Wednesday, 2 December 2015

More ramblins from over da Bridge

Hello my fwends

Me bin neglectin me blog *slaps paw*

Me sisfur Dora now got her own Twitter account so hur an Mojo will soon be competin wiv me *rolls eyes* Muvver woz haffin problums keepin ontop ov all 3 accounts so she has downloaded a fing called Tweetdeck dat allows peepul to add lots of Twitter accounts to it and den dey can tweet an stuff all from one dashbord wiv all dere accounts in columns infront ov dem.

Well muvver took to it like a duck to water, sort ov. She can use da simple mode, but she not progressed onto da technical stuff yet. Give her time, she's no spring chikin, and a bit slow on da uptake deez days. *giggles*

I has been acceptin lots ov entries in me #BonzXmasAngel competishon. But cud do wif some more entries. Only a few real angel entries most ov dem is virchul ones. But dunt matter, whicheva people find easiest as long as dey enter.
Every fur gets to vote on dere favwite and da one wif most votes wins a £10 Amazon Voucher so dey can get demselves a lil pressie for xmas. And every fur gets to keep dere angel and hang it on dere tree or put it up top ware da fairy ushually hangs out.

Iz juz a bit ov fun rilly.

Here's da link: Bonnies Christmas Angel Competition

Now listen up, me got 2 fings me gonna auction for Christmuzz. One is a 2ft 6" fluffy penguin and if yoo wants to bid on him, he for UK peepul only cos da shipping to outside UK wud be astronomo.... astrynom... expensive. But dunt worry cuz me doin anuvver auction at same time for every fur outside da UK, and dats for a light catcher penguin, made by one ov da Zombie Squad HQ hoodads. It can hang in da window or stand on a shelf, cuz it got feetz. Shippin to send dat outside UK isn't so bad as gurt big stuffed fing.

I will put details ov da auctions on Twitta and on here as soon as muvver's got it all sorted out.

Da proceeds from da 2 auctions is gonna go to animal rescue. Me not sure wich muvver's gonna pick. Woz gonna be PDSA and still mite be but she not made her mind up yet. So if anyone wants to nominate a rescue lemme know ok. Fanks.

Dis Christmas is da furst one muvver gonna be all on her own apart from me fursibs and me ov corse. She sez she dunt mind cuz she gets control ov da remote and gets to stuff her face wiv all da food wivout havin to share it Bahahahahaha But I knows she gonna be sad, for one fing she won't haz hoouncle and she won't haz me or me two kitteh sisfurs.

But dere's lots of ovver people in da same boat so to speek, so she not da only one. An dere's loads to do on Twitta over Chrismuss.

Zombie Squad is holding a panty... eh? oh sorry Bahahahaha Had visions of Winston da Brave an Bruv fumbling wiv me nickurs for a minute ahem... ware woz I? Oh yea... Zombie Squad *puts sensible hat on agen* is holding a pantOmime *looks at muvver*. So dat'll be wurf lookin at, an me and fursibs has got parts in it, sounds like it's gonna be a larf, cus da heroine is a dog in drag, well I fink dere's a couple ov dogs in drag me not sure BOL But it gonna be rilly funny.

Also me havin a Chrismuss pawty, dat'll be on Chrismuss Eve and carry over to Chrismuss Day too, so people who on dere own can come an go dependin on wot else dey doing an wots on telly. But ushully dere's old films on telly wot we all seen furty farsand times before so I fink me pawty gonna be more poplar. *nods*

Not sure about da caterin, so best bring yer own, leftovers or anyfing yoo can nick from da pawrents fridge *giggles*

I sure dere's sumfin else on as well but me carn't rememba. I'll tweet it wen me remembas wot it iz. *looks sheepish wivout da fleece*

A lot ov me pals has joined me ovver da bridge da last few weeks, vewy sad for dere moms and dads, but happy for us Angels cos we got more fwends to play wif. Mind yoo it can get bit crowded up here sumtimes. Bahahahaha

Muvver dunt let me fly me plane all da way froo da escorts mainly cus it upsets her too much, since me went over da bridge, but she makes a point ov posting one messige to da pal recently arrived and to dere pawrents so dey know me iz dere waitin at da gate wiv me ovver pals to welcome dem. An she made a pichur up to tweet too wich me gonna put on here for yoo all to reed. It's me waiting to escort a pal over da bridge, an dandylion seeds wot represents each furry soul coming over da bridge. I hope it gives pawrents some comfort on da loss ov dere furry companions.

As yoo know dandylions iz me sign. An if yoo dunt know me will repeat it now.

A dandylion is like our lives. We all start young an bootiful like da golden dandylion flower, but as time passes dat flower changes into a dandylion clock, and each seed a section of our life. Like life dandylions is fragile fings, and we lose each seed as each part ov our life passes by, and it takes juz one fing, one strong wind, to blow all dem seeds away at once, snuffin out our lives and sending us over da bridge. So wen yoo see a dandylion rememba da furpals over da bridge, and rememba how fragile life is and love them wots wif yoo still before dey go ovver da bridge. Treat all souls with gentle love like you would hold dandylion clock.

So dare yoo haz it. Now yoo knows why dere's dandylion seeds in dat picfur an why me always tweets a pic ov a dandylion in me furst tweet ov da day.

Now dunt get all sad finkin abowt fings, cuz we all end up ova da bridge in da end, I just wanna know who's gonna sweep up all dem dandylion seeds bahahahaha Seriously tho me fwends, Rainbow Bridge is a nice place, a happy place, full ov love and we all waiting togevva for wen our loved ones and fursibs come here to join us wen we can all move onto da next phase ov our lives togevva. Cos dere no such fing as death, just another form ov life.

Now me gonna help muvver lick da stamps on da Chrismuss cards, I flicks bits ov wet cloud down on dem, not always hit da stamps, and sometimes get Dora, Mojo or Gizmo insted and sumtimes muvver sez it goes in her eyes, but I fink she juz got leaky eyes agen *rolls eyes*

We seems to haz more and more cards to send each year to our pals, and we so blessed to haf so many all over da werld, yoo all mean a lot to us you knows. Each ov yoo iz vewy special and we mean dat.

Not long to go now til Darf Vada eh??.. oh me got it rong agen Woz finkin abowt Star Wars sowwy ahem... *clears froat* I start agen, it's not long now til Farver Chrismuss comes to leave presents for all da hoomans and Rudolph brings us furs owr pressies, wevva we bin good or bad we still gets sumfin. Pleeze rememba da furs dat got no home and no fambly to love dem.

Give all yoor old toys and blankets, towels etc to yoor nearest animal rescue, cos dey be eva so grateful an it makes yoo feel all warm inside cuz yoo dun somefing good. And yoo get more room in yer toyboxes for more toys *taps snout* hoomans den gotta buy more to fill it up agen.

Dunt go sniffin round and scoffing any chocolate cuz dat's poisonuss to us furs. I dont wanna be rushing round Chrismuss mawning wiv me emena toobs an fermometa, I want one day off a year bahahahaha.

Rite me goin now I can see muvver gettin da cards owt reddy to put stamps on.

Keep safe, keep smilin and spread da love my fwends.

Bark agen soon before Chrismuss!

Love yoo lots me pals.

Angel Bonnie