Saturday, 19 September 2015

Spam Spam Spam

I found someone had posted spam on here today.

A Pakistani escort agency in Dubai. I've swiftly deleted the posts, and have had to change the settings so that when people leave a comment, I moderate it before it's posted to the blog.

Please don't let that put you off commenting, and if anyone wants any help to block someone who has spammed their blog they can only block someone who's actually following their blog. And most spammers are smart enough to comment as a guest. About the only thing they are smart about it.

Here is a link to some really useful information about keeping your blog public so everyone can enjoy, and it explains how to protect it from spammers or rather how to deal with spammers that you come across defiling your blog.

Blocking Unwanted Users

I do apologize for this, it would be nice if everyone could just leave a comment or their thoughts, but these days it seems there's always those that want to either ruin something, advertise something, or just be abusive or disgusting all over someone else's property, whether it's in the material world or the virtual world.

I'll be updating Bonnie's blog soon with news of how things are going since she went over the rainbow bridge.

Take care my friends