Thursday, 21 May 2015

I bin at it agen

Hello me pals *waves paw*

Twitta went wonky on me yesday an sevral pals had Twitta relayted problums so me fort I wud do a page dedicayted to Twitta to help pals understand it a bit more. Itz still a mystry to me but some ov it mite be helpful.

Yoo can find it on me main page in tabs an sez Twitta Guide. Yea I know, ingenyuss title. I gets brain waves like dat sumtimes. bol

Well now update on hoouncle who yoo know iz still in hospital an not likely to come home but knowin how desprate da hospital iz for beds, nuffin wud surprise me.

He still angin on bless him. Muvva still goin back and forwars to hospital evfurry day and we left to guard da house. But da good news iz he now on da proper ward he shud haf gone on 2 wks ago or howeva long it woz he got admitted. An he haffin da drain fing put on his tummy dis afternoon.

Ovver day muvva got upset cus housing officer came round an sed sumone had complained about dogs barking all da time. Muvva knew who twoz, we got a grumpy old toad lives near us who iz a total bully and he upset muvva wen we furst moved in. So muvva sussed him out and got his ticket marked *nods*. Housing officer sed 'dis person' shud haf confronted muvva drekkly an not gone behind her back straight over her head to da housing officer in da furst place.

Anyways housing officer sed 'dis person' cos she cudn't name him had told her us dogs were barkin non stop all day. Dis not true. Yes we barks wen sumone ring door bell, dats our job! An we barks for one or two minutes wen muvva gets back after leavin us to visit hoouncle or shopping, but we iz quiet rest of da time. Muvva leaves radio on for us and we go sleep. Muvva told housing officer dat she havin to leave us more lately cus ov hoouncle dying in hospital and Housing officer sed as it excepshonal circumstances she wud tell 'dis person' and hopefully dey wud be sympafetic. But she sed 'dis person' is also concerned about da duckies.

We is allowed to haf 6 chickens here, so muvva assumed 4 ducks wud be allowed insted of chickens. So muvva told housing officer about duckies and dat dey wont fly over fences into peepuls gardens, dey not make a noise and dey dunt need a pond so wont make a mess. So housing officer was gonna check to see if duckies is allowed. If not we gonna haf to rehome dem.

Anyway, yesday afta a night ov worrying and stressing incase we got evicted for barking, muvva went round to da lady wot lives in da bungalow joined to ours, and to da nearest lady opposite and apologised if dog barking had annoyed dem and explained why she out a lot lately. Boff ladies sed dey haz never herd muvvas dogs barkin, and dey boff got doggies demselves so dey wudn't take any notice if dey did. Dey also sed dey would let da housing officer know and mum can put dere names forward as witnesses dat we dunt make a noise. Now deez ladies is immediate neighbours so if we duz bark dey wud hear us, but obviously we not barkin so dey not hear. Da miserable old toad lives further away from us so if ladies can't hear us how come he can? He just lying and wants to make trubble for muvva and us. We fink he needs his head seeing to, I wud bite his ankle but dere big fence between us so can't reach. Pfffft

So den muvva rang da housing association and told dem and poor muvva woz really upset ontop of all da worry about hoouncle. But da lady at da housing association woz really nice and was really angry wif da person dat complained. She told muvva to put evfurryfing down in an email dat she had told her and send it to da main housing officer and da main assistant. And not to worry cus we wouldnt lose our home or have to rehome doggies, but woznt sure about duckies.

Honestly pals, sum peepul are so nasty and petty and got nuffin better to do wif dere lives dan make trubble for ovver peepul.

I so glad dogs int like dat.

So we iz waitin now to see wot happenin about our duckies. Muvva will be really upset if she gotta rehome dem, cuz she loves dem and dey iz very happy here.

As for da rest of da fambly, furbro Mojo gotta go to vet at 4 pm today, da last checkup on his mouf to see if da stitches is dissolvin propply, and Gizmo gotta go tomorrow for his.

Muvva woznt gonna go to hospital to see hoouncle this evening, cus she feeling so tired, going backwards and forwards as it long journey and it holiday time now and roads are very busy. Plus da expense of fuel and parkin and stuff. But she still gonna go.

Well dats about all from me today pals, I iz worn out now afta all dis riting, so gonna go and haf a snooze.

Hope yoor all haffin a grate day my fwends!

Love yoo all lots