Sunday, 6 May 2018


How wonderful the human heart is. It can be broken a million times, yet heal itself. So many different events can tear it apart, it can hurt so much you think it will never heal and you’ll never love again.

Losing a loved one, whatever species, human or animal, reptile or even fish. The heart has the capacity to love them all. Deep bonds of love are formed with our heart to another. With love that seems as vast as the oceans and as infinite as the universe. And that love never dies.

Why do we have to suffer the pain of a broken heart? Why do we have to lose something we hold so dear and love so much, whether it is gone forever into the heavens or just left your life to live elsewhere, or lost you know not where.

Why? We all ask that question. But the answer is simple. If we didn’t experience such glorious ecstacy, such love, then feel such pain, such loss, such grief, such desperation and lonliness, then we would never develop our compassion and empathy for others who find themselves at some point in their lives, going through the exact same distress. Whether human or animal, reptile or fish.

And without compassion and empathy we have no heart. We would be incapable of giving and showing love, of giving and showing support and empathy.

The heart has to go through so much in our lifetime. Sometimes one lifetime isn’t enough, sometimes one lifetime is too much. But however long or short it is, the heart carries us through all trials and tribulations, pain and loss, and brings us out the other side stronger and more capable of giving even more love and to even more that need to receive it.

The human heart makes us who we are, teaches us to give, to share, to show love, to understand and support others. And it also allows us to receive love, friendship and companionship of all beings.

The human heart is a wonderful thing. Not just a muscle that pumps lifeblood around our bodies, our heart is also the physical part of our soul. We feel great joy when we love and the heart has palpitations, and physical pain in our hearts when we experience deep sorrow, but the heart is also a spiritual thing. How can a muscle feel emotional pain unless it’s connected to our soul. It’s a physical reminder that we are human, yet our soul is eternal.

Sometimes we avoid doing things because it will break our hearts. But sometimes we have to do things that will break our hearts but will help others. We may need to send a beloved family member over the Rainbow Bridge who is sick and won’t ever recover, or to part with a beloved pet who’s needs we can no longer give and who would be happier and just as well cared for and loved in a new family, or we may sit beside a friend or relative who is beginning their journey to the next life. All these things we must do, graciously and with empathy and love. Your heart will get you through it. It’s tougher than you think. And it will hold those things, those memories of your lost pet or loved one within it for the rest of your life. Carrying them with you wherever you go and however long you live.

Those that feel the most heartache have the capacity to show the most love and compassion, so although your heart may be breaking now, its just making you stronger, giving you more strength to carry on through life and to grow as a person, to give as a compassionate being, and to live a truly wonderful varied life.

Always show kindness my friends, and let your heart sing it’s song, whether that’s sad or joyful.

Enjoy your life my friend, your heart will carry you through it. The heart is a wonderful thing.