Friday, 13 March 2015

Red Nose Day!

It's Red Nose Day today, so me fort, wot can me do to raise sum money for da hoomans. We gotta luk afta dem, cuz dey luk afta us.

So me woz making red nose avatars for pals on Twitter and me fort 'ang on a minit' I iz doin dis for fun, wen me cud be raisin money for Red Nose Day.

So me started an offishul Comic Relief Red Nose Day sponsors page Me Red Nose Day Page

If peepul wants a red nose avatar for Twitter, or just for fun, pleeze eitha email me a pic or DM/tweet me one and den donate wot yoo fink da avatar wurf to me offishul fund raisin page. Its dat simple.

Yoo can see wot da avatars be like from da ones me alreddy dun for free. And yoo can keep dem for next year, so wotever yoo donate it's a bargin!

Here's sum me dun earlier:

Dey can be for any Twitter pal, wotever yoo be, hamsta, burd, dog, cat, oss, lizard, teddy bear, anyfing.

Lets see if we can reach me £500 target an evan betta go ova it!

Fanks my fwends. Togevva we can make a betta wurld.