Friday, 9 October 2015

I sent muvver an angel

Hello my fwends, I hope yoo iz all well and happy and safe??

Well I haz an announcemunt to make an it an impawtunt one.

I been an angel over da bridge now a month, and muvver bin missing me so much she still cries for me an it upsets me to fink she not realise me is safe an happy here over da bridge.

So me got to finkin and me dun some meddling. We not sposed to meddle up here, only in certain circumstances, but me fort dis woz impawtunt and definittly certain so me did.

Da day before last (wednesday) muvver woz goin froo Gumtree, an all my fwends who dunt live in UK won't know wot dat is. Well it's an online fing ware people can sell or give away fings dey dont want no more. An dere's a lot of pets given away on dere everyday.

Muvver usually goes froo all da free pet ones, and contacts dem and warns dem all about da high risk dat dere pet if given away free will end up as either dog bait for fightin dogs, cos dat goes on over here in evfurry town and village and is now out of control. Or da pets could end up as breedin machins if dey not spayed or neutered.

So anyways, me digressis, muvver had almost finished goin froo da pet ads wen she came across one dat had only bin posted online an hour before.

It woz for a little gurl doggy dat was a year old, not been spayed, and dey wanted her gone asap an she woz only half an hours drive away from muvver. So muvver sent a text to da lady and asked about doggy. The lady rang muvver an told her she only had doggy about 6 munfs and worked long hours so it woznt fair on doggy to be left plus da landlord not keen on her keeping a doggy and she had to go dat day.

Wot a predicamunt! So muvver arranged to go and see doggy, and yes yoo guessed it she brort her home wif her.

Eviduntly someone had alreddy been to look at her before muvver, but dey looked very suspicious and lady had sense enuff not to let da man take her, and muvver said he probbly wanted doggy as bait or to breed wif and lady agreed as dog fighting is big in dat area ware doggy was.

Lady who had doggy only had her 6 munfs, and muvver asked if she'd changed da microchip info and she said no cos once she got her home she realised she shouldn't haf got her and she woznt gonna stay. pffftttt Muvver woznt impressed. Evduntly lady had her 6 munfs and lady before dat had her as puppy for bowt 6 munfs, so dat makes 2 owners in a year, an muvver will be her 3rd owner. Dats not including whoever owned her muvver wen she woz born. So 4 homes rilly.

So now about doggy. She called Layla at da momunt, but I fink muvvers gonna change dat to Dora, incase da name Layla got bad memories for doggy. She is half Dachshund and half Jack Russell Terrier. So she like Mojo cos he half Dachshund, except he takes more afta da ovver half of him wich iz Scottie, so he a fat lump like a stretched Scottie dog, and she's like a Dachshund only wif long legs an wiskry face.

She hasnt bin spayed and lady muvver got her from said be nice if she had puppies, muvver said no she not havin pups she gonna be spayed and asked wen her last season woz but lady didnt have a clue. *rolls eyes*

When muvver brort her home Mojo kept growling at her and muvver fort she haf to find another home for her, but wen dey all got up in da morning it was totally diffrunt and Mojo and Gizmo adore her. (hence da name to Dora get it? bol) And dey all get on like she been here furever.

Muvver was bit frightened I wud fink she had replaced me and it was too soon after me going OTRB, but it woz my idea so me not mind at all. Me made it happen to ease muvvers pain a little bit and to give her sumfin to cuddle and to cuddle her back cuz da boys not like cuddles, and Layla just loves cuddles all da time.

She very nice doggy, she tries so hard to make muvver love her and to please muvver but muvver loves her alreddy. I spect she just frightened in another new home, and wonders how long she gonna be here for. Poor little fing.

Muvver altered one ov me pink harnesses cuz her collar and lead were falling to bits. I dunt fink she bin very well cared for bless her. But muvver soon remedy dat. *nods*

Muvver took her to vets yesterday for a health check an she passed it wif flying colours and dey all fell in love wif her. Dere was a couple in da waiting room wif 2 Westies, and it upset mum to see dem. She gets upset evfurry time she see's a Westie but dere is so many Westies in dis area dat she carn't avoid it.

And da nurse wot looked after me wen me woz in dere was on reception duty. Which woz unusual *innocent ears* and wen she told muvver dat muvver asked her all about how I had been those last 2 days as it haunted her so to fink I had been suffering and unhappy. So nursey said dat me woz quite chirpy on da Monday, which me wos, and da nurse gave me lots of cuddles and love dat day, but on Tuesday I went downhill very fast as disease was so aggressive, and probbly didn't know wot was happening, which woz troo. I felt so poorly and had so many pipes and fings in me and so many diffrunt drugs going into me system I was feeling rilly out ov it. Nurse said she fort me was hanging on to see muvver, and dat woz troo too. So muvver felt so much better afta hearing all dat, but she broke down in tears juz da same and still does wen she finks ov dem last 2 days. Come on muvver pull yerself togevver yoo gotta rite dis down for me.... *puts paws on hips*

Ahem... she ok agen now. Sorry bout dat.

Anyways ware woz I? Oh yea, wen muvva woz upset in da vets Layla woz in her arms, cus she only tiny (6kg), and wen she saw muvver crying she licked all da tears away.

So I fink she gonna look after me muvver, and she gives her nice cuddles and makes her laugh wen she chases wif Mojo cuz he such a fat lump and she so fast on her paws, he can never catch up wif her. I so pleesed it makes muvver smile cuz me dunt like to fink ov her hurting still.

Muvver told me dat no-one and nuffin will ever replace me. Me and hur haz a bond dat nuffin will ever break. And I will always be her number one baby gurl, and dats troo. I knows dat. She didunt haf to tell me, but I spose it made her feel better.

She loves noo doggy same as Mojo and Gizmo, but she not me and she wont ever replace me in muvvers heart.

Dats not to say none of me fursibs will be loved any less, just not speshul like me. Yoo know wot me means, it's hard to explain but I know yoo get it.

So anyways, here's a pic of Layla aka 'Dora' and also a slide show ov all da pics mum got ov her so far.

Here's da
Slide Show

Please make her welcome my fwends, she only a poor lickle scrap ov a gurl, but she been saved from a nasty end and I know muvver will take good care ov her.

I still keep up me blog tho me pals, cuz it impawtunt to let furs know fings, and me still be on Twitta an Facebook too. Oh me not goin anyware! *giggles*

I love yoo my fwends.

Angel Bonnie