Friday, 27 January 2017

Why we help hoomans stay calm and healthy!

Hoomans can suffer from anxiety disorders, or just get anxious a lot over anyfing, somefing big or somefing small. Dey gets stressed out and dats not good for der health.

Ders no majic cure for stress, anxiety or even agrofobia, but der is somefing dat will help! Yap! Dats rite, a furry four legged frend. Like wot we is.

We might not be able to talk to our hoomans in der speak but we pretty good at communicating wiv dem if dey able to choon in to us propurly.

So for a hooman wiv anxiety or sufferin from panic attacks we can work wonders!

One fing dats grate for anxiety is a cuddle, hoomans love a cuddle as much as we do. Makes us boff feel less alone, more wanted and just comforted. So we boff get somefing out ov having a cuddle. And holding an stroking us can make all hoomans feel better even dem wot dunt suffer from anxiety. And we loves it however wee feel. Nuffin better dan a belly rub!

Sometimes wen hoomans got anxiety or stress da last fing dey want is anovva hooman telling dem wot to do, if dey anyfing like my Muvver she usually ignores it and digs her heels in and does da opposite, not always a good idea. But wiv a pet, well we can't talk or give advice. We dont judge, but we good listeners even if we dunt always know wot dey waffling on about. And hoomans can talk to us and tell us all der worries wivout worrying about it goin any furva.

Also cos we living fings, we haz needs, we need feeding, exercising, healthcare, cuddles and security. So all dat gives our hoomans somefing to concentrate on taking der minds off wotever dey stressed or worried about. So der anxiety shrinks a bit. And dey begins to feel a bit better while dey fussing ova us.

By feeding us, reminds dem dey gotta feed demselves, not only to stay healthy but to be able to feed us too. And as for exercise, well we all know we haz to have walkies, so dat gives our hoomans a reason to get out da house and take us for a walk, and while we walking and checking peemails, dey get da chance ov some fresh air and meet ova hoomans who also mite be anxious or worried, or just want to chat to anova hooman and talk about hooman stuff.

Corse our hoomans neva haf to worry about wevva we love dem or not, or if we loves dem more dan bacon, *wispas* always pretend yoo love dem more dan bacon *touches snout wiv paw*. We show dem we love dem in lots ov different ways and make dem feel wanted and loved. Mainly cos we know if we do we get fed and lots of fuss, but dey not need to know dat. *winks*

And as long as dey got us, da werlds der lobster and dey got someone on der side who loves dem, gives dem a purpose in life (to look after us and make sure we go wivout nuffin), and keep demselves and us healthy.

So really hoomans iz much better off wiv us dan a home wivout a pet.

Dunt matter wot fur or fevva it is, Wivout a pet der lives is pretty miserable, its no wonder dey anxious. Wouldnt we be? Pfffft

It a scientific fact dat hoomans wiv pets haz less heart attacks den dem dat not got pets. I put dat down to karma. Love a fur live foreva, well maybe not but yoo get my gist eh?

So it's a two way fing innit. We loves and cares for dem and dey loves and cares for us. Corse we all know it's der purpose in life to be our servants, but we dunt let dem know dat. Bahahahahaha

Hope yoo hazin a fab Friday pals.

Love yoo lots

Angel Bonnie