Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A sad day

Hello my fwends.

Tiz a vewy sad day today. Muvva qwite upset an we tryin to cuddle her and cheer her up.

Hoouncle goes into a nursing home today, muvva goin down to pack his clothes an fings at lunchtime. He vewy upset he got to leave his home, but he realises he at risk at home on his own an dat he will be cared for 24/7 by nurses in da nursing home.

A carer spent da night at hoouncles to make sure he was ok, as doctor said she didnt want him left on his own last night.

It must be very trormatic for hoouncle to leave his home. He has lived dere over 40yrs an has loved his home. Since his wifey died 8yrs ago he not been happy dere and missed her so much all he wanted to do was join her. Last year he started to cheer up an muvva said dis summer we would all go out togevver once a week for day, on da moors or seaside, so we dunt waste time and have memories to fink about in da winter munfs. He woz lookin forward to dat, an now dat not gonna be possuble cuz he too poorly and not gonna live long.

So he gonna be beside hiself wif sadness today an muvva gonna be wif him to comfort him if she can.

Doctor and muvva spent a long time yesday explaining how much better for him it wud be if he was in nursing home, and eventually he could see dat it would be best for him.

Yesday evening dere woz 2 wimin came to reassess hoouncle and allocate him a place in a nursing home, and to muvva's distress dey tried to convince hoouncle he shud stay in his own home. So muvva told dem dat doctor lady sed he was too high risk to stay on his own as he falls a lot and can't get to baff room qwick enuff an den can't clean hiself propply, but all dey said woz, 'its up to hoouncle if he wants to go or not' Muvva was rilly angry, cus dey woz just confusing hoouncle and makin him upset.

In da end dey said dey had a bed in a nursing home and dat he could try it for a week but if he didnt like it he could go home agen. Undermining all da doctor had done earlier in day. Muvva was so angry.

Dey walzed into hoouncles, never seen him before, dunt know his medical needs or how he iz evfurry day and den tell him he be better off stayin at home and he not haf to go into home if he not want to, and dey woz rude to muvva as well sayin it not her or doctors decision wevver he goes or not.

Den dey asked wot community matron thought, and muvva sed dat matron shud have seen hoouncle on 2nd June but no-one came near him, and no-one from surgery bothered to visit him either, he's seen no-one, and nuffin wud haf been dun if muvva hadn't gone balistic on phone to dem day before yesday, dey juz looked at muvva blank expressions.

Muvva had typed out care plan telling carers what dey had to do for hoouncle and deez 2 wimin sed dey woz impressed wif da careplane doctor had done, so muvva never sed it wasnt doctor it woz her wot dun it. But if muvva hadn't dun da care plan da carers wudnt haf dun anyfing only made hoouncle cup of tea and sat and chatted to him. Dey useless. Muvva not impressed wif dem either.

I fink she gonna tell doctor today, an doctor not gonna be impressed wif dem. All dey did woz upset hoouncle at a time wen he woz alreddy sensitive bout leavin his home. Stoopid wimin.

So muvva upset about dat, an she upset about da duckies. Da housing association housing officer telephoned muvva yesterday and told her dat she got to find homes for duckies, cus she not allowed to keep dem now. Dey said dat if she allowed to keep dem den it wud set a precedent an everyone wud want to keep duckies.

Dis is cos dat horruble neighbour complained an sed he didn't like idea of duckies living near him. He da man wot complained about us barkin too, but we only bark wen sumone comes to our door or wen muvva gets home from visiting hoouncle and we quiet agen after less dan a minit.

Muvva told housing officer she woz bein discriminated against and housing officer said no she wasn't and dat dey weren't dictated to by someone making a complaint, so muvva told dem she thinks they are bein dictated to. She was very upset.

Not only dat, but housing officer sed dey would prefer it if muvva rehomes Gizmo. Muvva said she can't rehome Gizmo as hoouncle will most likely want to see him at some point and besides dat Gizmo has special needs too and muvva not happy about rehoming him even after hoouncle has passed away.

My fwends no way iz muvva rehoming Gizmo, he part ov our fambly now and he not goin anyware.

Muvva really unhappy and wishes she never moved here last year, cuz it seems evfurryone else can do as they want and live as dey want but we not allowed to, even tho we not causing any problems.

All because of one person complainin. Evfurryone else got no complaints about anyfing, just him. An he only complainin cuz he didn't like da new bungalows being built behind his house an it juz unfortunate dat we lives in da one next to him. Muvva scared he frow sumfing over da wall for us to eat and make us ill, but I dont fink he wud do dat.

Muvva goin to look into house swopping cuz she finks she cud probbly swop dis house for anovva one, but how wud she know neighbours wud be nice at anovva place. Coz some peepul juz like to make ovver peepul's lives a misery deez days she sez. It not fair muvva got to fink about moving wen dis little place woz so perfick for us all.

I wish peepul could live in peace insted ov wanting to bully and hurt each ovver. I will never understand some hoomans.

So it a very sad day today. Muvva has had so much to cope wif lately and had nuffin but heartache deez last few months, an now she got more upset and hurt to cope wif. We love our muvva and we sad to see her so distressed.

Tomorrow muvva got to have a special scan fing wots qwite painful, she had one before Chrismuss and she woz poorly for 2 weeks after so she dreading haffin it agen. It so see if da fings in her tummy has changed to cancer, doctor sz it just a precorshon and probbly evfurryfing ok, but yoo hoomans duz worry over fings. Hopefully, and we say dis wif paws togevva, evfurryfing is ok and da specialist man can sign her off as healthy. We duz hope so. Muvva had so much to put up wif it not fair.

I will update yoo about muvva wen she gets results, but she gotta see specialist man after da scan, and dat will probbly be anovva month cuz dey dont do fings very qwickly. She gonna be on teneterhooks til she knows result.

So dats all me news for now pals, not good news is is. We gonna spend a long time asleep today I fink, cuz muvva gonna be out for couple hours seeing to hoouncle midday and we guarding house.

So me gonna keep dis short tday, an give muvva anovver cuddle cuz she dunt look very happy.

Love you my fwends,