Saturday, 4 August 2018

August Heatwave!

Hello dear fwends how is yoo all copin in da heatwave in da UK? Rememba a few rules and we shud all be fine

1. Only go for short walks very early in da morning before da sun reaches its hottest, and very late at night after da sun has gone to sleep.  Walking on hot pavements can burn our pads.

2. Always make sure yoo drink enough water, and remind da hoo's to refill and change it frequently so we stay hydrated. A few ice cubes in da dish helps but dis wont help if yoo already seriously overheated or has heat stroke!

3. Don't sit in da sun, sit in da shade and try to keep as cool as possible.

4. If yoo gets too hot and start panting a lot get da hoos to put a damp towel over yoo to help you lose da heat gradually from yoor body.

5. At da furst sign of heatstroke get yer hoos to take yoo strayt to da vets as a matter ov urgency.

and finally, if yoor hoos are out and about and see a dog in distress in a hot car wiv da windows shut or open, call 999 and inform da police, tell dem yoo will wait for owner to come but if dog in too mush distress yoo gonna smash da window to get da dog out. Yoo is allowed to do dis in UK law, so dont worry about getting arrested. I'm sure da owner wud rather have a smashed car window than a dead dog.

Now for a little knowledge I spec yoo all knows anyway, yoor hoos should NEVER leave yoo in a car in da heat, not even parked in da shade wiv da windows open cos da heat builds up inside da car and can kill us in 6 minutes!!!!

Rite dats me nagging ova now for more news!

Me muvver has started a little online shop for me, it's called Bonnies Fairy Doors  and der is da largest selection of fairy doors in da UK or da werld probbly.  She also putting other stuff in der too like my memory boxes and fairy chests.

Der's also a blog, ware da Head Fairy, Candy writes on behalf ov da fairies to let us know whats happening in da fairy workshop and wiv dem pesky Cornish Pixies and Elves. It's a good reed I enjoyed it! Der's also a Fairy Encyclopedia (dats a big wurd for a little dog), wot tells yoo all about da different breeds of fairies. Oh yes *nods* ders not juz one kind. You can also reed about dragons and unicorns too. Tiz a proper nice way to spend a few minutes for da hoos and da little hoos.

Well dats about all I'm gonna say dis weekend, cos I gotta keep a watchful eye on all yoo furs down der and make sure yoo is all safe and happy! oh yea and yoor hoos too, gotta keep dem organised int we? bol

Catch yoo agen soon me pals
Love yoos lots

Angel Bonnie