Sunday, 13 September 2015

My tribute to Bonnie

Tomorrow I will see you for the last time my baby in your earthly form.

I know your little body is just an empty husk and your soul is now soaring high over Rainbow Bridge, please know I will hold you safe in my heart until we can be reunited again.

You had a short but happy life, and I will ensure that your legacy helps other furs and pet parents. You will not be forgotten my lovely, you will live on in the hearts of many for you were much loved.

Tomorrow will be hard for your muvver, but Biddybt and his mum will be with her. And together we will stand strong in the shadow of your love as you pass into Heaven and your earthly body is turned to dust. You will light the skies, you will be the morning and the evening star, shining for all eternity.

All your friends and even those who you had never met will be there in spirit sending strength to your muvver and oceans of love to her, and their love will help your spirit soar high and free, for they all loved you so much and will never forget you.

The outpouring of grief and of great love I have never seen before on Twitter, which was your virtual world, somewhere you could help others either by giving them a furry shoulder listening to their problems, a kind paw when they were sad, sending a prayer when they were sick, and making them laugh every day, bringing sunshine into their lives. You have touched so many and given so much.

We will all be there tomorrow, a gathering of like minded souls who will come together to say farewell to one of, if not the most loved little dogs ever, and I am so proud that you were mine.

I love you.