Friday, 20 February 2015

Almost da weekend!

Itz almost da weekend, and I wonderin wot yoo all got planned?

Dunt furget all yoo Aviators out dere dat tomorrow Satday 21st February is da Barnstormers wif #TheAviators.

Dis gonna be so much fun. As yoo know me and Mojo iz alreddy qwolifyed pilots wif da Aviators so we iz defnittly gonna be takin part in dis adventure.

Here's sum informashon about it, and if yoo not alreddy a pilot wif The Aviators, you can apply by tweeting to @theaviatorsclub on Twitter or @ToddyFur & @3DogsWhite for info on how to join. It's grate fun, me can't recommend it enuff. And as well as all dem egcitin adventures an flights The Aviators also have #Angels wich is a group of dedicayted membas who fly tribute flights or escorts for our pals recently gone over da Rainbow Bridge. Dey is da bestest most sensitive & fortful bunch of anipals yoo cud eva wish to meet.

Anyway, here's da low down on da Barnstormers flights tomorrow night!
" @ToddyFur is doing a repeat of BARNSTORMERS two classes - vintage 1920's stunt flying class - loop da loops - barrel rolls - wing walking and maneuvers on FEB 21 for #TheAviators club members.

Southern Mission (class) flies first - 9AM United Kingdom - WHEELSUP - 4 AM EST USA - New York and the Eastern Seaboard United States

Northern Mission (class) flies later that same day - 8 PM United Kingdom - 3 PM EST USA - New York and the Eastern Seaboard United States

Detailed information for both Basic Flight School 1 FEB and 21 FEB Barnstormers is sticky pinned to the top of #TheAviators club blog:

So please feel welcome to come fly if you can. Remember to use hashtag #TheAviators in all your flight tweets! "

Chocks away! Get me home for tea Ginga! ooops sowwy got carried away dere Bahahahahaha Rushes off to find goggles and flying helmet!