Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Ramblins & Catchin Up Stuff

Sorry for not updatin yoo for ages, but wif hoouncle haffin 2 terminal illnesses now poor muvva dunt know if she comin or goin. But she got more time now to let me scribe me life events.

He stayed wif us for 2 weeks as yoo knows. Muvva woz run ragged lukin afta him cuz he juz sat on da sofa all day and expected to be waited on an muvva bein muvva did juz dat *rolls eyes* Da problum woz she not know if he was rilly too ill do get up to make a drink or somefin to eat or if he woz juz enjoyin bein waited on. But muvva did it wivout moaning at him.

Da NHS and social services wudnt give muvva any help all da time hoouncle was wif us and muvva fort dat he wud be much betta in himself if he woz back in his own home ware he wud haf to get up and do fings and dat wud take his mind off his illnesses. Well muvva hopes dats wot wud happen.

So last Monday she took him home afta spending da week before cleanin his bungalow so it was all nice and sparkly for him to move back in as he'd not dun nuffin to clean it for at least a year. She arranged a cleaning lady to call once a week to help him keep ontop ov it too.

He seems to haf settled in well, and does do fings for himself now although da kitchen and baff room needs a clean up agen but not as bad as it woz. Da cleaning lady will sort dem out.

Hoouncle is also more cheerful wich is good, and as muvva fort, he not dwelling on fings so much. I fink he realises now he not gonna drop dead instantly like he did when doctor told him he got da C word as well as cirrhosis of da liver. Muvva sez it natural wen hoomans hear da C word dat dey fink dey only got a few days and fink about orderin da flowers and da hearse *rolls eyes* but once dey iz over da shock dey realise its not juz days but dey got munfs or even a year or two so dey start to do fings before it too late. Fink hoomans call it a Bucket List. Me didn't know wot a Bucket List woz so muvva told me it means a list of fings to do before dey 'kick da bucket' < dat means die to us. Hoomans is very daft fings at times int dey? So dats all about hoouncle. Muvva much more relaxed and got her energy levels back up wich is good cuz we needs her fit and healthy to take care ov us. bol We also got new memba ov da fambly, well he old memba rilly but new to living wif us since hoouncle went into hospital furst. An dats couzin Gizmo, hoouncles doggy. He's 7yrs old same as me, and a boy same as Mojo. So fits in well and we now a pack of 3 doggies. But me told yoo all dat in me last blog fing, sowwy, me gettin like muvva and repeatin meself BOL. Muvva took him to vet cos he had bad teef and hoouncle sed if he needs anyfing done he wud pay for it, so vet had a look and saw he needed da plack taken off his teef and one had to come out cos it woz black and rotten. He had dat done last Thursday, and was back to normal da next day. He had his post op check yesday and vet sed all ok and healin up nicely, so dats good. On Friday Mojo had dental done. He had broken a big back toof on an antler chew. Muvva has frown all da antler chews in da bin now, so none ov us can haf dem. Pffffft Mojo's toof was more complicated to take out dan Gizmo's. Cos it had fractured and broken in da bone and had to be cut out so he got mouf ful of stitches and he weren't well at all wen muvva brort him home. But he on painkilling liquid stuff and antibiotics wot mum haz to rap in cheese so he takes dem. Today he seems almost back to normal so I wud say, if me cud count dat high dat he about 99% back to normal. He was a pitiful sight da last couple days and kept whimperin wif pain but he ok now. I got me fat brofur back so me pleased. Woznt keen on da fat grumpy bro much bahahahaha. AND..... and..... we got even MORE membas ov da fambly pals. Yes tis troo. As yoo may or may not knows if yoo not kept up to date wif me scribin pfffft dat we got extra big garden here in da noo housey. Much too much for me poor old muvva to care for, so she divided it up so she got small pretty flower garden and a gurt big side garden wots got fruit trees in and grass. Well getting back to da new membas ov da fambly, we got duckies! Baby duckies. Dey weird pals. I mean rilly weird. Dey not like normal duckies, not dat me eva seen proper ones, but if I did I bet dey wudn't look like deez duckies look. Dey is upright like hoomans. *shocked eyes* I reckon dey iz zombie duckies. Wook! Deres one big one Duckzilla, dats a gurl duck, and 3 little ones, 1 ov wich is a manduck and ovvers iz gurls. She sez she callin da manduck Arfur Daley but she gotta fink up some good names for da 3 gurl ducks. Duckzilla is bigger cuz she is 2 weeks older. Dey is all same breed evduntly.

Muvva shown me picfurs and she put picfurs on here ov grown up duckies, but deez baby duckies is juz as weird only yellow insted of white. Dey stinky fings too. Muvva foreva changin da puppy pads in da dog crate ware dey iz at da moment.

We still waitin on da man comin to do da fence dividing da orchard from da flowery garden, so dey can't go out in dere new house yet, so muvva got a polytunnel greenhouse fing. She had a lean to aluminium one from freecycle last year, but found out it cost too much to get a man to erect it and glaze it, so she bunged it on Ebay. Yea I know, da cheek cos she got it for nuffin. But dere woz method to her madness, dere is sometimes, we dunt always see it, but she not qwite knitting wiv only one needle juz yet.

Da money she got for da lean to greenhouse paid for da poly tunnel one. She cleva int she. We fink so.

So yesday she was out in da garden putting da frame togevva and den putting da plastic stuff on it. She didnt do a bad job, and it all went to plan she sed.But da air woz blue at times pals, I heard her muttering dat vewy rude word a few times, da one dat starts wiv 'F' yap troo. We woz shocked.

She dunt often say 'flippin' but she did yesday.

Anyways, da struchure is up and looks ok. Here's a pic or two ov it. Nuffin to rave about but it'll grow her some good tomatoes she sez come summer.

So duckies will be going out into dat either tday or tmorrow cos I see she put dere house in dere. I fink dats so da crows and buzzards wot fly overhead dunt swoop down and carry duckies away. Once dey big burds dey be safer.

As for me I feelin good still pals, da Vetoryl is keepin me good at da moment, and muvva still rationing me food so me dunt get too fat pffffft

I got me next ACTH test sometime in da summer so long time away yet. We hopin me can stay on lower dose of Vetoryl still but its out ov our control an we mustnt worry bout it til we haz to.

So now yoo iz all up to date wif me egcitin life, and now we not got hoouncle at home muvva got more time to let me scribe me wafflings to me pals.

I hopes yoo haffin a grate Sunday and keepin safe an well.

Wememba to be kind and love each ovver, deres not enuff love in da wurld so we gotta spread it around more.

Loves yoo my fwends