Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Look into my eyes

Hello my fwends.

Well it been rainin all day tday here at Bonzers pad. Me 2 furbro's haz been asleep ALL DAY so far. pfffft Lazy fings.

Me an muvva had to go out in da weavver cuz me had an appointment wif me eye speshulist Jim Carter. He da bestest animul eye speshulist in da country an he comes to my vets evfurry 2 weeks to hold a speshul clinic. So I iz vewy lucky.

He da man me went to see in Newton Abbot wen me furst went blind, and all yoo fab fureva fwends donated to me vets fund to pay for da examinashon and me SARDS test. I will neva forget yoor kindess and some still helpin me wif me monthly meds expenses and da regular vet checkups an speshulist appointments. Wivout yoor help I'd haf been ovva da Rainbow Bridge munfs ago, so we iz all vewy vewy gwateful to yoo and can neva fank yoo enuff.

As we sat in da waitin room dere woz lots of peepuls coming and going wif dere pets. Behind us woz 2 big carriers full of Sheltie puppies. Dey woz makin a racket and I cud heard dem yapping and skweelin cuz dey wanted to come out an play. I cudn't see dem ov corse, but I knew dey woz baby furs and I wanted to make a fuss ov dem. A lady woz fascinated by me head, cuz it was going from side to side wif me ears pricked up each time da pups skweeled. It's a Westy fing, but dunt fink she ever seen it bfore.

Next to me woz a little Lhasa Apso cross Yorkie, he was 2yrs old and so cute muvva said. And den a few Border Collies dat were only intrested in herding us all into a corner if dey got da chance. I sat up on da seat cuz me didnt wanna be herded noware.

Eventually Mr Carter called me name, and kept calling it, in a high pitched voice. I fort for a minit his nickurs woz too tight, but he explained dat high pitch noises is good and low grumbly noises is bad. I could sense muvva's reaction like 'oh ok' Bahahahaha

Wen we got in his examiashon room he shone bright lights in me eyes and poked dem about a bit gently. He sed dey looked as he expected and muvva asked wot he meant and he sed dat wiv SARDS it kills da optic nerve, den in time after blindness set in and da nerve compleetly ded, it starts to decay at da back of da eye and is reabsorbed into da body and flushed away. He sed it looked ok in dere, and he dunt wanna see me agen for a year unless dere's any complicashons. Evduntly I cud develop catarax or summit and dey can get infected but muvva wud know cus dere wud be a nasty discharge out ov me eye or eyes. Dere's summit to look forward too - NOT.

But at da momunt me eyes iz ok and he woz vewy pleezed wif me, and muvva woz ova da moon.

Him an muvva shook hands, and we went out into da main waiting room agen. Stwange how hoomans shake hands innit? Why carnt dey be like us and juz smell bums wen dey meet and dats it?

Muvva paid up and den made appointment for us to see da nurse tomorrow at 10.10am. Muvva explained dat me eats hardly anyfing *wispurs* I could eat road kill if I could get hold ov it but muvva put me on strict diet. So receptionist woman person sed best to see da nurse who will go froo all da diet foods and maybe try some ov dem insted. I'm hoping dere will be some 'free samples' given away so it all sounds good to me.

Den we came home. Still wainin it woz. Wipers woz goin nineteen to da dozen to take da wain off da windscreen.

Wen we got back Gizmo was barkin his head off pleezed to see us, and Mojo was dancin round wif his crocodile in his mouf. Dats a good fing, cuz it stops him barkin and he just makes a stwange grunty noise insted. Bahahaha

Den we all ran out into da garden on da wet gwass in da wain to do wee's.

We had to minoova around da wood cuz da men cudnt come to finish da fence tday cus of weaver, but dey rang 8am to say it woz cancelled and will be back tomoro to do it as forecast better.

Corse clumsy Mojo fell ova some of da wood. One piece woz layin on da grass, and it woz about an inch tall and he went to jump over it and missed and den rolled over in da wet grass. He's pafetic, be no good running afta zombies, he'd haf to lay down and let dem trip ova him den finish dem off. *rolls eyes*

Gizmo on da ovver paw is agile and afletic. Probbly cos he got long skinny legs like twigs. He bounces round like one of dem osses wot do dress arge. His legs iz 3 times longa dan Mojo's and twice as long as mine. So he can run fast and turn on a bonio.

As for me, well me just wobbles about like a beached wale on short fat hairy legs and wiggles me bum a bit. Usually got me tong hangin out cuz me outta breff.

Well me iz wofflin now so will shut me mouf and catch up on some Z's cuz me tired afta an exzorstin day.

So I'll say bye bye for now my fwends. Take care and stay safe. I love yoo all vewy much.

Lottsa love


PS: Here's a pic ov me at da vets tday I got me fav bandyanna on.