Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring where are you?

Hello my fwends, well Spring is supposed to be here but apart from a few flowers wearing dere bright dresses and hats it's hard to believe cos it more like winter!

Me iz running a competishon up to May 1st, to find best dressed Morris Dancer, If yoo not sure wot dat iz hava Google. It can be real life picture or a virtual one ov yoo waring Morris Dancer clothes. The winner ov da competishon will win a bootiful rainbow necklace made by me muvver. She's a clever old burd. Entry into competishon is a minimum donation ov £5 wich will all go to my charity to help wiv pet funerals for owners wot is struggling financially.

Also on 1st May dere will be virtual may pole dancin ware we can all dance round an have a larf and enjoy ourselves. Here's some more info about dat.

and here's da necklace, bootiful innit. Tiz glass rainbow seed beeds wiv glass heart beads an Tibetan silver clasp, an its 23" long.

May Day is almost here, and in Great Britain we celebrate it in lots ov diffrent ways. Beltane is da old Celtic festival, although it not practised much nowadays which is a shame cos it grate fun! Even for us furs!

So me an Muvver fort we'd write sum ov da history ov it down for every fur to read an know wot it all abowt. And me not got much news at da momunt apart from Dora getting back to normal! But I wud like to add here a big hoomungus fankoo to every fur dat helped muvver pay da vets bill for Dora, she'd not budgitted for dat extra expense, and once agen yoo all helped owt. Fankoo my fwends. I loves yoo all heaps and heaps xxx

Muvver lives in Cornwall, wich haz a lot ov myths an magic in it's history, and at Padstow on !st May dey haz da Obby Oss which is a black stallion dancing around da streets, it's a man in a weird black costume really wiv rider (dats da mask on da top) and he dances round and round all day.

This ancient festival has its origins in numerous pockets of Cornish folklore – a pagan fertility ritual, a rousing welcome to summer, a rainmaking frolic, and as a strategy by local townswomen to ward off French sailors in the 14th century.
Whatever its roots, it is a day when locals, young and old, don white outfits fashioned with red or blue neckerchiefs and ribbons, signifying their family allegiance to either the original/old (red) ’Oss or the blue-ribbon/peace (blue) ’Oss, and dance, sing and drink their way through the streets of Padstow that have been decorated with boughs of fresh spring greenery, colourful flags and, of course, a traditional maypole.

The merry month of May

Throughout the day, the town reverberates with the strain of the May Song, a unique call to all Padstonians: “Unite and unite and let us all unite, for summer is a-come in today. And whither we are going we all will unite, in the merry morning of May.” But the stars of the day are the two ’Obby ’Osses – each one consisting of a 6ft-wide wooden hoop draped in black sail cloth and hoisted onto a fearsomely masked local chap – that are let out from their ‘stables’ at set times throughout the day (for the original ’Oss this is the Golden Lion pub on Lanadwell Street and for the peace Oss it’s the Institute on Market Street).

Once released onto the street the ‘Oss prances through the town preceded by an acolyte known as a teaser, who uses a wooden rod topped with a leather pad to tease and dance with the swirling beast. They are followed by a troupe of musicians, singers, drummers and dancers. As the procession meanders through the narrow streets and around Padstow’s harbour, the ’Oss attempts to capture young maidens under its skirt for a blessing of mayday fertility – if you’re caught, it’s believed you will fall pregnant by the following May Day.

Finally, late in the afternoon the ’Osses meet at the maypole and dance together before a mock death ritual at midnight that bids the ‘Osses farewell until resurrection the following May Eve.

Here's a lil video to show yoo wot its like.

And so Obby Oss is da Cornish festival for Spring arriving now me will tell yoo all abowt ovver festivals around da country and wot Beltane is.

So heres me canned history ov Beltane for yoo all:

In the British Isles, Beltane, celebrated on May 1st, is a moon festival that falls midway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Soltice, marking the return of light and summer, the fertility of the land ensured by the mating and hand-fasting of the Great Goddess and her consort.  (For many years the Christian church sought to ban May Day festivities because of this "lewd" context as a frank celebration of sexuality and fecundity.) Recorded evidence of Maypole Dancing goes back at least to the 14th century, the texts suggesting the custom was very old even then, although the form of the dance known best today, with decorative children dancing in village squares, owes as much to the romanticism of the Victorians as it does to ancient tradition.

The name "Beltane" derives from Bel, the Celtic god of fire, honored and propitiated with bonfires lit on sacred hills.  Smoke from the fire blessed the fields, animals, and community, and maintained the wary, careful balance between the human and faery realms. "Traditionally," writes Glennie Kindred (in Sacred Celebrations), "all fires in the community were put out and a special fire was kindled for Beltane. This was the Teineigen, the 'need fire.' People jumped the fire to purify, cleanse and to bring fertility. Couples jumped the fire together to pledge themselves to each other. Cattle and other animals were driven through the smoke as a protection from disease and to bring fertility. At the end of the evening, the villagers would take some of the Teineigen to start their fires anew."

The Beltane Fire Dance performed by Loreena McKennit

May Day customs vary across Britain, but are generally less elaborate than in past times, when entire villages were festooned with greenery and flowers: boughs of rowan, birch, and ivy, and May Blossoms (from hawthorn trees). Beltane ceremonies are on the rise again, but in a few places around the country they have never really stopped -- the 'Obby 'Oss festivities in Cornwall being one well-known example.

And dere yoo haz it. Intrestin innit.

So come on Spring ware iz yoo???? We need sunshine an flowers! Obby Obby Obby! Oss Oss Oss! oops sowwy, me got carried away bol


Angel Bonnie

Friday, 15 April 2016

Long time no bark!

I'm sowwy my fwends, I haz neglected my blog for a wile. Pleeze forgive me. I haz been busy welcoming pals across Rainbow Bridge, and muvver haz been busy setting up my non-profit organisation (sort of charity), which helps fund other pals individual cremations, if dere moms and dads dont haz da money to pay for it. Cos ontop ov losing dere fur baby, tiz so traumatic not bein able to afford an individual cremation so dey can get dere furbaby's ashes back home. I wanted to do dis cuz muvver bin in same situation many years ago and it vewy upsetting ontop ov da grief too. And me 'charity' also advertises da fact hoomums and dads can attend dere furbaby's funeral if dey want to and even see dere loved one in da chapel ov rest at pet crematorium.

So anyway, she dun all dat and set me site up and it ticking along nicely wiv some wondfurful hoomans alreddy subscribin each month to help build funds up, and wiv other hoomans donating from time to time. Muvver also set up a nifty fing ware people can shop online or da high street an raise funds for me charity wivout paying anyfing cos da shop pays donation insted. Dis a fab idea and dere's a few hoomans doing it alreddy. Deres a little icon gets put on da computer browser and flashes wen dey on a particular shop or website, to remind dem dey can activate donations by clickin on da icon. So if dey buy sumfin da retailer knows and puts a percentage ov dere profit to my charity. Clever innit? So dunt cost hoomans nuffin.

Dey can use it for sites like Amazon, ASDA and Tesco and other supermarkets, airline and train tickets, restaurants, Ebay and evfurryfing. Dere's a complete list on da website ov retailers wot are taking part.

Here's da link to me website tellin yoo all about it. Bonnies Rainbow Bridge Fund

So dats all me 'financial business' over Bahahahahahaha

As some ov yoo know me sisfur wot me sent to care for muvver down dere on earth, Dora, was spayed on Monday 11th April. She came froo da operashon rilly well, infact yoo wudnt hav known she'd had major surgery, she was like a live wire, and poor muvver had a job to keep her calm. But she had problems wiv her poopy. It was like water. Didn't seem to affect her apart from givin her a red bum bahahahahahaha

Muvver told vet and dey gaved her antacids to take 3 times a day wiv food, an she wos alreddy on chikin an rice, lucky little fing. And she had some special paste stuff to squirt on Dora's food wich helps replace da natural flora (didnt know we had flowers in our tums) and da good bacteria back in her gut dat dyerea had killed off. Da paste also helps bind da poop togevva.

So Dora's bin on dat for 4 days now, and today furst day she done somefin dat almost looks normal, well akshully it dunt, it looks more like a furball in pool ov brown liquid like wot da cats bring up from time to time, but its a big improvement on wot she was passing before.

She gotta go back vets Satday, for checkup and vet sed her poop (Dora's not da vet's bol) shud be starting to look like semi formed sossiges by den. If not den muvver gotta take sample in ov Doras poop to be sent off and tested for bacterial infection fings, but vet sez she pretty sure its reaction to da aneasthetic an pain meds she had.

But Dora is a trooper! She not phased by any ov dis and carryin on as normal. Dat's my sis *puffs out chest wiv pride*.

I tell yoo I got loads ov news today, hope yoo sittin comfybull.

Dis weekend, startin Sunday 17th, ZombieSquad got a special event. Welsh Dragon Mission. So all yoo Zombie Squad soldjers gotta attend if yoo can. Da fing is all dem Welsh Dragons has bin infected by Zombs and haf turned agenst da hoomans and furpals, so Zombie Squad going in to give dragons an antedote serum to nootrolize da zomb infecshon so dragons iz back to normal agen.

Dragons iz helpful fings, for a start dey offer grate free air travel round Wales for us, an dey iz mistikal an magikal an fwendly fings. So Zombie Squad gotta be careful dragons are protekted.

I will be dere durin da battle or rescue wicheva yoo prefer, and me field hospital will be set up a safe distance from da action. Zombie Squad Medics will be at da frontline to tend da injured, others will be stretchur barers an amboolance drivers ferrying injured soldjers and maybe smaller dragons back to hospital for da ZSMedic nurses to tend to, an more ZS Medics will be fussing round changing beds and mucky sheets, supplyin bed pans and giving food, and other impawtunt stuff. Corse I will be up in da air wiv me chopper supervising an dodging the odd flying dragon every so often, dunt want to get knocked owt da sky or slice a dragons earhole off wiv one ov me rotars! BOL

It gonnea be EPIC so make sure yoo dere and make sure you let HQ know yoo can make it by tweeting @ZombieSquadHQ using hashtags #ZSHQ and #ZSMedics

All informashon bowt da Dragon Event is on Zombie Squad website: Zombie Squad HQ Website Sadly server died ware da website woz and we lost all da site, so me haz bin busy rebuilding a new site, anuvver reason me not bin bloggin much. But it comin togevva well an juz a few bits on da forum to add now. A webdogs werk is neva done! *rolls eyes* Yoo will haf to register to see all da website, as it's a new site so yoor old registration wont werk on dere. An I duz haf to approov yoor applicashon persunally to stop dem crazy spammers puttin rude pics an fings on da site, so be patient if yoo gotta wait a few hours but me will get round to yoor applicashon as soon as me can. I lead a bizzy bizzy life now me ova da bridge I can tell ya. No rest for da wikid so dey say bahahahahahaha

Once I haz approoved yoo da site sends yoo a peemail to let yoo know an yoo can log in. So log in and check out Events section and look for Dragon Event. It's all in dere. Any probs registerin or usin da site tweet me @BonniedaWestie or drop me a peemail and me will sort yoo owt.

Rite now me worn out and me claws is worn down to nuffin after all dis scribin and stuff. So me will say taraaaa pals and bark agen soon.

Oooh before me goes, *giggles* I haz put a new page on here, called *rummages through paperwork on desk* aahhh here tiz, it's called A Stepy By Step Guide To Spaying and is very useful for all yoo hoomums and ads owt dere wot worried bowt gettin yoor gurls fixed but scared ov da risks and stuff. It'll put yer minds at rest and I fort it be good idea to put on me blog for future reference. Muvver wishes she red it before Dora had da operashon *rolls eyes* cos Muvver is a mega worrier let me tell ya, and if she got nuffin to worry bowt, she worries bowt not havin nuffin to worry bowt. Bahahahahaha

Have a grate w/end pals. Spread da love and keep safe!

Lots ov love

Angel Bonnie