Thursday, 5 March 2015

Facebook! I hates yoo!

I dunt use Facebook much, mums neva liked it cuz she herd rumors dat dey sell yoo private info onto thurd parties for money, and she knew dat Facebook wasn't secure or safe place, but I wanted me own Facebooks so she gave in and did one for me.

Mine's bin going since 2013 and I did enjoy haffin a bark wif me pals on dere and hearing about wot woz happenin in dere lives.

I herd from Gizmo who runs @Wooftasticbooks early last year dat Facebook were deleting all animal accounts, cuz his had been deleted and his mum had to do a Page insted, I fink he lost quite a lot of his info on dere. So me woz worried incase same fing happened to me. Well it didunt and I fort dey hadn't noticed me woz a dog, wich woz a bit stoopid ov me if me honest.

But it seems now its my turn to get deleted, and yesday mum had email from a pal to check out a photo an wen we clicked on da link in da email Facebook opened up and sed dey had deleted me account cuz me not a hooman bein, and if me not a real person it breaches dere Turms an Condishons. *puts paws on hips & rolls eyes* Pffftttt

Well corse me not a hooman bein *rolls eyes agen* me's a dog!

Anyways, da page fing sed mum had to download all me Facebook stuff and den log in, so she did. Den in da email from Facebook wif download link it sed click da link to go back to Facebook. She dun dat too. Wen she gets dere its a page sayin she can't log in cuz she gotta make someone an admin of da page (dat dunt exist yet) bfore she can make da page and it haz to be a trusted fwend, or someone who alreddy haz a Facebook account. Why??? Mum's me trusted hooman for Dogs Sake!

So she just didunt bovver. Me not got Facebook now cuz mum didunt want to register an account for herself cuz its not secure.

I not all dat bovvered to be honest. Cuz me got Twitta and me blog. So wotsisname who runs Facebook can stick his social media fingie ware da sun dunt shine.

So if yoo readin dis, and I hopes yoo iz, ovverwise me is barkin to meself BOL if yoo got a Facebook account in yoor name and not yoor hoomans, make sure dey make a page and dey got a Facebook account demselves or yoo gonna lose all yoor data and photo's too. Yoo can download it furst tho. If mum had known dat she wud haf.

She mite be norty today tho and open a Facebook account in a alias hooman name wif a new email account speshully for Facebook. Dat way it mite be bit safer. Whats dat mum? *puts paw to ear* .... oh yea, she sed she dunt fink dey wud believe her if she registered as Madonna Bahahahahahaha *rolls on floor wif legs in air larffing* ahem....

So dats me news today, not dat it's vewy intrestin but cud help if yoo dunt wanna lose yer stuff on Facebook wen dey delete yoor account wich dey will soon.

So better be warned dan not eh?

We got booful wevva here in Cornwall today. Brite blue sky wif no clouds anyware. Luks amazin out dere, but it not all dat warm yet. 10C degrees. So still need me woolley nickurs on to keep warm. Mojo sez dere's a few daffydil buds in da garden too. I lookin furward to smellin dem wen dey open up and wememba wot dey looked like.

We gonna be in garden a bit tday helpin mum dig holes. Well she doin gardenin we juz diggin holes BOL Trubble iz she dunt always want da holes ware we dig 'em, and we canst move dem so we gotta dig anovva hole someware else. She not easy woman to pleeze, cuz so far all da holes bin in da rong place. Pfffttt

Tomoro, Furday, we goin ova to see Sally da vet in Devon. To collect me meds and say goodbye. It gonna be so moshonal, I told mum to take plenty of tissues wif her. Sally bin me vet since me woz a pup, as yoo know she took old sisfur Midge over da Bridge 4yrs ago, and she done operayshons on me fursibs in da past. Wen we furst had Mojo, in Septemba 2013, dat Chrismuzz one of da fossil cats knocked a whole box of Belgian chocs down off da shelf and Mojo scoffed da lot. Mum cort him as he woz swallowin da last one, so she rang da vets & we had to rush him in, cus eviduntly Belgian chocs is da most poisonous cuz dey got more cocoa in dem dan cheaper chocs. An we only had 20 mins to get him to vet to save his life. So we rushed in dere and he had injecshon to make him sick. He woznt well for a day or two but dey saved his life. *wispurs* and da stoopid fing still loves chocolate and begs for it. Where's dare no sense dares no feelin as mum sez.

Sally is a luffley vet lady and me so gonna miss her. But wen we moved here last summer, it woz a long drive to get back to see her but we did. Now me drugs is stabilised and me not gotta be tested agen for 6 munfs (3 munfs if me goes downhill - paws crossed me wont), mum haz decided it best if she registers me at da big new animal hospital down da road, cuz dey is a fab vets, an da eye speshulist Mr Jim Carter recommended dem, and he holds clinic dere once a fortnight so be handy to see him wen me needs me checkups insted of drivin to Newton Abbot to his clinic which is a long long way away. But best ov all, da new vets is only 10 minutes drive down da road to get dere. So in a murgency it much betta dan haffing to drive for an hour to get to Sally.

So me will be upset tmoro, and so will mum too, and I fink Sally will be too. Mum got to know all da vets dere and da nurses, and it a fab surgery, just too far away. But me will update me blog and tell yoo all about it tomoro me pals.

Well dats all from me for da momunt unless sumfing jaw droppinly excitin happens between now an bed time. *rolls eyes*

Take care pals, and haf a grate Fursday *blows kisses & waves paw*

Be good, an if yoo cant be good be careful as mums old gramma used to say BOL

Loves yoo!