Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Maudlin Monday & Fortful Tuesday

Hello my fwends.

I has got muvva to change my main picfur for dis blog. Da reason iz dis. I has been finking about life and stuff, as da weavva woz so bad we cudn't get out into da garden to play or even go for a walk cuz we had gale force winds all yesturday and today.

Da sunhsine is out now, but all mornng was rilly rough weavva, and we stayed snuggled in our beds. Dere's only so much sleep a dog can haf, and me mind woz werking overtime, finking ov one fing den anovva like yoo do. Den me went all deep an philosof... philasoph... maudlin.

Finking about my pals, all vewy different. Some just young pups, at the beginnin ov dere lives, others young healthy adults, living the life of Riley (he woz a famuss Irish dog wot lived life to da full and neva had no regrets about nuffin and da luck of da hound ov da baskervilles). Den dere's me poor old pals wots in da winter ov dere lives, some crippled up wiv arfrytus ovvers wif terruble health condishons, and some on da brink ov takin da furst step ova da Rainbow Bridge.

And den dere's me. And ov corse hundreds ov ovver dogs like me. We can't see da sun no more, but we can feel it on our fur, an we can smell fings much better dan our seeing pals, and hear fings miles away before dey in range of other furs. Now dats a blessing rilly. We lost one sense but we got fine tuned ovver senses. But we also got a shorter life. Wif our meds we has a decent qwolity of life and can do most fings ovver healthy dogs do, but we know we iz not gonna be around for as long as ovver healthy furs, so we haz to make da most of da time we haz got.

So no matter what sort of life we got, we gotta make da most ov it. When we iz pups we got no worries, we got our mums to cuddle and feed us, den we get our foreva homes, dats if we lucky enuff. But dats anovver story. For now me talkin bout lucky furs dat got loving famblies.

I woz in da garden earlier, battlin against da wind tryin to find da rite spot to do me business, and me nose bumped up against a dandylion, and me remembered wot dey like. Big white fluffy fings wif hundreds of seeds dat blow away in da wind. I used to chase dem when I woz a pup as da seeds flew away high above me. I didnt catch any I might add. Da wind carried dem high up and away before I cud get me mouf round 'em. Do you know dandylions got between 40 and 100 seeds each? Dat's almost as many years as hoomans got, and a lot longer dan we got pals.

So while me woz in me bed s'mornin listening to da wind howlin and da rain lashing against da window, me fort dat our lives iz like dandylions ain't dey?

We got all our seeds when we pups, den gradually we lose one or two, some hanging on longer dan ovvers, sometimes for ages and then deres a strong gust and a few more get carried away, until we only got a few left and den suddenly dey all gone and nuffin left but an empty case ware da seeds once were.

Nuffin dandylions can do to keep all dere seeds, dey are helpless to stop dem going. Just like us, da years go by an we can't stop dem. We juz got to keep hangin on to da ones we got left and remember da good fings about da ones dat haf alreddy left us.

No matter how many seeds da dandylion got left, it still stands proud in da earth wiv its head to da sun, clinging onto its few remaining seeds. And like dandylions we carry on wiv our lives, heads up and living each day and each second like its our last, cuz for all we knows it cud be.

So rilly life is very delicate and fragile. We can't control it and live longer dan we want to, just like da dandylion can't hang onto her seeds. We just gotta go wiv da flow, take what life frows at us, and make da best of what we got. Cos dere's always sum ovver fur worse off dan we are.

Generally tho we tends to cope pretty well dont we, it's our hoomans dat haf problems copin wif life sumtimes. I spose dey got more responsibilites dan we got, they got to look afta us for a start!

We all know we gonna meet up agen at Rainbow Bridge, but some hoomans not sure where dey gonna end up. We knows tho. They gonna be wif us. Got nuffin to do wif hoomans religion has it. Dunt matter wot dey believe in, even if dey dont believe in anyfing. Dey is same as us, living fings, and spiritual fings, and wen da living bit not around anymore da spirit fing moves on an joins all da ovver spirit fings. So we all gonna be togevva.

I just worry dere's gonna be enuff bacon over da bridge, wif all dem moufs to feed.

So rilly da moral ov me story today is dat wotever life we got now, however good or bad it mite be, we gotta make da most ov it. An we gotta be kind to every fur and every hooman, cuz we dunt know wot going on in dere lives, speshully our online pals. We only see's snippets ov dere lives, and only da bits dey wants to share wif us. And sometimes if dey stressed or sumfin dey not always as patient or kind as dey should be, but we dunt know dat cuz we only seeing snippets all da time.

I fink we shud make allowances for stuff. And we shud fink to ourselves dat sumfin cud be goin on wif dem dat we dunt know about and dey cud be hurting inside. So if we iz always nice to every fur and every hooman, we can help ovvers feel better and haf a better day, and soon dem days add up and da year goes by and it's a good one to remember. Like da dandylion seeds.

Next time yoo sees a dandylion dunt rip it out da earth, just sit down next to it and fink how much you got in common wif it. More dan you fink.

And dats why I got me muvva to change me heading picfur today. Cuz me wants to remind meself evfurry day dat life is like a dandylion. Here one minit and gone da next, and me must make every second count and fank Dog for wot we got!

I iz vewy grateful for my life, and wot I got. It mite not be much compared to some, but it's enuff for me. An I got so much love from all my furfwends and dere hoomans, me muvva and me fursibs, I considur meself a very lucky dog, and even if me not got a long life ahead ov me, I got more love dan I ever fort I would haf before muvva adopted me, and for dat I am truly truly fankful.

Love yoo my fwends±