Sunday, 23 August 2015

Now its Gizmo's turn

Hello my fwends *blows kissis*

Muvva had to take Gizmo to da vets tday. He been acting stwange for a wile, and growls and fidgets as if he in discomfort qwite a lot. Den today muvva noticed ware he sleeps on da frow on da sofa dere were some marks ware he leaks wee. It dunt go on sofa, cus she put a frow over sofa but day before yesday she changed da frow to a light one and so dis morning it woz easy to spot da tinkle stains.

So after following Gizmo round garden, takin him for a walk to nearest lampost and walking him along da fence she managed to get about a teaspoon of wee to take to da vet to check out.

Turns out he has a lot of protein in his wee, but no blood. So da vet gave him 3 injecshons, one woz antibiotics, one woz ant-inflammatory and muvva carnt rememba wot da last one woz for. *rolls eyes & wispurs* It's her age. *taps snout wiv paw*. Plus he got a weeks supply of antibiotics.

She got to take Gizmo back next Saturday and vet sed if dere still protein in his wee he gotta have a ultrasound scan to see if dere's kidney stones, bladder crystals or anyfing nasty lurking in dere. We iz hoping its juzt an infecshon and he'll be better in a day or two.

Da vet put a little muzzle on him too, cuz he woz givin da vet his Elvis lip. Vet sed better safe dan sorry. Muvva bort a muzzle from da surgery wen she paid for Gizmo's treatment cuz wen she clips his fur he dunt let her do his feet or legs, so now she can muzzle him and do dem. It only a soft muzzle made of cloth. He didnt seem to mind wearing it today.

As for me, I've been lazing around sleepin most of da day so has Mojo cos we had shocking weaver, rain rain and more rain. And tonight we had funda and ligtening. Mojo and Gizmo were snoring dere heads off, but me woz awake and I hid under da table cuz me is rilly scared of storms.

Didst I tell yoo all da new fence is done? It looks ok, and da nasty neighbour carnt see much now bahahahaha Once muvva planted fings up it we shall haf total privacy. So me can lay out in da sunshine on me back wiggling me legs in da air and neighbour won't be able to see. Mind yoo I fink da summer gone for good now and it almost Autumn or Fall as all my fwends across da pond calls it.

Here's da fence finished, it gotta weather in and fade a bit, but once it has it'll look rilly nice.

Muvva gonna grow veggies in da bit ov garden behind da fence. I likes it too cos it makes me feel safer.

I bin haffin some ov me special obesity diet biscuits in wif me food to get me used to dem. I refuse to say da O werd, cus I iz not O, I iz plumpshuss. Wen I got back to da vets in 2 wks I'm hopin me will haf lost sumfin. I carnt have any treats til me reaches me target weight. Dat's 10kg and at da momunt me weighs 13kg. Pffffttt Wots dat yoo say? Long wait, too right.

Well my fwends I iz signing off now cuz it past our bed time. So will say stay safe, be happy and spread da love!

Love yoo all my fwends, I reelly duz.