some or all of their sight back, and the test is the same as the SARDS test so mum is going to tell the specialist about it in the hope when he does the electroretinagram thingie he can check for IMR too. Because although SARDS isn't treatable IMR is.

Some of the symptoms of SARDS are drinking more and putting on weight. Well I have been drinking more than usual for a while now, and although I was on a diet as I was putting on weight, I was still putting on weight with reduced calorie feed so mum thinks this is a good sign that my problem is SARDS or IMR rather than a brain tumour.

We can but hope and pray my friends.

13/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Hi pals,

My speshul blind dog vest harness & lead came today along wif my waterproof blind dog coat wif reflective stripes (I fink dey go fast stripes).

I haz posted da pics in da gallery here for yoo all to see.

Fankoo my fwends for makin dis possuble.

Luffs yoo all sooooo much


12/01//2015 - You Caring UPdate

by H Case
I haz uploaded me buggy dat mum has ordered for me. Wont be here for 6wks tho. Fort yoo shud all see wot it is gonna be like. Fankoo fwends for makin all dis possible.

I duz luff yoo so. xxx

12/01/2015 You Caring Update

Hello my fwends,

I sowwy I so late wif dis update. Mum bin vewy busy today sorting fings out.

I hasn't got much news either, mum rang da vet to make appointment for me 2nd Cushings test and da ultrasound on me bladder and ovver tests for me bladder problem but da vet's not dere today. One ov her children is poorly so she taken day off, but da receptionist passed muvva's messige onto her and she gonna ring muvva on Wednesday wen she back. I fink she wants to discuss stuff wif mum before she does me tests and scans. So looks like me be haffin dem towards end ov da week.

Muvva also been researching strollers and seein wich ones iz best for blind dogs, cus most of dem designed for seein dogs. She found a luffley one wif big wheels wif inner tubes and super suspension and fings and a frame at da front to stop yoo fallin out, although dere sum straps inside too and she ordered it but it wont be reddy til end of February. It coming from da Netherlands ware da factory iz wot makes dem. It also got a full wain cover on it so me can still go out in da wet. It will be invalewbul for summer time, cos we live in an area ware deres always lots of tourists cuz it so pretty in Cornwall, and it means me can still go out and not get twampled on by all dem Japanese people wif dere Nikon camras and peepul from Birmingham stuffin dere faces wif Cornish Pasties. Plus I wont haf to put up wif dem ankle biters (little hoomans) wot rush up and wanna stroke me.

Furbro Mojo is better now, he had bin a bit upset and worried and woznt sure wot woz happenin wif me, he knew me woznt well but didunt know why, and he nipped me couple ov times wich worried mum. But he ok now, and knows me can't see and he vewy patient wif me and has started to guide me round fings in da garden sometimes. So mum relieved about dat, cuz she did fink he'd haf to be rehomed if he woz gonna keep snapping at me and stuff.

Like i sed to muvva, and I fink yoo'll all agree wif me, tiz a big fing to go blind, and evfurryone at home, mumz, me, Mojo, da two fossil cats and Lily le Puss all gotta get used to it and we all gotta adapt and live diffruntly, fings haf changed big time and we must all change wif it. Fings wot we took for granted, ickle fings, are now major fings. I fink she grasped wot me woz sayin, although sumtimes me duz wunder if she iz knitting wif boff needles if yoo get my drift *winks*

So anyway me pals, I won't haz much news til Wednesday wen muvvas spoken to Sally me vet and we knows wen me haffin da tests and scan and fings and wot gonna happen next.

So I'll probs update yoo den and leave yoo in peace tmorro. We iz going to hoouncles tomoro to see cousin Gizmo and I spect we get sum tweats while we dere.

So bark again soon my fwends, fankoo for travellin dis wobbly old road wif us. We duz appreshyate all yoo doin for us and just bein our fwends is wurf da werld to us. We duz luff yoo all so much.

Take care furpals (and hoomans)

Lots of Love

Bonnie, Mojo & Mums

10/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Hello my dearest fwends,

Well my adventure yesterday is over fank goodness.

Dis gonna be a long update pals so get comfy, chew on a nom and pin yer ears an wiskurs back.

Gettin up at 5am woz a shock for muvva I can tell yoo. And da drive up to da clinic woz terruble, wif so many road werks fort we woznt gonna make it in time but we got to da clinic half an hour early, so we had to sit and wait to see Mr Tucker da specialist. He da top man in Europe/UK for veterinururury eye stuff. Dere were a few other dogs in dere and a cat. Mum took a picfur and tried to tweet it but dere woznt a signal so it wudn't send & it gone into drafts an she can't find it BOL Daft muvva.

Goran Kosec, Mr Tucker's assistant called us in to one of da examination rooms. What a cool name dat dudes got eh? Sounds like sumfin from Lord of da rings. I woz well impressed. Anyway I dygress. Goran, oh yes we woz on furst name terms, was asking muvva all about me and evfurryfing to do wif my health and stuff, an then he examined me eyes. I weren't too keen on this bit, but sat still and didn't wriggle, and he sed I was a very good gurl. Wot else? I always good *giggles behind paw* Goran woz interested in Twitter and how we all support each ova and stuff, and he even looked at me Twitter account after muvva left me dere. *proud face*

I had bits of paper shoved in me eyes and bright lights and fings but it didnt hurt cos I had sum of dem eye drops that put yer eyes to sleep or sumfin.

Goran den explained to muvva about how all me eye is clear and looks normal and is as it should be 'cept me retina and optical nerve. He sed wen dey do da electroretinathingammyjig it will show if da retinas and nerves is werking or not, and dozy mum can't remember if he said if dey werking ok its SARDS or if he said if dey not werking it SARDS. *rolls eyes* I spose it was a lot fer her to take in so I'll let her off and she's gettin on a bit in years so she not so brainy as she used to be.

*wispurs* memory like a sieve.

So den da main man Mr Jim Tucker came in, he said he had been listening outside wot Goran had been telling us and den he examined me eyes as well, and went all hyper medicul and complicayted and I could see (cos me not totally blind at da moment) dat me mums eyes woz glazing over and thought she's gonna go comatoze on me in a minit. Anyway she woz nodding and looked like it was sinking in a bit. Mr Tucker said he finks it probably is SARDS and da ERM fingy wud show dat, if it showed da opposite result it meant it be a tumour. So I sensed muvva go all stiff and tense den. Well pals to be honest, me went a bit wobbly too.

Muvva asked wot wud happen if it woz a tumour and Mr Tucker sed me would need to be referred to diffrunt specialists and wud need MRI and CT scans wotever dey is. And dat dey wud show ware da tumour woz and stuff, and dey wud haf to take a biopsy. Dunt fink me got one of dem biopsy fings. Muvva asked how dey wud do dat, and Mr Tucker sed drill a hole in me head and take a sample of me brain. Well me zombie squad instincts kicked in den and I got a bit fidgety finking dey was after eating me brains. So snuggled into me muvva a bit more to protect her yoo understand. *nods*

So den mum left me dere and went off wif her Twitter friend wot came wif her for moral support, and I heard da wurd lunch by da river and stuff. Pfffftttttt

I dunt remember much else after dat cus me had deep sedation. Woz a vewy relaxing.

After 2pm muvva came back for me. I woz still flaked out on me back snoring me head off but she insisted on disturbing me. Muvva was talking wif Goran again and he was telling her dat it woz definutly SARDS, and dat I wud be bllnd in few days or couple of weeks. He sed its not painful, well I cud haf told him dat *rolls eyes agen* and dat dere is no treatment for it. If it had been IMR *baffled look* it could haf been treatable and me might haf had sum sight, but its not dat so forget all dat stuff. So after he told mum all about SARDS (you can Google SARDS in dogs & tells yoo all about it - boring) he also gave her very good advice on how to train me to come to a whistle. Corse he dunt realise me a celebruty on Twitta by now, come to a whistle? Pfffttt Cuz he sed if we out and me can't hear muvva shriekin me name if I go out of her sight, I wud hear a whislte. He ain't heard me muvva shriek. And he gave her good advice about how to take care of a blind dog. I juz hoping she gets me a pair of dem cool Stevie Wonder glasses.

Then it was time to go. So muvva shook Gorans hand and a nurse brort me out from da back ware all da acshun takes place. And me stoopid muvva started blabbing wen da nurse said how good me had bin. Honest pals, I didnt know ware to put meself, it was soooooo embarrassin. Da nurse was fab and put her arm round me muvva til she'd pulled herself togevva. Da nurse said it was relief coming out dat me only got SARDS. Relief??? I spose it better dan haffing a tumour but it not gonna be much fun bein blind. Muvvas eh?

Den muvva went to pay. She woz bracing herself, and her Twitter fwend came in den cos she see us fru da windows and knew we woz reddy to come home.

Furst of all muvva had to make da appointment for 6wks to go back and haf it dun all over agen. So she dun dat. The receptionist man was smashing, I qwite fancied him cus he woz lush, but he was gay so not interested in a sexy white bombshell like me. Pffftttt Mum kept sayin on way home how luffley he woz.

So anyway, after appointment woz made he den did da bill. Dis was a BIG SHOCK. Mum and Twitter lady fwend braced demselves and as dey boff took a deep breff it was like da air had been sucked out da room and we woz all in a air lock. I sware evfurryone's hair woz sucked sideways and me fur.

The bill came to £243! Mum said in a wobbly voice finking dey'd made a mistake, 'Is that all?' And da luffley receptionist man sed oh yes dat's all.

Well yoo cud haf knocked me muvva ova wif a fevver. She woz gobsmacked. She and my normal vet woz convinced it woz gonna be bout £800. So mum paid it and we got receipt scanned reddy to post up on here wich she will do once I finished dictaytin dis update.

So den we came home, mum dropped Twitter lady fwend off and we went onto hoouncles to pick up Mojo. He woz sniffin me all over, didnt like him doin dat woz orruble so growled at him. bol

Anyway mum's done a breakdown of costs so far and future costs cos me still got to haf da Cushings test agen, and also ultrasound and full bloods/urine fingies done fur me bladder problem so still more expense to come and IF me Cushings is pawsitive den I'll haf to be on expensif meds all me life, but we hoping it be like furst Cushings test and be clear.

So here's da breakdown:

9th Jan 2015
Electroretinograph £243
Travelling costs £30

Expenses to come:

20th Feb 2015
Same as yesterday £243
Travelling costs £30

Cushings Test £80
Ultrasound £70
Any medication/treatment for bladder problems not known yet amount not known or/and if Cushings Test is pos.

2 x Halo coats (1 to wear, 1 in wash) £110 plus shipping
1 x Special blind dog harness and lead (printed 'I am blind')
Stroller £200+

Dat comes to about £1,046 approx mite be more mite be less it only an estimate.

Plus if Cushings test does prove pawsitive den will need expensive meds each munf, but dis may not materialise, but will need sum sort of treatment or meds for me bladder problem, cos me pees every half hour at da moment and keep getting urinary tract infecshons.

So really mum not sure of total costs til me had Cushings test agen and me ultrasound n bladder problem tests done.

But yoo can see ware evfurryfing goin. Muvva has put all dis in me update cuz two people on Twitter dat didunt even donate nuffin anyway, woz a bit nasty about her askin for help wif da costs. I spose dey may haf just wanted to know ware it all gonna be spent, but if mum transparent wif costs and keeps yoo all up to date den no-one can accuse her of doing anyfing wrong. I know evfurryone dat has helped wif donating doesnt want breakdown of costs or anyfing, and juz want to help us, and we iz so grateful to yoo all. Yoo is speshul fwends and we loves yoo all dearly.

Da breakdown is only for benefit of dem 2 people on Twitter dat wozn't vewy nice to muvva other day. Now dey can see she not conning anyone and not gonna spend any of da money on a holiday in Tenerife, new car or a pin n tuck operation (mind yoo she cud do wif a bit off here n dere bol) .

So dat's me update for tday. I will update agen probs tmoro or Monday for sure, and keep yoo up to date wif me other tests n scans and fings.

Fankoo agen for all your support my fwends. Me luffs yoo sooooo much wif all my heart.


08/01/2015 - You Caring Update No.2

My electroretinogram is booked for 9.30am tomorrow morning. It's a 2hr drive from home each way, so we will be leaving about 7am cos of traffic.

We is waiting for confirmation of this app cos da clinic not received da referral form via email yet from my vet and dey need it today otherwise me will lose me appointment and not another one til mid week next week.. So mum pulling her hair out and chasing dem up on da phone. Receptionist can't grasp da urgency. Doh!

Will keep you all updated.

Love you pals, fank yoo so much for making dis possible


08/01/2015 - You Caring Update

My dear fwends,

We are hoping to hear from da special clinic today wif an appointment date for my electroretinogram (pronounced it propurly now). So once we get dat mum will let you all know. Dey want to do test asap so hopefully it be tmoro or early nxt week.

Mum contacted da lady in America dat makes da Halo Coats, and if me tests show I duz haf SARDS and not da tumour, mum will order one from her. The lady who makes the Halo Coats send an email which we got dis morning, telling us about her vet Dr Plechner and recommended mum goes to his website and reads his 'cure' for SARDS.

Most vets tell owners that SARDS is not treatable and to learn to live wif a blind dog, but Dr Plechner has discovered that SARDS is in fact an auto immune disease, and it not only affets da eyes, but because da auto immune system not working properly, it shortens doggies lives, cos dey get lots of other fings too.

On his website he tells vets worldwide how to treat SARDS, and for dem to stick to his treatment regime 100%. It's all very complicated and went over mum's head and I didnt even attempt to grasp wot he was sayin but mum has printed off da page, and the url address and will give it to our vet in Devon when we've had the SARDS test.

Course Dr Plechner recommends lots of other tests and fings, which is expensive, but evfurryone has been so kind and generous, mum is sure dat we could afford to have dem other tests.

Dis is all dependant on me having SARDS of course, and not da tumour. But we are being positive and assuming it SARDS, cos we mustn't give in and we must keep being positive.

Mum would like to fink, IF me has SARDS and IF our vet follows Dr Plechner's advice and treatment and IF I regain a little of me sight then it will be a great help to other doggies that have the same problem, and if thats the case, then me being poorly will have been for a reason, and we strongly believe that fings happen in life for a reason, which is why we must never complain or feel sorry for ourselves.

If me can help other doggies from my own experience then that will be my goal in life.

I also want to mention dat dere was some nastiness on Twitter last night. Mum got vewy upset by it and although I tried to snuggle her I knew she had been hurt vewy deeply.

A couple of 'friends' had been implying in open tweets that mum has asked for help too often and that she is conning people into giving money to help me and dat maybe the money not going to be spent on me but on other fings. They asked that mum shows receipt for my SARDS test so they know it's genuine, but me not had me SARDS test yet so can't show it.

Mum will scan it when she has it and post it on here so people can see the receipt, and as always we will be open and tell fwends what other tests or treatment I may have to have and what the money donated will be used for to get me better. And if there's any left we will send it to an animal shelter/rescue.

The people that were nasty last night were saying mum was asking for help too frequently. Without going into mums private life, which has been very traumatic and life threatening at times, and only a vewy few friends on Twitter know what mum went through for many years. She has not been able to work for some time due to illness caused by that trauma, and she has always managed to cope and keep us fed and safe, but sometimes when fings like dis happen wif me, it's extra expense she just doesn't have the money for. There haf been many times over the last few years when mum has gone wivout hersef just so she can care for us. Dere's me and Mojo, and I have 3 kitteh siblings, 2 of which are vewy old and on meds for hyperthyroidism and dats not cheap. But we are mum's furbabies and all she has and vewy important to her so she makes sacrifices for us because she loves us so much. And when fings like my blindness happen, its not somefing she can manage to pay for tests and fings, so she has to ask for help. She doesn't like to ask for help, she feels it's like begging, and she hates asking as she's always been the one to help others, but sometimes she needs help herself.

What mum went through changed her outlook on life. She knows how important the simple things in life are, how much just telling someone or a furpal how pretty they look or that making them laugh when they feel down or concerned when they are poorly, can make them feel so much better and enjoy their day rather than feeling sad and unhappy. She cares about all animals as well as us. She knows material fings are not important, it's being kind, thoughtful, compassionate and supportive to one another thats important. And to love each other as much as we can and not judge.

So dats why me has always been happy and helpful if me can to other furpals, I am mum's vehicle if you like, to reach out to other hoomans and furpals who might need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to wispur into about dere problems, or just a little white fur dat wants to make dem laugh and cheer dem up and make people happy, and a little white fur dat really does care wen hoomans furbabies go OTRB and really wants to comfort dem and let dem know we will all meet again one day and be happy again.

I sowwy dis update is so long, but me wanted to defend my mum cus she isn't doing anyfing underhanded, or conning anyone out of money. She's just fighting to get me the test done and any further tests or treatment that might help me, and may in the long run help other doggies who suffer the same thing. I dont find dats wrong, I fink dats a wonderful fing, and I vewy proud of my mum.

Love you my fwends

Bonnie xxxx

07/01/2015 - You Caring Update no.2

Hello my fwends
Mum only now had time to post dis update, she was late coming home from her hospital appointment as da consultant had been over booked *rolls eyes*, and as soon as she got home she had to ring my vet and sort out fings for da referral and also sort out another Cushings test and stuff. So it been really busy day for her today. I apologize for dat. We know yoo all want to know whats happening my fwends.

We iz waiting for a phone call now to let us know what day this week, da specialist can see me. I will haf to be starved pffftttt.... incase he can do da electrorectofingymajig on the day, as I'll have to haf general aneasthetic.

We has a price for da initial consultation which will be £204, but we not got a price yet from dem for da electrorectofingy. Dey is ringing mum back this afternoon with a price for dat when dey give her da appointment to take me in.

We woz hoping dat da man could see me when he has his fortnightly clinic about 6 miles from our home, but he doesn't haf da special equipment dere, and the next time he dere is 21st January, and he wants to see me well before den, like this week or early next week, as the sooner I get diagnosed IF it's IMR he might be able to save a little of my sight, but corse if it's SARDS or a tumour dere's nuffin he can do. But will be good to be seen so quickly.

So dat mans we will still have to travel 100 miles to Newton Abbot, and it be an early morning appointment so I must make sure I wake mum up extra early. We will leave Mojo wif hoouncle and collect him on way home.

As soon as we hear about da appointment and evfuryfing we will update via dis page.

I wud like to ask a question of yoo all, and dats, if da appointment and electrorectofingymajig isn't too expensive and if it turns out I have SARDS and not a nasty tumour, could mum use some of da money please to get me a halo coat? She finks a halo coat would help me a lot when I lose my sight.

Halo coats iz custom made harness wif a halo (and ickle wings) attached dat stops blind dogs bumping into fings and hurting dere faces, and for better navigation around the house and in da garden.

I will get mum to post a picfur of one, so you know wot me means. Course if me not got SARDS and got da tumour me won't be needing a halo coat, cos I'd be getting me own wings in a short time. But we dunt want to fink about dat.

Any money left over mum would like to donate to an animal rescue/shelter/PDSA so dat other furries get help too.

Love you all lots and lots

Bonnie, Mojo and Mum

07/01/2015 - You Caring Update

My dearest fwends, fankoo so so much for yoor help.

I iz posting dis update smornin as mum has to go to hospital for early appointment dis morning to see da specialist herself and so we not got much time before she has to leave.

She didn't haf much sleep last night as yoo can imagine, I slept like a log, and so did Mojo.

When mum gets back from da hospital today she going to ring my vet and tell him to make da referral for my SARDS test and we will know exactly how much dat gonna be and evfurryfing so she can tell you all.

Den she is gonna fank each and evfurryon of yoo for your support, fortfulness, caring and generosity in helping us to make this possible.

She wishes she had time to fank yoo all personally before she leaves for da hospital but dere's not time my fwends.

She has had her own health problems to deal wif lately and had been vewy scared herself, but I fink dey iz all sorted now, so she just got to see da specialist today to discuss what she wants to do next. I will explain it all later, but she really didn't need me bein ill again. But as usual she puts us furbabies furst cos she loves us.

Will bark later my fwends, I love you so much!

Lots of love,
Bonnie, Mojo and Mum

06/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Thank you so much my friends for your generosity, mum and me are blown away by your kindness and you don't know what a huge relief it is for mum to know that she can now ask the vet to refer me to the other specialist for my test.

Mum has been looking up SARDS and found a page which explains all about it and the test which is called an Electroretinogram (ERG). I have to have general aneasthetic, as I have to remain very still, then electrodes are placed on my corneas to record the tiny electrical impulses of my retinas an the activity shows up on a computer screen as waves. If you Google 'electroretinogram in dogs' there's lots of pages come up telling you all about it.

Mum is clearer now as to why it's important for me to have the SARDS test. She found this link by good old Google and found it very easy to understand and it explains my problem very well.

And a dear friend Sprocket_Cool's mum has sent a link to a Scientific Journal telling of an American Veterinary Scientist who has discovered a new disease similar to SARDS which is called IMR which shows the same symptoms, but can be reversed in a lot of cases so dogs regain some or all of their sight back, and the test is the same as the SARDS test so mum is going to tell the specialist about it in the hope when he does the electroretinagram thingie he can check for IMR too. Because although SARDS isn't treatable IMR is.

Some of the symptoms of SARDS are drinking more and putting on weight. Well I have been drinking more than usual for a while now, and although I was on a diet as I was putting on weight, I was still putting on weight with reduced calorie feed so mum thinks this is a good sign that my problem is SARDS or IMR rather than a brain tumour.

We can but hope and pray my friends.

I love you all so much and mum thanks you all from the bottom of her heart for helping us. The relief she feels is unmeasurable. God bless you all.

Bonnie, Mum & Mojo

The Beginnin

My recent visit to the veterinary eye specialist today has shown I probably have SARDS or a tumour which is affecting both eyes. After the usual tests it was found I have very little sight in both my eyes, and that I will be totally blind very soon.

The specialist wants to refer me to another specialist in Newton Abbot, in Devon, who has lots of very expensive equipement where I would be sedated and have flashing lights shone into my eyes to see if I have SARDS. The test is very expensive but the specialist couldn't say how much. But he said he would contact my usual vet to get a price and mum is telephoning to find out tomorrow (Weds 7th Jan).

If we can raise enough money to cover the test then the appointment can be made for as soon as possible.

If when I have the test it shows I don't have SARDS, then it means I do have a tumour.

I could not have the test altogether, but then mum wouldn't know if I had a tumour or not, until I started to get distressed and in pain and she doesn't really want to put me through that. She'd rather know now so she can deal with it.

If I have SARDS then it's not nice to go blind, but it's painless and I can adjust and Mojo can be my guide doggy.

If it's a tumour, then the outlook doesn't look good my friends. But at least mum will be forewarned and can send me over the rainbow bridge before I suffer.

So I really need your help sweet pals. Mum hasn't got the money for the test. As you know there's just mum and and us furbabies and we have a very limited income, as mum can't work due to her health.

We were so grateful to you when you helped last year with my vet bills when I was so poorly, and we were so grateful to you, and love you all so much for your generosity.

We hate asking again now, and you don't have to help if you don't want to. Either way if I do or don't have the test the outlook isn't going to change anything, just confirm one way or another what's making me go blind.

But if you could help me, mum will love you forever and always be grateful to you for being such sweet caring friends.

Mum doesn't know how much the test is going to be yet, so has just put a rough inflated figure in as the target, but once she knows how much it will be for sure, she'll alter the target to reflect the true cost of the test.

And as before any left over will go to an animal charity to help other animals.

Thank you my friends, I love you so much


Me furst blog post

Dis is me furst eva blog.

I fort as I got so many fwends on Twitta dat it be a good idea if me had me own blog, so all me fwends can keep up to date wif wot going on in me life.

Plus haffin been recently diagnosed wif SARDS and Cushings, I fort a diary of how me gets on from day to day and medical news and stuff would be useful to any ovver furs dat got same disease.

I also wanna put on here all me updates from my page cuz dat shows da progress of me disease and how I haf bin copin up to now.

An finally, I want to put stuff on here dat will help ovver peepul find fings for dere disabled dog or Cushings/SARDS dog, so dey not got to spend hours searching da interweb for stuff like me mum had to.

So although dis me furst blog post, it gonna be short and probly neva red coz dere's gonna be more posts ontop of it. Funny old system dis bloggin lark innit.